2 Matrix Kung Fu


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Shaolin Butterfly

Shaolin imageI had studied Wing Chun, Northern Shaolin, Southern Shaolin, and done MUCH research on every style of Kung Fu I could find. I love Kung Fu, but it having been around for thousands of years, and the various systems had similar concepts, but widely differing methods for teaching those concepts. So I boiled everything down to common sense and basic matrixing principles. This is a complete art with ten forms, two man applications, and a specific method of freestyle. Go to The Shaolin Butterfly.

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang

Pa Kua Chang imageI began Pa Kua back in the seventies, and I studied several different styles of Pa Kua, and was surprised to find out that they had different basics, and wildly unworkable techniques. So I rewrote the basics, went through the forms of the various styles and chose the ones that were common to most, and rewrote those (but slightly), and did a lot of other things. The result was two simple systems, and the more complex traditional system, all on one course. Do this course and your Pa Kua will be easy to learn, and amazingly easy to use. Go to Butterfly Pa Kua Chang.

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan imageI began my study of Tai Chi back in the 70s. I studied every single style I could find, and spent many years in total confusion. After I started Matrixing, I went back to Tai Chi and found that it suddenly made sense. I just had to get over the mysticism. On this course I go through the form, showing you what each move is for. This is heavy in intention throws, and there are 90 minutes of applications. In addition, I have matrixed Push Hands so that you can instantly understand and use this ultimate form of close combat. Go to Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.

Create Your Own Art Course

Create martial Art imageThis is the only course on how to actually create a martial art in the world. Art is creation, and if you are going to create your own martial art, then you will be an artist, and you will have a viewpoint and competence that people who copy their teachers, and never actually create as an artist, will never have. Go to the Create Your Own Art Course.

The Kung Fu Package.

shaolin kung fuYou can purchase the above four courses and save money. Go to The Kung Fu Package.

2 thoughts on “2 Matrix Kung Fu

  1. michael m todd

    HI Mr Al. I would like to be in the $2.00 karate lessons. I’ll be able to pay 44.00 In sept. . Is this going to be on time? let me know please. Michael

  2. aganzul Post author

    Hi Michael, oddly, I never thought of taking one payment, only people paying a belt at a time. Let me know when you’re ready and we’ll figure something out. Have a great work out!


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