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Matrixing the Hurricane Punch!

Matrixing the Hurricane Punch!

Happy Hurricane!

That’s right, 

I live in Florida and I just lived through

terror and despair and fear.

That’s right,

I watched the news and survived.

So let me tell you what really happened 

with the hurricane where I lived,

it makes for a delightful bit of matrixing

and may give you ideas for how to apply matrixing

to the world.

It is easy to matrix a hurricane,

a hurricane is like a big old punch to the gut.

So I’m watching all these complex charts,

and the news people are talking statistics


of course




Except I looked at the maps

the simple ones showing the path of the hurricane

and I immediately saw what was wrong.

The hurricane passed over Cuba,

then veered right

and headed for Tampa on a straight line.

Do you see what is wrong?

Nature abhors a straight line.


except for a few stupid trees shooting for the sun

does not happen in straight lines.

Only men, with their buildings and jabs,

create straight lines.

And here this hurricane was on a straight line for me.


Something was wrong with this picture

and I began to apply matrixing.

Matrixing is all about the analysis of force and direction.

That’s all it is.

So here is a straight punch hurricane

and what are the forces that will act on it?

Only two.

There is the surface the hurricane travels over,

and there are the ‘masses of air’ to the sides of the hurricanes.

The surface over which a hurricane travels over

is either flat (the ocean)

or rough (trees and houses and things)

Just by surface alone,

because it has to be a circle,

I could see that the hurricane was going to loop.

As big as the hurricane was,

and considering the surfaces over which it traveled,

I figured it would hit land above clearwater (where I live)

I blew it.

The hurricane skated over the water

and hit land over a hundred miles south of me.

Why did it hit 100 miles below me?

Because there was a HUGE mass of air to the north.

The hurricane simply ran into a wall and turned.

I saw a bigger map later,

and saw the HUGE mass of air to the north,

and that was why it had missed me.

The news media had this information,

So why were they all shouting




Because that’s how they ‘sell newspapers.’

They create fear

and it’s like a roller coaster.

Everybody wants to get on for the scary ride.

So everybody watches the news.

Once I saw the media was wrong

I decided not to evacuate.

Police drove through my park every few hours

telling me I had to leave.

In essence, 

they were yelling…




Why would the police do this?

One, because they believed the news people.


more important,

because if people are scared they need the police,

it justifies the police

and gives the police more money.


So the real irritation

of the big hurricane punch

was that I had to turn off all the lights in my house

and let the police pass by.

Chances are they would do nothing,

but they might do something,

and they could give me a ticket.

Can you dig it?

A thousand dollar fine

for defending myself against 

the big hurricane punch?

So the police are now put in the position

of potentially becoming the enemy,

interfering with my right to defend myself.

The winds howled,

the rain splattered,

I heard things go bump in the night,

things like pieces of branches hitting the ground.

Midnight my carport started flapping.

Horrendous racket.

I had no rope,

so I wrapped a piece of electrical cord

around one of the supports,

and ran my car over the cord.

Saved my carport.

And it was fun to be out there in shorts and a tee

fighting the elements.

And for all you people who scream

‘what if the wind blew you away?’

‘What if your house collapsed?’

‘What if the police tried to save you and died!’

‘What if…what if…what if…’

I say:


I was working off matrixing.

I knew the dynamics of a punch.

I KNEW the hurricane punch was going to miss.

And if I had known that it was going to hit

I would have headed for my son’s house,

a couple of miles away

and hunkered down.

He lives on the high ground.

That’s right.

I was so sure of my matrixing

that instead of heading a couple of miles to a ‘safe’ house,

I stayed home

drank an adult beverage

played on the computer,

and was so very happy.


for those people who got slammed by the punch,

my sincere thoughts and prayers.


did you know what happened

when the news and the police and the politicians all yelled.




All the people in my area drove a 100 miles to get away.

They drove to (drum roll) Fort Meyers

and Orange county.

That’s right,

they drove right onto Ground Zero.

Because they listened to FEAR,

because they listened to the news,

because they followed the directions of the police,

they took the Great Hurricane Punch

right in the flippin’ gut!

Too bad they didn’t know matrixing.

Too bad they didn’t know the martial arts.

They could have stayed home.

They could have had popcorn and chocolate,

maybe an adult beverage,

been safe with their kids

playing board games

and making up scary stories.


I suggest you study the martial arts

and study matrixing,

and do it quick

before Twitter and Facebutt and all those guys

convict me of ‘spreading disinformation.’

After all,

they don’t want me to interfere

with their money making business.

And the next time somebody starts yelling FEAR!

Look at the situation,

analyze the potential forces and flows,

and put them out of your mind.

A person who works off of fear

is not able to analyze

and ALL his opinions are worthless.

Don’t bob and weave,

don’t side step and block

if the punch is going to miss.


enough about the dreaded and terrible Hurricane Punch,

let’s talk about fun!

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Do you know why How to Fix Karate is so different?

Every book out there

talks about the way the old masters did it.

They make photos of their system

and THEY NEVER consider whether their system is right.

