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Five Ways the Martial Arts Became Degraded

Newsletter 949

Five Steps of How the Martial Arts Failed!

I’ve spoken before of this,
some of my advertising is aimed at this,
so let me detail some of the exact steps
of how the martial arts degraded.

One day the head instructor walked in
had a box of protective gear.
So we geared up,
and started hurting each other.
But we hadn’t been injuring each other
putting on the gear made us think
that we had to hit harder to have effect,
we thought,
‘oh, we can hit harder,
they have protective gear on,
so it won’t hurt.’
But it did hurt,
and we started getting sprains and deep bruises,
even breaks,
so the protective gear didn’t work,
but the head instructor kept demanding we wear it.
Protective gear meant more money for him.
protective gear works now,
but that’s because people aren’t teaching the real art,
which you will understand
as you continue with this little essay.

When I started martial arts,
there were maybe a dozen schools.
As the number of schools multiplied,
hard core martial artists stopped coming together
in the few schools,
and were spread out in the many schools.
in the whole SF bay area.

As the number of schools grew
instructors couldn’t pull in enough people,
but parents were willing to enroll their kids
at an astounding rate.
The art was quickly watered down,
drills were changed,
and protective gear was sold.

Tournaments were a wonderful way
to enroll people and keep them enrolled.
a technique that wins in a tournament
bears little resistance to a real technique.
there was grown a false sense of ‘penetration’
when it came to striking people.
My own instructor took the to a tournament
this was back in the late sixties,
and walked out mid-tournament.
The techniques were simply so degraded
he couldn’t encourage his students to learn them.

Back in the very early 70s
my instructor was sitting at his desk,
and two Koreans walked in.
They told him that
The Korean Martial Arts Association was being disbanded,
and if he joined the new Taekwondo association
he would be promoted two belts
(he was sixth black at the time)
and every black belt in his school would be promoted one belt,
and they would all get to learn brand new forms!
Forms that would replace the old ones,
which, according to these two Koreans,
were old and didn’t work.
Interestingly enough, this same association,
since that time,
has gone through two or three new sets of forms,
and there are even people who have returned
to those bad old forms
taught at schools
such as the Kang Duk Won.
This was politics,
TKD, sad to say,
was an invention by a military general
so Korea could have its own
more national art.
And so what if it didn’t work.

that’s the truth.
If I have stepped on toes,
but I was there.
I saw this stuff first hand,
I experienced this stuff first hand.
It really happened.
And if you don’t like what I have said,
do some research,
if you can find histories that weren’t written
by some school for advertising,
you will come to the conclusion
that I am not kidding.

does that make the martial art bad?
People have overcome bad training,
and other misfortunes.
The art is about people,
and the deeper a person delves into an art,
the more sure it is
that they will find the truth of the martial arts.

But there are systems which are ALL messed up.
and which are being sold as the next great thing.
And they CAN be fixed.
But you need a bit of matrixing.

I don’t want to push matrixing here,
I want to push history,
I want to push actual,
physical martial arts.

I wrote five books,

Pan Gai Noon
Kang Duk Won
Kwon Bup
Outlaw Karate
Buddha Crane Karate

You can find them on Amazon.
if you go through the website
you can find video courses in which I show these arts.
These courses often have the books (in PDF)
bundled in with the videos.
That’s your best deal.

I am not pushing remembering dates,
who taught who and why it matters.
I am pushing an actual progression through history,
China to Okinawa to Japan to America…
…to matrixing.
You can actually do the very techniques of which I speak,
you can see how they evolved from art to art,
country to country,
concept to concept.
Kung Fu to Karate to Matrixing.
And that is better than reading a thousand encyclopedias.
This is a PHYSICAL history of the martial arts.
This is the martial arts being written on your bones,
not a bunch of significant words on paper,
which may or may not be important,
but are definitely slanted to whoever writes them.
Better to do than talk about.

end of push,
thanks for listening.

Here’s a list of some of my books,
including the ‘historical’ encyclopedia.


