Newsletter 1018

The Secrets of Martial Arts Grab Arts

A couple of things this issue.

First, I sat down for an interview.

The interview is with Dal Gilliland,

a long time practitioner of the MA,

and a hell of a wisdom.

The link is here

Podcast with Dale Gilliland and Al Case

The essence of the podcast

is that Dale is researching and presenting

viable paths to mastery of the martial arts

through interviews with accomplished people.

We had a lot of fun,

and hopefully our excitement comes through.

Check it out.


you wanted to talk about the grab arts.

Grab Arts is the term my instructor used for locks,

throws, takedowns, joint manipulations, and so on.

By that definition it covers all martial arts.

When I did the Matrix Aikido course,

I originally called it ‘Instant Aikido,’

I was showing how to teach, and learn,

through defining your concepts.

The video succeeds well,

but…it stops.

Well, everything stops.

But the Matrix Kung Fu course went further.

After all, I had given the concept,

so where did the concepts go?

That is what the Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing) is all about.

But this led to an extreme realization.

When I looked at what I had done,

i actually slapped my head.

The truth was right in front of me all the time,

and I had had no clue.

Now bear with me through this next part,

it might seem a little confusing,

but stick with me,

there is something very brilliant on the other side…


let me ask you a question…

what is time?

Let me stall for a second

while you actually think about that.

Tick tock.

Tap the foot.


Yeah, yeah.

Okay, did you come up with an answer?

Do you know what time is?

Okay, here goes…

drum roll…




Al, maybe you’d better get back on that horse quick.

You must have landed on your head and—

No, no.

I’m serious.

Time is a measurement of distance.

How fast can you run 50 yards?

10 seconds.


Then 50 yards is ten seconds long.

Do you see it?

That’s what time is for!

To measure the distance,

either of the universe,

or of the distance between one event and another in the universe.


read it again if you have to,

figure it out,

and then let me tell you

what this has to do with the martial arts.

There is the time it takes for a punch to reach the jaw.

We take a stop watch and click click.

Very useful,

this attribute of time.

This is the ‘regular’ time of the universe.

This is the time standard that we all agree upon,

that we set our watches to.

Then there is ‘timing,’

Where one starts messing with

the distance between techniques

in order to confuse somebody.


this is cool.

then there is the time

—God, I’m almost afraid to explain this—

that is agreed upon.

We agree a foot is a foot.

We agree that a second is a second.

That is the ‘regular’ time of the universe.

But have you ever had somebody punch you,

and time actually changes?

I used to see this all the time.

My original instructor,

Bob Babich,

could change his agreement of time

and suddenly he was faster than us…



for those of you who are still around,

let me explain.

Bob would go out of agreement with our sense of time.

We were stuck in ‘regular’ time,

the time of the universe,

but he had his own sense of time.

and he could impinge his sense of time over our sense of time.

But our sense of time was the ‘robot’ time of the universe.

His sense of time was magnetic,

and magic,

and much more alive than the grind of tick tock.

Every individual has his own sense of time,

and that individual time can be changed,

and override the time of the universe.


I know you’re going to be chewing on that for a while,

so let me slip something in

while you’re starting your few years of cogitation.

I realized that the martial arts has six general distances.

Weapons, kick, punch, knee, elbow and takedown

I didn’t bother with weapons because

time is best appreciated by a sense of the body.

Go outside the body and time loses some impact.

You’re in the universe of ‘regular’ time now.

I didn’t bother with grappling

because that is a stuck distance.

Once you’re in grapple distance 

distance can no longer collapse effectively,

and therefore time can’t ‘change.’

But if you go from

kick to punch to knee to elbow…

you are collapsing distance,

therefore you are collapsing time.


this broke the universe open for me.

Suddenly I could see the problems with training methods,

how different arts could be stuck in certain times,

and so on.

Really blew my mind.


what do I do when my mind is blown?


the mind is blown for one real reason,

it has been overwhelmed by data.


to put the data to logic,

I drew a matrix.

