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Al Case began his study of the martial arts in 1967. He began writing for the magazines in 1981. He has written nearly two million words on martial arts related subjects, which makes him the Number One Martial Arts Writer of All Time. He is the founder of Matrixing and Neutronics. He can be reached through Monster Martial Arts.

You Better Bring a Knife to THIS Gunfight!

Newsletter 878

Truth about People with Guns and Martial Arts!

I came across some AMAZING statistics!
You’ve got a gun,
you think you’re safe.
Maybe you even laugh at those pajama clad Karate fools.

‘I’ know Ching Ching Pow!’
(You make the sound of chambering a shotgun.)
Ha ha.

‘I know Smith and Wesson!’

Or some other silly joke
designed to make you the laugh of the party,
and fun of those people who sweat their buns off
learning martial arts.

I have news for you.
And I do mean stupid.
The FBI compiled statistics on officer involved shootings.
Officer involved means a professional gun wielder
with at least SOME training.
Here go…

• 86% officers were killed within 21 feet of their attackers
• 73% officers were killed within 10 feet or less
• And a whopping 52% (over HALF!) were killed from 5 FEET AWAY OR LESS.

a high percentage of officers
were shot with their own guns!

And a high percentage of officers never even had a chance to align their sights.

So these professionals,
many of whom had training,
even military training,
died because they got up close and personal
and didn’t know what to do.

Didn’t know what to do,
as in didn’t know a martial art.

if you’re one of these stupid yocks
who make jokes about
martial arts being like
taking a knife to a gunfight,
be aware that the knife

All right.
This is a newsletter.
I’m selling something.
In this case I’m selling
for dealing with weapons,
which means knife fighting,
taking away knives,
and scrunching armed idiots into the ground.

Try this:

Have a great work out!


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You Can’t do One Martial Art without the Other!

Newsletter 878


Happy hot day to you!
Hot days are the best days,
the work outs sweat you hard
and you detox the body.
Do it!

One thing people should remember,
when it comes to the martial arts,
is that they are not all hard,
nor all soft.

Take a look at Morihei Ueshiba.
Guy studied some serious hard arts
before he came up with peace and love.

How about Tai Chi?
Those soft moves
are backed up by some brutal moves.

So what does this mean?
It means you have study both the hard and the soft.
You can’t study one without the other.

if only by age and injuries,
your hard art will soften up.
Then comes enlightenment
and a profound appreciation for both sides of the yin yang.

But why wait forty years?
Why risk not making it to forty years
and not even discovering the other side of the art,
of yourself?

I’ll tell you the truth here:
when people ask me why my karate punches are so effective,
I tell them Tai Chi.
When people ask me why my Tai Chi is so effective
I tell them Karate.

That’s the truth.
Because I know what a hard punch is,
I have been able to develop tai chi to handle them.
Because I know what sensitivity and balance are
I have been able to develop Karate beyond simple muscles.

I know I’m preaching to a a few of the choir here,
but there are others out there
who need to know this.
Who need to do some Tai Chi or Aikido
to go along with their punchology.
And there are others
who need to beef up their punches
with some good old karate or kung fu,
if they are going to evolve
their sweet and sensitive side.

Here’s TWO links…

If you order the DOWNLOAD ONLY…
(Not the physical disks!)

I will give you two for the price of one.
Simply order one of the above courses,
Temple Karate or Five Army Tai Chi,
and write to me,
say you want the two for one deal,
and I will send you the passcode for

Let’s see,
it’s wednesday,
so let’s make this offer good through Sunday, July 16.
Come Monday don’t bother to whine and grovel,
it’s gone.

So do it,
take advantage,
I don’t make offers like these often.
In fact,
can you even remember the last time?
So do it,
and make this the summer of super martial arts,
study and master BOTH sides!

Have a great work out!


Here’s TWO links…

If you order the DOWNLOAD ONLY…
(Not the physical disks!)

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How Does MMA Stack Up Against the Best Martial Arts?

Newsletter 877

Have You Beaten Up a Mixed Martial Artist Lately?

Happy freedom to all!

Got an most interesting email,
So interesting that I started to respond,
and couldn’t.
In spite of the fact that the writer sounded like a nice guy,
and appreciated Matrixing.
The statement he posed
just didn’t fit.

