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Actual Video Instruction in the Martial Arts

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Following are two courses in which I offer actual instruction.

Three Month Black Belt Course

martial arts picsNow, most people want to test in Matrix Karate. Because of that I have done a special video course showing me taking a person through to Black Belt in three months.

This is a difficult thing, and I recommend more time, about six months to a year, for the Matrix Karate course.

It can be done, but there will be a lot of rough edges, unless, of course, you have prior experience.

The thing is, I wanted to show people some of how I teach, what I look for, and what my exact goals were.

My exact goals were:

  • to raise a student to a point of intuition.
  • to show that a person can make the system work in a short time.
  • to demonstrate how the Circle of Blocks (a matrixing drill) actually worked.
  • to show my actual teaching method and why it works so well.
  • to point out various mistakes that can be made.
  • to demonstrate specific teaching tricks, methods, and so on. For instance, how to kick, correct angles for blocking, ways to get people to remember forms, and so on.
  • How to get a person to learn how to fight in the quickest time and without unnecessary bruises.
  • to show how to get somebody to punch the right way in a couple of minutes.
  • and there were other goals.

martial strategy pivSimply, I wanted this to be a testament as to how to teach efficiently and quickly, and get a person to get the information, so it works, in the shortest possible time.

Yes, I should have taken longer.

Yes, there are plenty of rough edges.

But, more importantly, yes…I actually manage to get somebody to learn martial arts to the point of being intuitive, not having to think about anything, just doing it, and with excellent power and speed considering the amount of time we worked.

There are 120 little lessons in this course, and it is called the Three Month Black Belt Course.

Obviously, if you are thinking about doing Matrix Karate, or if you are thinking about teaching karate, this course has an amazing amount of information. It is not a cut and paste of me teaching, it is lesson after lesson, damn the mistakes and full speed ahead.

You can find out more about this course by going to: Three Month Black Belt Course.

Rolling Fists Course

lop sau imageAnother course I offer is the ‘Rolling Fists’ course. This is a very advanced course in how to fight using the martial arts.

After I had taken my student to Black Belt in three months, I wanted to do another course on another art. We did the Shaolin Butterfly. We were doing grreat, but right at the end of the course, my student was interrupted by things happening in his life, and had to stop.

This was discouraging, as there was a lot of stuff, all advanced, going on, but I couldn’t use the footage. Simply, i hadn’t gotten the result.

But, one thing I had gotten, was the result in the freestyle method i use on that course.

Now, to be honest, I usually teach some freestyle drills, then move a student into Rolling Fists as soon as possible. It is simply the quickest, fastest way to get a person into freestyle in the world.

xisJBfA few minutes, literally, of Rolling Fists, and the student knows how to fight at a very advanced level.

I break fighting down to six intuitive moves, set up the drill, and watch people with no experience suddenly become able to block anything, and counter instantly and intuitively. This is an extreme flow drill. Also, the drill can be done, once a person has a couple of hours in it, with the whole range of grab arts. This means that within a couple of hours you are actually teaching somebody how to take any punch and kick and use it to throw a person to the ground within a couple of hours.

This is an incredibly street usable method of freestyle.

You can learn more about Rolling Fists by going to: Rolling Fists.

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