A matrix of distances,

which was a matrix of time.

And that put an order to the massive data

that was overwhelming me.

And I mention all this because

when I wrote the Matrix Kung Fu course

there was one big problem.

I was putting technique to the Matrix Aikido concept,

and there were no entry techniques.

I would apply the concept to the jointlock,

come up with the technique,

and there was no way into the technique.

Talk about pure data.

It was data so pure that I ended up with a static,

and a static is the quickest way to die in the universe.

So I ended up matrixing distance,

which gave the entry techniques to the Matrix Kung Fu,

and wound up somewhere in the stars,

wondering about time,

and trying to cork my head back together.

Quite fun, really.

You know,

on the interview I did with Dale,

which I mentioned earlier,

I said a smart thing.

I said,

‘Martial Arts are for smart people.’

They are.

They aren’t for dummies.

Dummies get trapped by the human cockfight,

or the desire for violence,

or the lust for trophies,

or domination,

or whatever.

But the real martial artists,

the ones that last for a lifetime,

and longer,

they think.

They figure things out.


it’s a kick to feel the adrenaline

and to live for freestyle,


when you are old,

will you have any wisdom for all that?

It’s a fair question,

and I hope this newsletter puts you down the path.

So take what I said about time here,

wiggle it,

drop it in the acid,

figure it out.

Understanding this universe,

and time is what makes this universe last,

is what life is all about.


obligatory advertisement.

Feel free to examine

Matrix Aikido

and Matrix Kung fu.

Examine my concepts from the inside out,

from the viewpoint of one who does,

not one who just talks.

I think you’ll have a lot of fun.

Here are the links…


let me glance around,

I want to make sure nobody hears this,


If you order one course right now,

I’ll give you the second one free.



don’t fall over.

I know I never do this,

but I just passed my 73rd birthday

and I’m officially senile now.


until July 1,

two for one,

the Matrix Aikido and Matrix Kung Fu only.

Past July 1…and you missed out.

So that’s it, kids,

don’t forget to check out

Dale Gilliland’s great interview with me….

and have the best F-ing work out in the world!



Have you checked out my novel?


It’s on Amazon,

but you’ll probably have to look for it.

Amazon tends to hide the good stuff.

Newsletter 1017

How to Achieve Instant Zen Through the Martial Arts!

It is absolutely stark raving mad

that people don’t delve into this zen thing

especially in the martial arts,

because the martial arts can make it so simple.

Let me note a couple of things,

and then give you the EXACT exercise

that will transform you as a martial artist…

and as a human being.

First, a precise definition of the term.

Zen is Japanese for ‘meditation,’ from…

Chan, which is Chinese for ‘quietude,’ from…

Dhyana, which is ‘Sanskrit’ for meditation.


I have been told that it is an ancient word for…


Zen has been with us for over 5,000 years.


Why would it still be here if it didn’t work?


the reality of Zen is…

a moment of clarity.

A moment in which there is no before and no after.

A moment in which you understand yourself,

what you are and where you came from.

In this moment you become able to move

without earthly restriction.

To understand this think of a movie.

You enter a theater and sit down,

and they have so many Fing commercials

you forget to watch the movie.

You are stuck in the flashy moments

of sating yourself with popcorn

and never really see what is happening.

You wander through the snack bar,

buying things for your belly,

things that do not nourish

and only serve to distract.


the movie plays,

life goes on,

and you miss it.


you protest…


No, you didn’t.

You only thought you did.

You really just went to the snack bar.

That is what your life is

until you experience zen,

and hopeful a real zen moment.


how do you break out of this trap?

How do you ignore the distractions

and perceive what is really happening?

How do you get out of thinking you are alive

and really become alive?

Here is the method.

Sure fire,

designed EXACTLY for martial artists,

that will change the way you freestyle,

the way you do forms,



you can’t just read about it,

you have to do it.

And, before you do it

I should tell you that this method

is actually in a book

in the Matrix Karate course.

The book is called 

‘The Master’s Handbook,’

and it is one of the first

martial arts books I ever wrote.