He wanted to know if I had trained anyone
to use matrixing against MMA.

On the surface,
it’s a pretty harmless question,
sort of interesting,
should be easy to answer,

Except that matrixing is about putting logic into the martial arts.
It is about learning enough about the martial arts,
all martial arts,
that you understand how they fit together.

It is about the martial arts as one art.
It is not about the martial arts as separate entities
that oppose one another.

one could learn enough martial arts that one could defeat an MMA stylist.
Or a Kung Fu stylist,
or any other specific style of art.

But that isn’t the point!
And I certainly don’t want to get embroiled
in that question that divides all martial arts…

‘Which is the best martial art.’

which question rapidly transitions into…

‘My art is better than yours,’
‘this art is better than that,’
‘my daddy can beat up your daddy.’

the best martial art is the one you study,
and when you change arts,
when you look further afield,
when you expand your thinking and viewpoint,
then your new martial art
is the new best martial art.

if you study matrixing,
figure out the logic behind the martial arts,
you become intuitive.
You become a better fighter.
You become a better martial artist.

The point of matrixing is to help you
appreciate your martial art as the best martial art,
to figure it out so there are no mysteries,
so that you understand everything about it.

And to figure out everything about the next art you study,
and then to put them together until…
your art is separate and unique.

You see,
the martial arts are taught by style and system.
But the real martial art is the one that grows in you.
All those styles and systems contribute
to the unique take you have on the martial arts.

Matrixing just makes that happen,
the point of matrixing is to build you,
to help you create your own art,
taking the pieces from all others,
to make an art that is perfectly suited to you.

So I can’t handle the question
that poses one art against another art.
All arts are good,
you just have to explore them
find out all about them
then put them together your own.

Matrixing is the science that helps you do that.

Matrix Karate is just a piece of it,
a logical slice of certain concepts.
Matrix Kung Fu,
same thing.
And so on,
through all the arts I teach.

Is there a Matrix MMA?
Of course there is.
But I don’t know it because I haven’t studied MMA.
But somebody,
one of you,
And that person will assemble the techniques using matrixing,
will write a matrix,
or compile some graphs,
so that MMA is logical and easier…
and faster…
to learn.
But this will not happen if people hold to the idea that MMA
is part of an arena of the martial arts.

It will only happen if somebody realizes that MMA
is a slice of the whole,
and studies enough arts,
and enough matrixing,
and enough MMA,
to figure out how it all fits into the scheme of things,
and can appreciate the whole picture of the martial arts
from the MMA point of view.

that’s probably what I should have answered,
as you can see from the rant here,
I was just too boggled
by the spirit of the question.

So go here…

This has three arts,
kung fu through classical karate through modern karate,
read these three arts,
do these three arts,
then check your understanding of Karate.
you will be bigger and better,
and you won’t be guilty of the silliness
of thinking one style of karate is better than another,
and that is a heck of a good way
to start your study of the real martial arts,
the complete and total martial arts,
that includes ALL martial arts.

Have a great work out!


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The Martial Arts and the Revolutionary War of 1776

Newsletter 876

Martial Arts and the Revolutionary War of 1776!

Happy Fourth of July!
Make sure you work out extra hard,
so you can say you deserve your freedom.
What do I mean by that?
Read on, brother and sisters…

Back in 1777 – 1778,
there was this place called Valley Forge.
General Washington was backed into a freezer,
the British were kicking back by the hearth and sipping rum,
and them silly colonists
were freezing their BUTTS off!

As the winter wore on,
Washington’s army starved,
their clothes rotted and fell off,
and their shoes gave way.
They wrapped their feet in rags,
and left bloody footprints in the snow.

So get the picture.
Old men with grey beards,
young men,
mere boys of maybe 12 or 13,
gathered around the campfire.
They put their feet to the coals,
and read this thing called ‘Common Sense.’
They weren’t an educated bunch,
so they had to explain things to each other,
while they massaged their feet,
and retied the rags around them.

If somebody had to go on guard duty,
they would throw their tricorn hats on the ground
and walk on the brims
stomping their feet to keep the circulation going.

