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One of the most oft asked questions I get is, ‘How can I test for rank in your system?’

So here’s how.

instruction graphGet The Master Instructor Course and do it. On this course, if you write in a testimonial describing, for instance, what you got out of the course, or how you will use it, I will send you a certificate. This is the only course I can do this on, and this is because the materials of the course will instantly change your mind about the martial arts. You will have the exact data, nobody can ever argue it, as to what constitutes perfect form and perfect technique.

Get the course you wish to study. For instance, Matrix Karate. Study the material, do the material, take a video of yourself doing the video, and this includes the forms, the two man forms, the circle of blocks (or similar techniques for whatever art you choose), and any freestyle on the course.

Submit the course. You can do this by mailing me a disk, putting it on a private channel on youtube, emailing me the video, or any other method that will work on my Mac.

I will analyze your video using only the Master instructor Course, or the course itself (in this case Matrix Karate). This means the corrections will be something like the following two examples:

2 min 10 sec ~ you stepped right instead of left. See the Matrix Karate course.

3 min 43 sec ~ not low enough in horse. See MI (Master Instructor course) pg 33.

Now, if you correct the points listed, and it doesn’t matter if there are two points to be fixed, or 99, then I will award you ranking in Matrix Karate. The only exception would be if, on the second video you made other mistakes, and those had to be corrected.

I won’t add new stuff out of the blue. All corrections based on the Master Instructor Course and the course you are testing in.

Most people pass in two videos, but I have had people go three or four videos.

And, first two videos are free. After that, $20 a video.

BTW, I do not offer certification in systems other than the ones I have on MonsterMartialArts.com.

Go to Monster Martial Arts and select which martial arts you wish to learn.

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8 thoughts on “7 Video Testing

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  7. aganzul Post author

    I only certify in systems that I offer in video, which means I have studied them. You do have to do the Master Instructor course before submitting a video.


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