 Here are the exact instructions from that book


Sit facing your partner, each of you with your legs folded in the zen kneeling position. One of you holds a small stick about the length of a pen and the thickness of a broom handle. The stick is held slightly below eye level by a horizontal and gently curving arm. No attempt at concealment is made, and the stick is just barely held by the tips of your fingers.

Sit silently for a period of time. The stick is dropped by the one holding it, and is caught by the one opposite.

Don’t try to build a rhythm for dropping or try to fool each other. Just sit. Let the static in your mind subside as you concentrate upon watching your opponent. Create silence and observe one another. Realize that no amount of tensing will make the stick easier to catch, but that relaxing will.

As you do the exercise you will have ample opportunity to still the jerks and twitchs of your muscles and mind. You will get to go through the pain in your legs. You will get to still the jerks and twitchings of your partner. You will get to still yours and his tendency to guess at when the stick will be dropped.

You will get to still the ridges of readying muscles and energies and you will get to still the focus of the catch. You must reach out and hold the falling stick in one position in space. There should be no slapping or grabbing or sudden tightening of the muscles. There should be the same naturalness and amount of insignificance as when you lift a glass ot turn on a light switch.

The application of the can be very interesting. This would be the practice of not ‘telegraphing your motion.’ This means that you stay perfectly still before a movement, no leaning or drifting in any direction before moving. You must stay in one place and let the stillness build and explode without forethought. Have fun.

Here is the illustration…


here is the question…

how long will it take?

Totally depends.

If you have a lot of discipline,

which comes from a lot of martial arts practice,

real martial arts

and not the watered down crap sold today,

then it probably won’t take long.

A few hours

a few hours should be enough

to cook your brain

and enable you to break through.

Let’s say you are a newbie,

not much discipline.

Might take a year or two.

But the more you practice the martial arts,

the more discipline you cultivate,

the sooner you break through.


another thing…

what does it feel like.

people may feel different things,

but here’s what I perceived.

I did not reach,

I was unaware of muscles,

my hand just nonchalantly

spurted forward and held the stick.

I didn’t grab,

it was more like I picked the stick out of space.

Prior to doing it right

I sort of forgot about the exercise,

it just sort of happened.

I was profoundly happy.

I was aware that I,

the being that was Al Case,

was what was true,

and that the envelope that was my body,

was temporary.

Al Case is a temporary vehicle,

a label,

 for an eternal spirit.


I advise you right now…

when you achieve the zen moment I speak of

there is absolutely NO mistaking it.

It happens,

and you blink,

and you slap your head

and blurt something like…


The moment is so stark it can’t be mistaken for anything else.

It is the difference between snoring peacefully

and suddenly being the sun.



understanding life as you never have before.

And yet anything I tell you

will be a severe understatement

of the real thing.

And, a few things to provide context.

Old texts on zen were correct,

but I lacked the cultural background to understand the words.

New texts on zen were absolute garbage.

They were papers on what people

‘interpreted’ zen to be,

they were not by people who had experienced zen.


can you do it?

Can you have the permanent thought

that you can transcend your body

and understand what you actually are?

Can you forge the discipline

to sit and do this simple exercise?

Can you travel through the boredom?

Can you take charge of your life?

They is right here.

So…can you?

And, obligatory advertisement,

if you don’t have it already

you might consider 

the Matrix Karate course.

That course,

and the other early courses,

have a lot of stunning bonuses on them.

Here’s the link…

Okay, guys and gals,

have a great zen!



My novel, Monkeyland,

is on Amazon.

Newsletter 1016

The Real Martial Arts Secret of the Universe!

What a day!

I just saw a duck walk past

with seven ducklings behind her.


Okay, a real secret of the universe today.

Not one of those shabby, second rate secrets,

but the real goods.

Let’s set the stage…

What is the universe?

A bunch of objects floating through space.

Not much of a secret, eh?

Until you consider what this means to the martial arts.

A fist floats through space

it is aiming for your jaw.


two things may happen,

and only two.