How to Fix Karate takes each step

of each form

analyzes each step

for workability,

asks whether it is right or wrong,

and offers reasons

as to how and why something might be wrong,

and offers alternative solutions.

No other book does that.

All other books

treat Karate like a sacred cow,

never touching it.

How to Fix Karate dissects the sacred cow,

takes it apart like a 50s car

and shows you how to put it back together…



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Two volumes for over 400 pages,

a thousand images,

and it is not designed to be read,

it is designed to be scrutinized,

to be poured over,

to make you THINK!

This is not simple Hurricane Punch,

it is the real thing.

Have a great work out!


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I’ve got nothing but five star reviews on 

The Science of Government.

It’s really nothing more than applying matrixing to politics.

Matrixing + Politics = Sanity

I told you matrixing works with anything.

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Iron Fist, Iron Body…the Truth

Get Yer Iron Fist Right Here!

We’ve all heard the Kung Fu stories, guy hits the master and hurts his hand. Knives are blunted upon the master’s body.

Muhamad Ali Iron fist

kenpo instruction manual

The Age of Kenpo Karate

And, during the Boxer Rebellion, bullets bounced off bodies. And, over the years, most stories have been proven full of crap.

People died in the Boxer Rebellion, victim to bushwah propaganda and fantasy. And, if there are any fellows out there who would like to blunt the tip of my Cold Steel, send me an e-mail and a release form.

However, bushwah aside, there are very real gains to be made from developing iron bodies, fists of steel, and so on.

We all want more effective blocks and strikes, and some of these methods do have incredible value. The question, of course, is which method works the best?

Chinese Kung Fu preach various iron palm potions, if you soak your hands before and after working out, the tissue remains pliable and yet still retains the value of the work out. Thus, you can pound on beans and sand and pellets of iron until your cup runneth over.

My only problem with this method is that I believe in methods which don’t rely on the body, I prefer methods which use the power of the mind. Tai Chi, for instance, speaks of a pliable body which whipcracks with power, soft on the outside, hard on the inside.

I think this is probably preferable to bruise potions, but one would have to spend a lot of time studying the various Tai Chi arts to attain what one is seeking. Be prepared to study Chen for power, Yang for workable posture, Wu for subtle motions, Sun for twisting effects, and so on.

Now, to be truthful, just doing karate forms is going to give you an ‘iron body.’ The problem is that most people do the forms wrong, the actual technology of doing karate forms the correct way has, for the most part, been lost.

But, if you can find the correct way of doing forms, then you can, within the space of about two years, learn how to maximize energy within your body to withstand a strike, and concentrate energy into your hands for striking.

The best way of developing power, not needing esoteric knowledge or magic potions, is simply to set up a stand which supports a brick, and drop the palm on it.

Place a folded wash cloth over it to protect the palm, and don’t strike too hard, and just drop the palm. The trick is to be willing to do it for an hour at a time.

I know people will have other methods, and I am always fascinated by what people prefer in this matter. The things I have said in this article I have formulated over four decades and through a variety of experiences with a variety of arts. So feel free to respond to this article, or to write your own article and offer your own opinion.

About the author: Al Case has near 50 years experience int he martial arts. Check out his book, ‘Matrixing Chi,’ at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Five Steps to the Best Karate Strike in the world!

Best Karate Strike Achieved Through Five Points

The Best Karate strike is the one that knocks out the other guy. But, how do you develop that perfect Karate punch or kick that will knock them down…first time every time? How do you build the Perfect Karate strike? Interestingly enough, there are five point that must be implemented. Do these points, and you will have the hardest karate punch and the fastest karate kick ever, and you can even implement these points if you study another art, such as Kung Fu or Kenpo.

best karate strike

A Strong Punch is Filled with Spirit and Conviction!

First, you must sink your weight. Sinking your weight gives you power, it stops you from having your own body move back from the impact. Remember, a karate strike, where it impacts upon the other body, is basically an explosion. You don’t want to be pushed back from the force of your own explosion!

Second, you must turn the hips into the strike. The best biomechanical study indicate that the more weight you put into the strike, the more effect that strike will have. Doesn’t matter if it is a slamming elbow strike, a fast karate strike, or whatever…to move the hips is to move the weight.

Third, full power comes at full extension. Mind you, you don’t your karate hand strikes over extending, this could result in bone bruises in the elbow if the bones slap together. But you do want the muscles to have the chance to fully extend into the strike points.

Four pick your target. Heck, buy a karate strike points poster, study these points, figure out how to hit those points, and alter your techniques until you can hit those karate strike points every time. A karate strike, the best karate strike, is near a pressure point , and it can do vastly more damage than a karate strike near what seem to be good and big targets.

Fifth point, imagination. Whether you do a palm strike or a ridge hand strike or whatever, you must practice that strike, and you must visualize, imagine, and get the idea of that strike before you ever try it. The best karate strike is built with imagination, and will have more intention, and will do more damage.

The trick, if you are going to have the best karate strike you can, is to put these five points together. Further, you must educate yourself as to such concepts as timing, focus, and so on. Simply, you must become a scientist of Karate, and that is the story of how to have the Best Karate strike you can.