Have a great work out!


Here’s a great win…



I have gone through many of your courses and am currently going through blinding steel and eventually on my way to forty monkeys. I recently went through your book Matrixing Tong Bei. Several things clicked and the martial arts universe opened up after finishing that book.

Tyler K

Iron Fist, Iron Body…the Truth

Get Yer Iron Fist Right Here!

We’ve all heard the Kung Fu stories, guy hits the master and hurts his hand. Knives are blunted upon the master’s body.

Muhamad Ali Iron fist

kenpo instruction manual

The Age of Kenpo Karate

And, during the Boxer Rebellion, bullets bounced off bodies. And, over the years, most stories have been proven full of crap.

People died in the Boxer Rebellion, victim to bushwah propaganda and fantasy. And, if there are any fellows out there who would like to blunt the tip of my Cold Steel, send me an e-mail and a release form.

However, bushwah aside, there are very real gains to be made from developing iron bodies, fists of steel, and so on.

We all want more effective blocks and strikes, and some of these methods do have incredible value. The question, of course, is which method works the best?

Chinese Kung Fu preach various iron palm potions, if you soak your hands before and after working out, the tissue remains pliable and yet still retains the value of the work out. Thus, you can pound on beans and sand and pellets of iron until your cup runneth over.

My only problem with this method is that I believe in methods which don’t rely on the body, I prefer methods which use the power of the mind. Tai Chi, for instance, speaks of a pliable body which whipcracks with power, soft on the outside, hard on the inside.

I think this is probably preferable to bruise potions, but one would have to spend a lot of time studying the various Tai Chi arts to attain what one is seeking. Be prepared to study Chen for power, Yang for workable posture, Wu for subtle motions, Sun for twisting effects, and so on.

Now, to be truthful, just doing karate forms is going to give you an ‘iron body.’ The problem is that most people do the forms wrong, the actual technology of doing karate forms the correct way has, for the most part, been lost.

But, if you can find the correct way of doing forms, then you can, within the space of about two years, learn how to maximize energy within your body to withstand a strike, and concentrate energy into your hands for striking.

The best way of developing power, not needing esoteric knowledge or magic potions, is simply to set up a stand which supports a brick, and drop the palm on it.

Place a folded wash cloth over it to protect the palm, and don’t strike too hard, and just drop the palm. The trick is to be willing to do it for an hour at a time.

I know people will have other methods, and I am always fascinated by what people prefer in this matter. The things I have said in this article I have formulated over four decades and through a variety of experiences with a variety of arts. So feel free to respond to this article, or to write your own article and offer your own opinion.

About the author: Al Case has near 50 years experience int he martial arts. Check out his book, ‘Matrixing Chi,’ at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Boy Wears Tin Skull Cap to Avoid Shaolin Gung Fu!

Kung Fu Builds Strong Minds!

Yes, unbelievable but true, a young boy, who definitely didn’t want to learn Shaolin Gung Fu, has taken to wearing a tin skull cap.
The boy’s father apparently wanted to teach him good Shaolin, and he would say things like, ‘if you don’t study martial arts you will have a weak mind, then the government will control you with their radio frquencies.’
The boy thought that if he wore a metal cap as protection against the radio waves he wouldn’t have to study kung fu. Which is to say, he wouldn’t have to have a strong mind.

karate kung fu pa kua chang martial arts book

The Best Way to Learn Shaolin Gung Fu! Click on the Cover!

The scientific truth behind this odd tale is that the body is a like a machine, and the brain is like a radio station.
Unfortunately, the radio station ‘brain’ is victim to so much static that it starts to generate its own static. The old ‘garbage in garbage out’ theory.

A study of Kung fu, such as Shaolin, focusing the mind on ‘one thing,’ will train the individual to ignore the static, and the mind will come under control, and then the radio frequencies broadcast by the government will pass right through the ‘empty mind.’