The fist connects, 

or it misses.

And there is the secret.


You don’t see it?



Here we go.

If the fist connects it is force.

If the fist misses it is flow.

And that’s ALL there is.

A guy connects with you,

or misses.

Force bad if his fist hits you.

Force good if your fist hits him.

Sort of.

Flow good if fist misses.

Flow bad if it wasn’t a fist,

but a beautiful girl

that was trying to ‘connect’ with you.

I know

thats too simple to be a real secret.

Let’s go further.

Without force the universe stagnates and dies.


no punching,

but also no sex.

No resultant familes.

No civilization.

We’re all alone,

man IS an island,

and that’s all she wrote, brother.

So the universe needs force to survive.


here is the problem,

and this is starting to become secretive,

or at least,

you’ve probably never heard this…

The universe teaches force.

It’s got to to survive.

And the real problem here 

is not that the universe teaches force,

it is that man buys it.


man never buys flow.

He has been trained not to.

The universe won’t reproduce

and give him all those nifty things

like cars and buildings and TVs and so on,

if he doesn’t buy force.

Which means,

anybody who buys into force too much

is only living half a life.

He is only living the force part.

The force part gives him





and so on.

The flow part gives him something else.

But to understand this

we must understand the benefit of flow.

Here’s some stuff to think about.

If you go away from something…it’s gone.

If you go towards something there will be impact,

with good and bad potentials,

and resulting vectors and new shapes and forms

and so on.

But if you go WITH something…

if you flow with them,

not colliding,

but encouraging harmony…there’s the other half of the universe.

there is art

and beauty

and love

and children playing in the fields.


I hope this train of thought has encouraged

a realization or two,

and thus qualifies as a good secret.

Let’s go one step further.

The incredibly sad truth

is that a person can’t really understand truth and beauty

until he understands rot and ugliness.


in the martial arts,

if you don’t learn how to maim and kill,

dismember and rip body parts off…

you won’t understand this thing called ‘Flow,’

and truth and beauty and all that sort of thing.



this is going to sound like a fortune cookie,

or a bumper sticker…

“You can’t learn the soft arts

unless you have learned the hard arts.”

This is a tremendous statement

with incredible ramifications,

and I know I have said it before.


you must have yang to learn yin.


the actual place I learned the concept,

to help me describe what I was understanding

through the discipline of arts

was in The Tao.

Something about…

‘there is no high without low.

There is no forward without backward.’


this is sort of basic Neutronics,

for anybody who is interested,

but let me give you 

the obligatory advertisement.

Check out the video

halfway down the page here…

I wouldn’t have understood all these things

about jointlocks and pressure points

and balance and how the body works

if i hadn’t dabbled in the softer arts.


let me tell you, brother,

these things are incredibly functional

if you have the hard to understand them.


the conclusion…

The universe teaches force.

Humanity teaches flow.

You have a wonderful choice and opportunity here.

Have a GREAT work out!



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The Muscle that Isn’t!

newsletter 1015 (and that’s a lot!0

Happy afternoon!

I hope you guys are all eating ribs off the barbie, eh?


Oh, wait,

this isn’t the cooking channel…



what is the one moving body part?

That’s an easy one.

The muscles.

They are the only body part that actually moves.

The kidney doesn’t move,

it just goes on for the ride.

The brain doesn’t move,

it just sits in the skull and imitates a rock.


So the muscles move.

So here’s some stuff to think about.

A muscle is a motor.

The matrix definitiion of a motor…

‘A motor is two poles between which there is tension.’

Push or pull, doesn’t matter.


all muscles should work together,

so when you move a lot of motors (muscles) make motion.

the individual muscle is a motor in that it has two ends (poles)

and there is pull between those two points.

Muscles can make a motor against other muscles.


here’s the weird one,

there is in your body something I have decided to call…

‘tacking muscles.’



I don’t know exactly how to define this term.

It comes from the process of ‘tacking,’

which is when you shift the sails of a boat

so the boat can sail against the wind.

