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I get a lot of emails asking what order one should study Matrixing in.

The first answer, study what your gut tells you. Simply, I know martial arts, but you know you. So follow your gut instincts.

The second answer, my specific recommendations, are in this piece of writing.

There are several different ways of looking at Matrixing.

art ranking

The first four courses on MonsterMartialArts.com have to do with Matrixing. This is a vast overview, and will change your viewpoint of the martial arts.  All Martial Arts are one art, and this is how they fit together. The first four courses are: Matrix Karate, Matrix Kung Fu, Matrix Aikido, Master Instructor Course.

Second, as I expanded my research, I analyzed the Chinese Arts. You won’t find the hard core matrixing graphs and charts in these courses, but you will find a heavy matrixing influence, making the arts easy to learn and intuitive to apply. If you go through this checksheet you will know Shaolin, Pa Kua Chang, and Tai Chi Chuan, with the added bonus of the Create Your Own Art course. I place it with the Chinese arts because I use Pa Kua Chang extensively for the model in this course.

Third, one of my heavy interests was weapons. This is going to be the Blinding Steel checksheet. This will include Blinding Steel and Matrix Kung Fu.

Fourth, the history. While I studied just about everything that came along, I focused on Karate, and wrote most of my books on Karate. The History of Matrixing is predominately detailed in styles of Karate. If you go through these histories–and they are not talk, but a study of forms and techniques–you will know more about Karate than any Karate master on the planet.

Five, the work on Chi related subjects. This is spread out a bit, and does tend to lean towards the subject of Neutronics, which is the science behind Matrixing.

Six, neutronics. This is the main subject of Monkeyland. Monkeyland is the home of the Church of Martial Arts.

Last, guidelines for testing in the Martial arts through video.

Now, all you have to do is go through the following checksheets (listed in order in the menu at the top of this page) and decide which path you wish to take. Eventually, you will want to do them all. At that point you will know more than any other martial artist on the planet.

You will find some overlap of courses, and some courses will be on more than one checksheet. Obviously, you can go over a course on one checksheet, and when it comes up on another checksheet, you just have to refresh yourself and see how it fits in.


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