If you like this article you should check out Monster Martial Arts. Here is a fascinating page about having a Perfect Strike.

This has been a page about having the best karate strike you can possibly have.

The Hardest Punch in Karate is the Easiest Punch

The Secret of the HardestPunch in Karate!

I always thought, when first learning Karate, that you had to have huge muscles, you had to be able to do a thousand push ups, and that was the only way to have the hardest punch in the world.
My first teaches in Kenpo Karate abused me of that.
My first teacher was a slender fellow named Rex. No muscles on that boy at all, yet he snapped a half fist out so fast I could barely see it, and the brick he hit literally shattered. It didn’t break, but more exploded.
So I was convinced and converted, and devoted my training to speed, speed, speed. Unfortunately, my being rather large (6 foot two) and two hundred pounds, that was the wrong track for me. There was no way on earth I could get Rex’s speed and agility. I simply had a body suited to different modes of motion.
Then I came across a fellow name of Bob, who taught an art called Kang Duk Won Korean Karate. He was the same build as Rex, moved even faster, but there was a subtle difference. He was liquid, and he didn’t rely on speed, though he had it, he relied on something I would come to realize was ‘chi,’ or ‘ki,’ depending on what country you were pronouncing it from.
Now, the chi built up in the forms, we never talked about it, but we started to feel it. We could feel things moving inside our bodies.
And I started to feel inside my partner’s bodies. The end of my fist became imbued with radar, and I could feel their ribs, their muscles, even their organs.
And a funny thing happened.
The easier I struck, the less muscle I used, the more pain I caused. Simply, a form of ‘awareness’ was coming out of the end of my fist, and that form of awareness is called chi.
The body is a motor, and when you do the forms it turns the motor on. Unfortunately, most forms these days have been changed, their order changed, and they don’t do the job. This is why i use Matrixing to align the body, and to align the forms, and thus create this form of really usable energy.
And that is how I learned to strike easier to make the hardest punch in Karate.

zen martial arts

Love and the Martial Arts

Close Combat Self Defense

The Art of the Hardest Punch!

Ain’t it funny, after a couple of dozen years in the martial arts, many martial artists start talking about love. Now, I ain’t against love, but I sure don’t want to lose sight of being able to rip somebody’s head off.
Yes, I believe we should all get along, until the mugger steps out of the alley with the gun.
Sure, I would want to use my most harmonious technique, because that is a higher state of art, but only if I can get away with it…only if my survival is guaranteed.
That all said, I usually tell people to go to my website, Monster Martial Arts (dot) com. But, I ran across a BBC series on youtube the other day, and it is a blast. Episode after episode detailing martial arts from a very deep perspective. Lots of food for thought. So, though I am missing a perfectly good opportunity to tell you visit my site and buy everything in sight, but it’s okay with me if you go to youtube and check out ‘Way of the Warrior.’ Definitely worth it. You guys have a great work out.

Dynamic Tension Makes the Hardest Punch!

I ran across the concept of making the Hardest Punch some forty years ago. Haven’t seen anybody do it in a while, so I though I’d pass it on.

You cross the wrists, and one arm tries to go out while the other tries to come back. You let the tension, and then let the wrists slide until they finally snap apart.

I actually got it from a kung fu form that was spliced into the Kang Duk Won.

Now dynamic tension, just so there is no misunderstanding, is when you work muscles against one another to create strength. The old time body builders, like Charles Atlas, used to swear by it, and it does cause the body to bulk in the most pleasing and efficient way.

Adding a strike to the end creates speed and snap and puts that strength to work.

You can create other types of dynamic tension moves to make not just the hardest strike, but the hardest blocks, etc.

You know, it’s funny…but this little tip is merely icing. If you want the whole cake, and the beefsteak, too, come on over to Monster Martial arts. Check out The Punch. It’s a whole book on nothing but punching. You can’t help but learn when you have that much concentrated, to the point information.


Putting Intention into Your Strike Makes for the Most Powerful Punch in the World

When I wrote my first article, back in 1981, I talked about putting intention into a strike. Intention makes for the quickest, lightest, most powerful punch in the world, and yet nobody knows how to do it. The odd thing is that though I have almost no duplicate material in any of my courses–I rarely repeat myself, and I despise people who just sell the same old same old repackaged goods–I always include a couple of pages on the exact three powers one has to combine to create the fourth power, which is intention. I have seen people talk about one power, or the other power, but never all four powers, and never about the process of combining the three powers into the fourth power. It is just something that nobody knows. Here’s a win from one of my internet students concerning this point…

– I realized why I never felt that I was using enough muscles in my punches, even though my punches felt like they were perfect strikes – I was punching with intention and didn’t need to use much muscle

He didn’t need muscle. Muscle isn’t wrong, it’s good to have a well tuned, finely trimmed body. BUT…having the most powerful punch in the universe doesn’t depend on muscle. It depends on having a specific knowledge which is easy to learn, but which everybody has overlooked.

Here’s a page about how to get The Most Powerful Punch on Earth, but I really wish you’d look around the site and find a whole art for your entry into Matrix Martial Arts.

Win #45