Have you ever thought about how weird that is?

But it’s ingenious.


when you stretch,

when you reach up for the sky

what muscles are contracting

to make you longer?

Those are the tacking muscles.


I’ll be honest,

after much thought,

I don’t think I can define what muscles actually cause

this ‘tacking’ of the body.

this is one of those weird questions

I can’t really wrap my head around.

I have stood and stretched,

especially in yoga,

and asked myself what muscle is doing what.

I have the weird idea

that if I can figure this out

it will make me a better martial artist.

Maybe one of you guys out there

can enlighten me,

or at least be as confused as me.


the muscles are important,

I see people get old,

and they are always ‘out of muscle.’

They have ignored the one moving body part.

They talk about the right food,

but they never look at the one moving body part

that makes EVERY other part of the body healthy.

Motion massages the innards,

there are trigger points

that are activated by muscle motion,

and so on.

The martial arts are one of the few activities

that enhance every muscle in the body.

Yoga is good,

gymnastics are good,

but martial arts are…FUN!

Now if i could only figure out where the tracking muscles are.


obligatory advertisement coming up…

Check out

‘Evolution of an Art.’

It is three arts,

that’s three different viewpoints

of all the muscles in the body. 

Here’s the link…


have a great work out,

and build up your appetite for that old barbie.




Thanks to those guys who volunteered to read and review my novel…


Newsletter 1014

Turning Up the Heat in Martial Arts Class

Good morning!

It’s a perfect Wednesday!

You know,

I have a special deal for any of you guys

who like intense novels.

It’s at the end,

but let’s talk about heat first.

The body is a machine.

And it is a motor.

What is the difference between a machine and a motor?

A machine is a series of motors to accomplish a purpose.

A motor…wait for it…drum roll…


The heat can be used for various things.

More action being prime.

When you work out,

when you use the motor that is your body,

what happens?

Your body gets hot.

Sometimes you have to cool it down.

Generally speaking,

what I have told you is totally accurate.


what does this have to do with the price of pickles in Italy?

One of the clever little tricks the body does,

when you pump it up,

is cleanse.

Motion creating heat will purify the body.

Understanding this,

and remembering my days 

sweating in the dojo…

(130 degrees in San Jose)

And remembering how much fun it was,

every once in a while I would turn up the heat in a class.

I mean,


turn up the heat.

Half hour before class I would close the doors and windows

and turn the heat as high as it would go.


these guys would come in 

and sweat just from standing there,

and then the fun would start.

That would be a day 

when I ran them through basics half the class,

then ran them through forms the next half,

and then the third half we would freestyle.

Oh, it was fun.

They would be dragging.


I would let them drink as much water as they wanted,

This was sort of unusual.

I don’t usually let students take breaks for any reason.


You’re going to take a break in the middle of a fight?


I was careful in pairing students,

and I watched them closely.

Exhaustion leads to mistakes,

and I didn’t want anybody to get hurt.

But they would sweat,

and if their uniform wasn’t TOTALLY soaked

by the time class was ended,

I knew I had failed.


a short aside,

when I first moved to Los Angeles,

taught my first class,

we met in an attic.

Heat rises,

and one fellow told me

he actually lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks.



the point here is this:

Karate is a pure art.

And it must be made pure.

And to have a pure art,

you must have a pure body,

so I would turn up the heat,

they would sweat,

and the machines that were their bodies

sweated out toxins,

and what was left was the pure body,

and it made it easier to guide them to the pure art.


the original inspiration for this method

came from reading about summer classes in Japanese dojos,

reading about how students

would go to the front door and wring out their gis.

Later inspiration came from reading about Yoga classes.


the obligatory advertisement…

I recommend

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang.

The reason is that when I did that

the purification process

really seemed to kick into high gear.

And the sweat was different,

it was ‘silver.’

Really amazed me,

I mean,

sweat can have different colors?

But that’s what I perceived,

and I recommend you find out for yourself. 

Here’s the link.


have yourself a great and sweaty work out!


