4 Chi Power Checklist


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There are three specific courses here. I do have to advise you, you should be doing some heavy work in a classical art to get your chi, and augment it with these books. These books will give you instant abilities, but you want hard core, never say die chi power.

Matrixing Chi

chi power imageIn this book I go over the motor of the body, and how to make that motor actually work. I use a classical form to do this.

In this book there are 150 pages.

And, I have added the bonuses, How to Put Out a Candle! (A dissertation on the projection of chi to a point outside the body!)…and a short article on the relation of Tai Chi Chuan to the motor of the body. Go to Matrixing Chi.

The Punch

punch imageI know, it sounds like beating people up, but this book (100 pages) is the exact physics of how to punch. Never been a book like this. It includes the drills and exercises I use, and…in the right order. This is actually very important. People have stumbled over some of this stuff, but they never get it all, and they never get it in the right order. Go to The Punch..

Yogata: The Yoga Kata

yoga imageThis is a rather hefty volume on Yoga, presenting that discipline with the more structured viewpoint of Karate. This makes for an incredibly healthy and strong body, and the amount of Chi it fills the body with is really quite incredible. (140 pages) Go to: The Yoga Kata.


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