The static that is absorbed by the brain can actually come from several sources.
Drugs tend to unfocus the individual, encouraging a form of static.
The government puts out special frequencies at places across the globe in order to control mankind on a mass level.
Even education is a culprit in this sad saga, as modern education is so lacking in even basic common sense that the result is more confusion among students, rather than competence and clarity, resulting in an ‘educated’ population that will do as they are told, and not what is right.

Thus, the boy’s father was right, and the boy was wrong, but, if he persists in wearing a tinfoil beanie he will doubtless remain stupid and prone to distractions and become just one more ‘mind number robot’ having existence as a human being.

The solution? Study Shaolin Kung Fu, or Karate or Aikido, or any other form of body discipline…for to discipline the body is to discipline the mind.

A good place to start would be the martial arts lessons available at MonsterMartialArts.com. They are very logical, easy to do, and will cause the body, and mind, to become strong enough to resist any form of distraction.
Remember, good Shaolin Gung Fu results in strong human beings.

Shaolin Kung Fu, From Hung Gar to the Butterfly

Shaolin Kung Fu Gets a New Set of Wings!

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest of the Martial Arts. It was started back about the time of Buddha, rode through many changes, and is still pertinent and powerful. The question we ask in this article is: can anything new be added to Shaolin Kung Fu?

The original Shaolin Kung Fu dates back to the time of Buddha. Buddha came to the Shaolin Temple from India and began to instruct the Shaolin Monks in sacred scripture. Unfortunately, the monks were of weak constitution. They fell asleep, they were easy pickings for bandits, they just couldn’t cut it.

shaolin kung fu

Symbol of the Shaolin Butterfly

Buddha began teaching the monks traditional exercises to help strengthen them. These were chi developing exercises, and the exercises he was teaching them bears strong resemblance to martial arts exercises. Thus, the exercises slowly turned into forms and techniques that we now know as Shaolin Kung Fu. The bandits in the area around the Shaolin Temple began to finding that the monks were no longer easy pickings, began to leave the area.

Time passed, and Shaolin passed through many trials and tribulations. Emperors came and emperors went, but Shaolin persisted, and people who studied the traditional Shaolin Kung Fu lessons came to be in great demand. They would leave the temple and train people to protect themselves, train bodyguards how to fight off bandits, and even became involved in training warriors for battle.

At last, the emperor had had enough, these Shaolin Kung Fu people were causing too much trouble, and he ordered the temple burned.

Five monks manage to flee the destruction of the temple, and they began to teach martial arts on a broader scale. Some of the systems that came about as a result of these monks teachings were Hung Gar, Fut Ga, Wing Chun, and so on.

That brings us to modern times, and state of modern Shaolin Kung Fu. While the art persists in some areas, under the hands of dedicated teachers, all too often it has been transformed into tournament arts, flowery styles that mean little, and, of course, the Wu shu of the People’s Republic of China, which is not true to the original Shaolin Kung Fu, but was made up by physical education coaches after the Great Revolution, and spread for the glory of the state, and not because of a desire for understanding the spiritual teachings originally taught at the Shaolin Temple.

One of the modern styles of Shaolin, a trim and tight system that yet encompasses the majority of the original teachings, is the Shaolin Butterfly. This art holds to the original concepts, such as animal modes of fighting like the tiger, the dragon, the snake, and so on.

It is begun with a study of six basic steps, which steps take on a twining, mixing character, and which are then place upon standing bricks. Thus, the student has to keep balance, all while learning how to kick and punch, how to cling to an opponent, how to entrap and take down with a variety of locks and throws.

There is a logic to this approach, a blessing of western culture, that enhances the eastern origins, yet enables the student to learn much faster than ever before.

That is the history of Shaolin Kung Fu to the present, and while it is a rich history, it manages to avoid the degrading of the art due to influences such as tournaments, commercial interests, and so on.

Here’s a good article on Shaolin Kung Fu. If you would like to actually learn how to do this incredible art, check out the course at Monster Martial Arts.