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I recently republished ‘Monkeyland,’

and I am looking for reviews.

If any of you guys want to read,

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I’ll send you a free copy of Monkeyland (Digital).

Email me at:

Subject line: Monkeyland review.

I will send you a copy of the book.


before you send the email,

check out the book,

see if it fits your reading preferences,

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The Formula for Power in the Martial Arts!

Newsletter 1012 ~ sign up here

Good morning!

The Formula for Power in the Martial Arts!

Good morning!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I thought you might like to look at

formulas in the martial arts today.

This is actually pretty hefty stuff,

and you might want to have a dictionary at hand,

especially when I talk about things like

mass, energy, and other physics terms.


energy is the capacity for work.

Work is the amount of weight lifted.

So the deeper the stance,

the more weight your muscles feel.

The more weight you feel,

the harder you work.

The harder you work,

the stronger you get.

This strength is channeled to the tan tien

and then to the rest of the body.


when practicing,

I move slow.

Moving slowly increases the amount of time

I am lifting the weight of my body.

Thus, I am lifting more,

thus, I am getting stronger.


when doing forms,

I use dynamic tension.

Dynamic tension is when you use

muscles against muscles,

and even

muscles against themselves.


when doing applications

I increase speed,


speed times mass increases the mass.

100 pounds of punch at one second

becomes 200 pounds of punch at 2 seconds.

And so on.


I try to make sure my body is properly aligned.

This creates a connection from the fist to the planet,

or the technique to the planet,

so when I hit somebody,

it actually feels like I am hitting them with the planet.

And when I get hit,

it feels like they are hitting the planet.


I try to use CBM

‘Coordinated Body Motion,’

all body parts move at the same time

starting at the same time

ending at the same time,

contributing appropriate to their

size, mass, angle, and so on.


I try to CBM all the formulas.

Putting them together when appropriate,

focusing on specific formulas when appropriate,

and so on.


of course,

I practice all the time.

The more I practice

the more these formulas and concepts work.

So that’s it.


there are lots of other formulas in Matrixing.

But these are pretty specific to action and movement.

And they should help you

when you analyze what you are doing and why.

They should really make your art POP!


here’s the thing…

I learned the first formula from doing Karate

I learned the second formula from doing Tai Chi Chuan.

I learned the third formula from doing Pan Gai Noon.

I learned the fourth formula from Karate.

And so on.

So you have to study a lot of different arts

to get all this.

You know what?

Evolution of an Art has three arts on it.

Pan Gai Noon

Kang Duk Won

Kwon Bup

It’s a good place to start.

The price of a night on the town

and it will feed your mind and spirit for years.

It will certainly help you make serious inroads

into the formulas I listed here.

Here’s the link…

Evolution of an Art!


go get your mommy some flowers!

And have a great work out!


Evolution of an Art!

BTW ~ have you read my novel…Monkeyland?


Getting Power in the Martial Arts through Stances

Proper Martial Arts Stances!

Hey guys and gals!
Good Florida morning!
I hope the rest of the US is as happy as we are down here.

last issue I talked about footwork.
But footwork doesn’t mean diddly,
if you aren’t connected to the ground.

The body is a motor,
and a motor won’t work
if it isn’t connected to something.
Tied down.
So it doesn’t just flop around.

I remember the big myth about stances.
Everybody was talking about…
all the books were writing about…
distribution of weight in stances.

In the front stance
you have 70% of your weight on the front foot
In the back stance…you have 30%
Or some other percentage,
like 60/40,
and the percentages were worked out for other stances.
Then some guy put out two bathroom scales
and all stances were 50/50.

So this is what I want you to do,
sink into your stance
and don’t overly weight one foot or the other.
Have both feet gripping the ground.

Like your two fingers might grip an apple,
use your two feet to grip the earth.

So your front stance is now sort of a horse stance
with the body more on the front leg than the rear.

Your back stance is now a horse stance
with the body more on the rear leg than the front.

