8 Neutronic Martial Arts


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Neutronics is the science behind the science of the Martial Arts. After I came up with the matrix, and Matrixed everything I could, I became aware of this second set of physics…behind the physics in the martial arts.

Neutronics is best learned AFTER you have established sufficient discipline through the Martial Arts. If you wish more information on Neutronics you should click over to Monkeyland (ChurchofMartialArts.com).

The Neutronic Viewpoint

spiritual martial arts

The story of the discovery of Neutronics. Early incidents in the life of the author, and they transformed him and moved him into Neutronics. (90 pages) Go to The Neutronic Viewpoint.


atomic martial artsA basic primer on Matrixing. Illustrates the basics of Matrixing, and shows how it develops into Neutronics. (92 pages) Go to Prologue.


martial arts introductionThe definitive textbook on Neutronics. Goes into life situations and demonstrates the many ways it can be used. (96 pages) Go to Neutronics.

24 Neutronic Principles

instructor imageA hefty work which details the exact working principles of Neutronics, and how to use them. (112 pages) Go to 24 Neutronic Principles.

Outside the Tube

martial tubeWhat is a man? What is mankind? Where is man and mankind going? And…where are you, right now, in relation to mankind and the Greater Awareness of All. (84 pages) Go to Outside the Tube.

Neutronic Healing

karate yin yangA nifty work on how to heal yourself and others. Has MUCH data concerning the healing process. (80 pages) Go to Neutronic Healing.

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