Toes were lost,
frozen on the foot.
Limbs were lost,
sawed off without painkillers
and tossed outside a tent into a pile.
People died,
froze to death,
stacked like wood
to await a thaw
so they could be buried.

It was cold.

when winter was over,
those colonists marched out of that frozen hell of a valley.
They weren’t afraid,
because they had survived
the worst mother nature could throw at them.
In fact,
they were hardened.
They were tempered.
They were tougher than the British
who had spent that winter sipping rum
and telling ribald stories
and making fun of those fools
a couple of valleys over
who didn’t know enough
to come in out of the cold.

That was the turning point of the revolutionary war.
There were lots of other things that contributed,
spies and Von Steuben,
citizens that sent guns and ammo and food,
but it was that frozen winter
when the farmer/soldier of the United States
found out what he was made of
that made the difference.
Death didn’t seem like much
after that winter at Valley Forge.

Fast forward to today,
you don’t have to freeze,
you don’t have to march through the snow without shoes,
all you have to do is go to class,
stand in the horse stance for a while,
practice punching people,
endure a few bruises and a black eye.
That’s all.

Because that little bit of ‘suffering’
reminds you of the real pain
that the revolutionary martial artists had to go through.
Understand that,
and you are deserving of freedom,
let me tell you this…

If you fight to make yourself strong enough
and smart enough,
to retain freedom,
then you are deserving of freedom.

And that is the truth of this country.

So go here

and learn the truth about fighting with weapons,
make yourself as strong as a 1776 colonist
and deserving of freedom.

whoever you are,
wherever you are,
tomorrow is a celebration of freedom,
it is not just for the US of A,
but for any person in the world
who believes that man should be free
that life should be lived without encumbrance
and that the spirit of mankind should prevail.

and have a great work out!


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More Powerful punch through a gentle martial arts technique

Newsletter 875

How to Hit Harder in the Martial Arts without Hitting Harder

It’s friday.
It’s end of the week work out day!
Get all set up for working out all weekend.

great title, eh?
So let’s start at the beginning.

My first experience in resistance was a kicking bag.
Kicked the crap out of it.
Bounced it up to the ceiling,
day after day after day.
it wasn’t right.
It didn’t feel right.
Hit it,
kick it,
it didn’t feel like a human body.
But I practiced it for power,
then kicked bodies for control.
Worked my techniques,
practiced my freestyle,
but knew there was something lacking in my reality.

Then they came up with kicking shields.
Much better than a bag.
You had to hit it right,
in spite of the fact that your partner could flinch and twist.
You had to figure out how to move his weight,
without sending him through a wall.
A lot better.

But the interesting thing was that the old drills,
drills I had been doing for years,
began to connect.
I began to ‘feel’ inside my opponent’s body
with my fist and foot.

this isn’t strange.
If you put your hands on somebody’s arm
you can feel the biceps.
You can feel the striations,
you can feel the bone underneath,
you can feel the nooks and crannies,
you can feel how the arm works,
and you can feel what it takes,
and where,
to damage it.

That’s with your fingers,
but you can feel with your fists.
You can feel with your feet.
And here’s something interesting.
The universe is mostly space,
and this includes the human body.
So if you knock on a door
you can listen,
and ‘feel’ (become aware of as if through radar)
And if you knock on the human body
with your fist or foot,
you can listen,
feel the space inside,
as if radar,
like thumping on a watermelon to see if it’s ripe.
It’s easy.

when you can do this
an interesting thing happens.
you can hit softer,
put more awareness into he strike,
and cause more damage.

It’s true.

And here is why:

you begin to believe in your punch,
and your belief is so strong
that your opponent believes in your punch.

It is so fascinating,
to ‘nick’ somebody with a punch,
and watch them feel the pain.

But you have to be very careful.

But the more you experience this
the more you believe
the stronger your punch gets
and the softer you punch
the more effect it has.


So keep hitting that bag,
build your reality,
but study the punch,
feel it,
build a belief in it,
after a bit of time,
not a great amount of time if you matrix,
your punches are going to be amazing!

Real gorilla stoppers.

Here’s all the data on punching…

have yourself a GREAT 4 of July,
do a bunch of extra work outs,
and celebrate the freedom
and the second amendment,
that allows us to practice our killing art.

Have a great work out!