Your feet might be turned a little differently,
but it is still a horse stance,
most important…

Instead of taking a big step with the front foot
when shifting from the front stance to the rear stance,
just do a little shift.

You get the same amount of weight transferred into the punch,
but you don’t waste motion.
It will be faster and more concise.
It will be more…usable.

As for cat stances?
I don’t do them.
People say they free up the front leg for kicking.
I say that tells your opponent what you are going to do.
So I take a narrow hourglass stance
and turn one foot,
and shift the weight back slightly.

Twisted or Dragon stances?
Good for exercise,
I recommend them for exercise,
but not for fighting.
Never seen a dragon stance used in a fight.
But I do see the conditioning they impart
as useful in a fight.

Stances where you are just standing with your feet together?
You would NEVER,
in your wildest dreams,
use that in a fight.
That is just ritual.

do you get the idea?

I know,
it flies in the face of traditional stances,
but traditional stances are tainted.
They have been adjusted to teaching groups,
and have lost their workability.
traditional stances don’t work well
except as they promote the singular concept
of dropping the weight.

So play with this concept,
do your forms out of slightly off center horse stances,
play with the direction of the feet,
find out what intention they support
before they become less than useful.

And let me know how it goes.

there is a big PS below,
do me a favor and glance at it,

but for now,
that’s it and…

Have a great work out


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Newsletter 1009

Making Your Mind Behave…

Good morning! Good morning!
I made it to Clearwater, Florida,
and am advertising for students.
Back in the saddle again.

So how are you guys doing?
Do you work out every single day?
I do.
Can’t stop.
Even if I’m beat and battered,
then I simply work out slowly,
tai chi style.
Tai Chi is a wonderful art,
and outside of matrixed martial arts,
it is one of the two most powerful classical arts I know.
(the other is karate)

most people think it is for health,
and old people,
and not much use for self defense.

I’ll tell you something interesting,
I don’t think I really began to truly understand
martial arts and self defense
until I began to delve into Tai Chi.

I could beat people up.
But not if they were better and faster than me.
But once I learned Tai Chi
I began to relax in combat,
to see what people were going to do
before they did it.

The trick,
of course,
is to develop the patience.
When you are first doing that slow ‘ward off’ move,
you ask,
how can this work?
Aside form being slow,
it doesn’t have much application.
But the secret of learning
is to keep looking at something
until you understand it.

So I looked and looked
and went slower,
and…here it comes…

your mind is an errant child,
throwing distractions at you.
But if you MAKE yourself move slowly,
and MAKE your mind accept a different mode of thinking,
then everything becomes understandable,
and even those weird moves suddenly make sense.
And you find the applications.
And you find out that there is a vast world
of balance and sensitivity
of perception and appreciation.

if you don’t do this,
if you don’t MAKE your mind behave,
you miss out on all this wonder.
And you actually miss out
on a lot of the true meaning of the Martial Arts.

Just saying…

So here’s the Tai Chi Package.
Will help you look,
will help you MAKE your mind behave,
will show you some of the incredible self defenses,
that other arts miss out on.

If you’re here in Clearwater I hope to see you some day,
Everybody have a great work out!!


Newsletter 1006

Extra Bonus on Nine Square Diagram!

Hi guys and gals,

I just put up a couple of extra bonuses

on the Nine Square Diagram courses.

The hard side gets a video

with more data on lop sau.

The soft side gets a video

and more data on push hands.

I included a video

on how the three freestyles fit together.

It’s a freestyle sequence,

and it will help everybody understand

how matrixing works with freestyle.

If you are getting this email

and don’t know what I’m talking about

check out this site…

It’s got everything you need to know.

and a great work out, too!


HanaKwanMass Martial Arts!

This is the ultimate Martial Arts course

It is that time of year again,
some old guy breaks into your house
and leaves a bunch of stuff.
And you’re supposed to leave him a cookie.

I know how to celebrate Christmas,
first off,
you call it HanaKwanMass!
Doesn’t matter what holiday somebody celebrates,
you’ve got him covered,
and you’ve managed to offend everybody at once!