Certification Requirements for the Shaolin Butterfly

Earning a Black Belt in Shaolin Kung Fu

I often get people asking me about certification requirements for the Shaolin Butterfly. Since Monster Martial Arts is one of the few totally valid schools for promoting people in such arts as Karate and Kung Fu, and this through the internet, I thought I should take a moment and answer the question totally and utterly.

First, as with any courses I offer certification in, and that is virtually all the courses offered at the monster website, one has to get the course they wish to test for, and the Master Instructor Course. They then have to do the material, including applications, and send in (upload to private channel on youtube) their test. I will grade the test, using the specific course they are testing and the master instructor course for all corrections.

Now, obviously, one needs the course they are going to test in, but the Master Instructor Course is necessary because it gives the exact data that one needs to know to have perfect form and technique. This is provable perfection, and once one has the data on this course, no matter which art they might study, they will be as perfect as they can apply the data on the Master instructor Course.

Now, that said, there are nine forms on the Shaolin Butterfly. The first five forms are shorter forms with two man applications. Thus, one can take a beginner and drill him mercilessly, and the beginner will be astounded at how fast he is picking up the material.

When I teach classes in Shaolin Butterfly I usually refer to these first five short forms as the prelude to Brown Belt. This means that once the student has finished these forms he is solid in basics, intuition is starting to rear his head, and he has built a solid base of technique.

And, I should say at this point that I know that a brown belt is a karate term, as is a black belt. The correct term would be brown sash, or black sash. I use these terms interchangeably, for they stand for about the same thing in the personal develop of a student when you compare the different arts, and especially when you compare the arts once they have been matrixed.

I use the remaining four forms, the longer ‘nine square’ forms, for the brown to black belt period. These are rich forms containing the wealth of kung fu. The difference is that the older, more traditional forms tend to be random collections of technique. They are wonderful, even phenomenal, but by categorizing techniques through use of matrixing, and by condensing them into more efficient patterns, one can learn much, much faster.

I should say that I don’t go into weapons. The reason for this is simple…once one has learned good kung fu, and I emphasize the word ‘good’ here, then one can siomply pick up a weapon and plug it in. Thus, I give students weapons once they have completed the nine forms, and ask them to do their forms (including two man forms, with the weapons. this gives an amazing depth to the art, and the student begins an education beyond  education, for he must make many decisions as to what works and what doesn’t.

I hope this article has helped the reader to understand more concerning the certification requirements of the Shaolin Butterfly.

zen martial arts

Incredible Karate Power Discovered

Karate Power is a Reality!

I teach Alex H once a week in my home, a course of instruction ranging from Karate, through Shaolin Kung Fu and Pa Kua Chang, into Tai Chi Chuan. I will explain more about this sequence of arts later in the article.

Last week he told me that something incredible was happening with him. After he explained it, I asked him to write a win, and describe it for others.

true karate

Martial Arts Power doesn’t need to be a Mystery!

Read his win, and then I’ll tell you more about how he discovered this incredible Karate Power.

Well I’ve been doing matrix karate since I was 15, advanced through the ranks got my black belt and even instructed for a while. Last week while in class punching on the bag, things felt different, for the first time I fully understood cbm (Coordinated Body Motion), that when you cbm correctly with grounding and relaxing, an immense amount of force is generated and transferred through your body. I felt like I could transfer power through my body without using muscles. The instructor even commented that it appeared I was hitting softly, and while it felt like I was moving softly, I could feel an explosion inside the body that was holding the bag, with every punch I could feel the force pass right through and explode the liquid in the other students torso. The sensation was of great power flowing through my body as a conductor, and the weight of the world transferring into my punch. For the first time in my entire martial arts career, I understood the secret that I had heard explained to me a thousand times!

Alex H.

Thanks Alex, and for the reader, let me offer a couple of things to clarify what you have just read.

CBM (Coordinated Body Motion) is when all parts of the body support intention. While there have been accounts of people tapping into this vast and mystical power, the purpose of Matrixing is to explain the phenomena in terms of physics, and the enable the student to attain that phenomena (ability) within the shortest possible time.

