3 Martial Arts Weapons


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These two courses, Blinding Steel and Matrix Kung Fu, make up the complete art of Monkey Boxing. An additional book, ‘3rd Level 6th Sense Swordfighting,’  recommended at the bottom.

Blinding Steel

Martial arts weaponsThis is a massive course, and yet it deals in utter simplicities.

There are eight specific patterns, or modules. Each one is simple, and yet can be combined with the others to make amazingly complex but effective weapons patterns.

The modules include three distances, from weapons to hands to takedowns. Go to Blinding Steel.

Matrix Kung Fu

Matrix Kung Fu picThis is the same Matrixing course on the first checksheet. After one has done Blinding Steel, going to this course will give the martial artist an amazing depth of technique when it comes to the takedowns.

In Blinding Steel the takedowns follow from logical entry patterns. But what if something happens and the logic breaks down, or the entry path is altered…then you need to know all your options, and that means you need the data on the Matrix Kung Fu course. Go to Matrix Kung Fu.

3rd Level 6th Sense Swordfighting

Martial Arts BooksThis is not one of the official courses, but it should be mentioned. This book is one of the ten original Master Books. The Master books were written just as I was making my final breakthroughs into Matrixing, and they provide the transitional viewpoint as I put aside the classical and discovered the logical and intuitive.

3rd Level 6th Sense Swordfighting has the pivotal weapons exercises I was using at the time. There is discussion of footwork from a matrixed point of view. Critical exercises for slashing and thrusting are given. This is one of those books that I should have expanded upon, but haven’t yet.

This book is available only as part of the Master Books package (ten books for the price of one!) Go to The Master Books.

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