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Raising Intelligence through Martial Arts Training

Newsletter 874

Intuitive Martial Smarts

Happy work out!
Who cares what day of the week it is!
Any day is perfect for a work out!

a black and white version of
The Professional Martial Arts Instructor
is coming out.
If you want a color copy at the low price, order it now.

That said,
let’s talk about smarts.

The martial arts are one of the few practices in the world
that actually result in higher intelligence.

Going to school doesn’t.
Going to school is a trick of how much you can memorize.
Not a lot of problem solving.
ask any college professor…
Does college teach you how to run a business?

Now that I’ve offended a whole heck of a lot of academicians,
let me tell you how the martial arts makes you smart.

Real intelligence is based on
how fast you can make connections.

Intuition is the fastest connection there is.
Martial Arts works on intuition.
today’s schools don’t even talk about intuition.
if they do,
it is some ‘study of the paranormal.’

A simple class in martial arts,
be it kenpo or karate or aikido or whatever,
teaches the individual to be intuitive.
You make decisions based on the moment,
not on memory.

Even the memory training done in the martial arts,
remembering techniques,
is for the purpose of eventually outgrowing the memorization
and doing the trick intuitively.

You can go to school for a thousand years,
and the hairs on tieback of your head
will never stand up
when somebody sneaks up behind you.
(This is not to say school is useless, it always helps to have a good and large database of information, which is what school provides)

A year in the martial arts,
and you’ll be spinning and working techniques,
correct techniques,
when somebody even THINKS about sneaking up on you.

there is nothing more to be said.
The proof is in your martial arts class,
it is in you sticking to it.

I’ve said it before
and I’ll say it again,
you can get there faster,
you can get intuitive faster,
you can get decades worth of experience in a few months
if you just practice something like
Matrix Karate.

It’s got the basic rules of matrixing,
it’s got the logic and common sense,
all in the right order.

here’s the link…

Have a great work out!


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How to Make a Martial Art Weapon of Mass Destruction

Newsletter 873

Martial Arts Weapons of Mass Destruction at Your Fingertips!

What a positively wonderful day.
I work out every, single day at 6 in the morning.
Never miss a day,
and a day never misses me.

One of the things I have looked at,
from time to time,
is the subject of catapults.
I was going to build a trebuchet
when I was up on top of the mountain,
but never got around to it.

Catapults are the first long range
mass destruction weapons
ever made.

The longest ‘bolt’ ever tossed was a ten pound pumpkin
to a range of 3636 feet.
That’s over a half mile.
Imagine that pumpkin filled with explosive,
and you’ve got a mighty potent weapon.

Of course,
they didn’t have lots of explosives
back in ancient times.
they did have cows.

A castle would be put under siege.
A cow would be loaded in the catapult and
the most deadly sound in the world
would shriek down from the sky.


so my imagination got the best of me.
They wouldn’t toss a cow
because why feed the enemy?
they would toss a dead cow,
or a cow’s guts.
disease ridden guts.
The resulted splat of bacteria
would poison a town,
cause the plague
as sure as grandpa loved garters.

The world’s first example of biological weapons of mass destruction.

Poor castle.

you can find the directions for a trebuchet on the net.
They are simple to make.
You can make a small one that tosses tennis balls.
a big one that tosses bowling balls.

But, but…
you don’t even have to make a trebuchet
to experience the joy of long range weapons.
A sling works on the same principle as a trebuchet.

One day I was working out with one of my classmates at the Kang Duk Won,
after the work out we were walking through an orchard,
and throwing rocks at the apricots on the trees.
Wildly inaccurate.
struck by inspiration,
possible recalled by the stories of David in sunday school class,
I whipped off my belt,
held the two ends in one hand,
placed a rock in the fold,
swung the thing,
let go of one end,
I knocked a branch off a tree.
A branch.
Not a little switch.
Apricots all over the place.

That’s all it takes to make a long range weapon.

And you can use a belt for a shorter range, too.
A heavy buckle swung around
makes a good head conker.

So think about it,
take a walk this afternoon,
throw a rock at somebody from a hundred yards away.
a squishy apricot.
they splat.

Okely dokely,
did you know that you can tie that ‘slinging’ concept
into his?

Weapons of mass destruction at your fingertips…

Have a great work out!


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