Balancing the Martial Arts!

Balancing through Matrixing and Neutronics

One of the concepts I came across
early in the martial arts
was the concept of balance.

At first I thought it was
keeping your equilibrium, not falling down
while doing something.

Then I got into dietary things,
and ways of moving energy in the body,
but I didn’t really get it,
until I started doing Neutronics.

So you are standing on one leg,
the muscles on both sides of the leg
fire up,
trying to keep the balance.
It was a faster way of getting stronger,
bordered on Yoga.

And I started exploring other methods
of achieving balance.
When through stances,
balancing between the feet,
trying to find the tan tien,
trying to keep the tan tien working,
using the proper amount of push/pull,
especially when changing stances.

Went into how the body loses balance
when you extend limbs.
Requires a constant adjustment of balance
even while doing the most subtle motion.

Here’s the thing,
everything in life is a motor.
This is a basic neutronics principle.
A motor,
as defined in neutronics,
is when there is tension between two terminals.
Tension can be a push or pull.

to take this thing of motors and terminals a little further,
let’s say you have a fight with the mate,
that means there is tension between,
and you have to figure out
how to balance the tension.

A fight means you are probably pushing towards each other.
That would definitely create tension.

how do you cure a fight?
there are three ways.

you fight harder,
you win,
the other person loses.

you give up.
The other person wins,
if you really gave up,
the other person
has nobody to fight.

you agree with the other person.

Do you get it?
Either towards,
or with.
Those are the only three directions
in the martial arts or life
in the whole durned universe.

A dog tries to bite you.
Do you go towards him?
Scare him?

Or do you go away,
hoping to outrun
the length of his chain?

Or do you…?
How the heck can you harmonize with a dog?
And this isn’t just a loose question,
as there are many people that are mad dogs.

To harmonize with a dog
you have to change your spirituality.
You become something that the dog doesn’t want to bite.
Not because he is scared,
but because he is suddenly transported out of fear.

You see a dog bites because he is scared.
A human fights because he is scared.
That’s an absolute.
Hiding in the heart of the biggest bully,
is fear.

If there wasn’t fear,
then the bully wouldn’t want to fight.
Think about it.

So a dog goes to bite you,
and you turn and look at him,
and you have nothing in your mind.

No reaction.
No fear.
He hasn’t made you fear,
thus there is no fear,
and then there isn’t any fear in the dog,
so he stops coming at you
except to rub against your leg
and look for a good petting.

here’s the interesting thing.
I was up here at Monkeyland,
one of the first times,
when we were trying to buy the property,
and the previous owner had a mean dog.
Three of us were standing in the drive,
and suddenly I feel ‘Buddy’
nosing at the back of my leg.
The owner takes in his breath,
I can see he expects the dog to bite me,
and I turn and look down at the dog.

He is caught,
and finds that there is nothing to bite.
I am not threatening him.
I am with him.
I understand his fear,
so there is no fear,
and he suddenly nuzzles against me.
So I pet him.

But it all comes from understanding balance,
and this thing of neutronics
that there are only three motions in the universe,
towards, away, or with,
and that using these three things to achieve balance
changes you,
makes you impervious to fear,
or any other odd emotion or thought.

if you want to conquer life,
and by that I mean to agree with it (go with it)
until it does exactly what you want it to,
then you have to understand the other person,
and then you have to choose the right motion.
Towards, away, or with.

Do you know why some Muslims don’t like Christians?
Because they don’t understand them.
Do you know why some people are racists?
Because they don’t understand them.

So you could stamp the other person out,
and win,
or you could run away,
or you could find out about them,
study them until you understand them,
and thus be able to go with them
without losing any of your own beliefs.

It’s a simple thing.
Too simple for governments and politicians.

In the martial arts,
it’s not Karate over Jujitsu,
Gung Fu is better than Taekwondo,
Krav Maga is superior to Aikido…

It is studying each and every art,
until you understand them.
you can put them together,
blend them.
Know them all
without losing any of yourself,
or pride in your specific system,
or self respect.
the truth is,
when you understand everything,
you gain in pride and respect,

When a person thinks his art is better than somebody else’s
all it shows is a degree of fear.
A wrong type of pride.
An ignorance,
the worst thing in the world,
the inability to learn.

it all comes down to this thing of balance.
Figuring out where the fight is,
where the tension is,
and then balancing the terminals
by choosing one of the three directions.

if you are studying only an art that goes towards,
go to the monster
and find an art that goes away.

if you are studying an art that goes away,
go to the monster
and find an art that goes towards.

Balance your arts,
until there is no tension between arts.
you will find that there is a resulting lack of tension
in your head,
in your attitude towards the world.

if you already understand what I am saying here,
and you want to know more about this thing of balancing,
and choosing the right direction,
if you want to know the physics
behind every motion in the world,
outside and inside your head,
then pop over to the
Start reading a few of the books,
put them together with the martial arts.
‘Prologue’ is a good place to start,
as it is an overview,
then you can start getting more specific.
At any rate,
Neutronics will teach you how to always
make the right decision,
how to balance all tension,
it’s the fastest and easiest way
in the whole wide world
to help the people around you,
and to take over life,
to conquer it smoothly,
and make life do exactly whatever you want.

Here’s the URL for prologue.


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