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Matrix Karate

Matrix Karate image

Karate was my base art, and in Matrix Karate I show you how to draw a Matrix, and give you the matrix of blocks. This is VERY intuitive stuff. Do the Matrix of Blocks for as little as a half hour, and you will suddenly find that you can do Karate, and do it well. This is a complete art, all the forms, the two man forms, applications, and methods of freestyle. Go to Matrix Karate.

Matrix Kung Fu

Kung Fu image

I had been matrixing for years, but my big break through was when I decided to ‘solve’ the martial arts. I’m the only fellow in history to ever have that precise goal, and my solution was in Matrix Kung Fu. Simply, I went through dozens of martial arts, thousands of techniques, and resolved the whole mess to a specific logic. On this course I show you how to matrix the weapons of the body and standup grappling. Go to Matrix Kung Fu.

Matrix Aikido


Back in the 90s I took four fellows and taught them how to do Aikido in under 90 minutes. This is that seminar. None of them had done Aikido, they only had a couple of months experience each, and in 90 minutes you will see them creating their own Aikido techniques on the fly. Furthermore, this Aikido can actually be used in combat. In addition to Matrixing Aikido, on this course you will see exactly how to grab a concept and use it to teach yourself a whole art. Go to Matrix Aikido.

Master Instructor Course.

karate kung fu aikido kenpo image

To be an instructor doesn’t mean you have to be tough and beat people up; it means you have to have knowledge. This is the only course of its kind, as it presents the EXACT data necessary to be a teacher. Do this course and you will instantly have perfect form and peerfect techniques, and this for one simple reason: you understand the EXACT data that makes perfection of form and technique. Go to The Master Instructor Course.

The Core Package.

zen martial artsYou can purchase the above four courses and save money. Go to The Core Package.

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