Second off,
a telling of the traditional
Monster Martial Arts Christmas Poem,
which you will find at the end of this short epistle.

a big thank you to all who have purchased
The Nine Square Diagram Boxing course.
A lot of people asked for these videos,
here’s a win from one of them.

Dear Mr. Case,
The Nine Square Boxing (hard and soft)and two bonuses downloaded without any problems.

Watched some of the course last night. Started with the Q & A (glad you did that). After the Q & A I went through the first 5 segments of Part One. Plan on watching more today.

It’s been taking me a while to appreciate the nine square pattern. I’ve had the Shaolin Butterfly dvd since March and the Nine Squares paper book since July, but last night it finally sunk in while I watched the first five segments of Part One. I’ve have always preferred the simple 4 or 8 step basic kata (+ pattern) and drilling just one or two things, but I like the direction changes in the nine square more. I have a new favorite with the nine square.
Don H

Thanks Don.

you know, just to let you guys know,
wins are what really keep me going.
Life gets tough,
I feel out of sorts,
and I just open up the 600 or so pages of wins
and read a few.
Takes me right to the top
re-enforces my purpose,
makes life worth living.
such a simple thing,
yet so important to me.

That said, here’s the link

And, there is actually a new release.
I’ve actually been working on this for a while,
and the release has given me an immense amount of satisfaction.
Here’s the link…

The Book of Neutronics

The book of Neutronics is the books I’ve written on Neutronics.

Five books, usually costing $50,
but this collection in one volume is only $20.

It includes
The Neutronic Viewpoint
The 24 Principles
Outside the Tube

That is a massive amount of information.
About 300 pages worth.
And it is all about what is actually behind the martial arts.
It is the science behind the science.

And, an advice,
don’t bother getting it if you don’t like to read and think.
if you are ready to understand the mysteries,
the mysticism,
the real reasons behind the martial arts…
this is it.

that is about it.

You guys and gals have a great and wonderful HanaKanMass,
and a great work out, too!



Twas the night before Christmas
I was in my shack
primed and ready
for the red fat attack.

my weapons were loaded
the windows were barred
all would be safe
while I was on guard

The chimney was decked
with concertina wire
I crouched by the couch
ready to fire.

I had an M60
with ammo to feed
I didn’t care
if the red fat did bleed.

A loaded shotgun
and grenades to spare
when red fat came down
I’d blow him out of there.

Throwing stars and knives
and a really long sword
and if that didn’t work
I knew a bad word.

Sitting there late
my eyes started to close
when suddenly I heard
a bunch of ho hos.

Off with the lights
safety off, too
I  watched the fire close
and heard a sound from the flu.

‘Ouch and gosh darn it
who put the wire here
those are my undies
starting to tear!’

Then a shower of soot
and a grunt and a groan
he landed in the fire
and gave out a moan.

He was rubbing the place
where the wire did tear
so I held down the trigger
and lead filled the air.

belt after belt
did I deal the red fat
he danced and he jumped
I knew he felt that!

then quicker than spit
I ran out of lead
but enough was enough
he had to be dead.

Boy was I shocked
to see him stand tall
stepping out of the fireplace
not bothered at all.

So I grabbed up the 16
to mow him down
he had to be hurting
cause I saw his big frown.

Then I was empty
and he came straight for me
I pulled out my knives
and sliced him with glee

He jumped to the side
moving real quick
disarmed my knives
with a well placed kick

then he dropped the big bag
he had on his shoulder
reached forth his arms
and his anger did smolder

He grabbed hard my neck
and held me up high
I tried kicks and punches
but I was like a fly

Not karate nor judo
no art did work
and he grinned a mean grin
and called me a jerk

‘Don’t you know
you stupid little man
Christmas is forever
in spite of your plan.’

Then he threw me aside
and proceeded to work
giving presents to all
and to me a great smirk

And when he left
the great big red fat
he left me a lump of coal
the big red fat rat!

HanaKwanMass to you and yours forever!