Matrixing is a logic applied to the art. It arranges the arts in logical order so that there are no blank spots or gaps in the student’s understanding, and so that he is actually guided by the system and not, as happens in non-logical martial arts systems, distracted and led off the path by the randomness and illogic of the system.

Matrixing starts with Karate, and travels through such arts as Shaolin and Pa Kua Chang and Tai Chi Chuan. It arranges the concepts in logical fashion, tosses out all added and unneeded movements/techniques/drills/etc.

When one CBMs that is actually the start. A string of new abilities starts to manifest in the student. It is actually difficult to catalog these new abilities, and even to describe sometimes, as they are different from individual to individual, but they are massive.

Now, the secret that Alex was told was this: Begin movement of all body parts at the same time, end movement of all body parts at the same time. Take into account and align such factors as size and shape of limbs, mass and musculature, and so on.

There is more to CBMing, but this is the basic instruction. When one takes the Matrixing courses they are led through the maze of martial arts on a relative straight line. They get the abilities that are written about in legend. They turn on the power that is within.

This (CBMing) is something that martial arts schools of the world do not do. The mazelike organization of art, the lack of experience and understanding concerning CBMing and how to make it happen, the fighting and the politics and general bushwah, they tend to limit the art, stifle the art, and end hope for turning on the massive power within.

If you wish to tap into this power, merely start your study of Matrix Karate. See if you like it, see if it makes sense, see if it is something you would like to take the second step in.

If you would like to tap into this power, but wish to make it happen through your own martial art, study matrixing and learn how to apply it to your own martial art.

Simply check out Matrix Karate on this blog, or head over to MonsterMartialArts.com and sample it there. Stop punching air and talking tough, and begin the journey. Learn about Matrixing…and CBM your body…and learn the truth about such things as Karate Power and all the other Martial Arts abilities you can have.

karate power

Three Important Points of True Shaolin Kung Fu Training

The benefits of true Shaolin Kung Fu training are absolutely incredible. The key to gaining all these benefits, of course, are to do the training properly. After all, you could have the choicest hunk of meat in the world, but cook it improperly and you’ll have a charcoal mess.

shaolin kung fuWhen one is learning the movements one should make sure that the body is moved as one unit. Six Harmonies Boxing is fond of advocating that one should move the fist with the foot, the knee with the elbow, and the hips with the shoulders. This is sound advice, which tends to isolate body parts even as it brings them together.

As for the hands and feet, one should step or twist into a stance in conjunction with the starting and stopping of the hand movement. For the knees and elbows, one should properly align the body when doing any movement. For the hips and shoulderes, move them together and you will be putting all your body weight into whatever motion you are doing.

Second of the three points of Shaolin Kung Fu training is to use the waist when turning. This advice begins where the advice about shoulders and hips ends. The point here is to use the waist to turn the body, don’t turn the limbs first and expect the body to follow.

If you move the limbs first, the body weight is following, instead of projecting, and this tends to separate weight from action. Separating weight from action robs the strike or block of any real power. If one studies this concept, and applies it diligently, they will end up developing the chi power for which shaolin kung fu is so famous.

Last of the three advices has to do with proper breathing. There is a general rule that one should breath in when the body contracts, and out when the body expands, but there is more to it than just that. One must breath, and use that breath to guide awareness into the body part being used.

To make this happen one should ‘swim with awareness’ when moving the body. This means to push the hands as if moving great weights, sometimes looking like one is swimming through molasses. Of course, this last is more in tune with some of the internal manifestations of Shaolin Kung Fu training, but that is okay.

In conclusion, these are three very important items that many people neglect, or simply just don’t understand. Yet they are key to one’s real progress in the martial arts disciplines. Harmonize the body parts, use the whole body, and put breath awareness into your movements, that is the simple and obvious secret of true Shaolin Kung Fu Training.

kung fu training