First Lady Master Instructor!

A New Martial Arts Master Instructor,

what a great way to start a new year!
Here are the words of Lori Stockinger…

Hello Master Al,

The Master Instructor Course has taught me to competently teach proper posture and changing position by being perfectly balanced in natural stances.  To impart energy most efficiently by implementing CBM.
Thank you for teaching me to utilize the proper powers in the correct manner which in turn has caused me to be more confident in all of life.


Lori Stockinger

Thank you Lori,
you really make my day,
and you really sum up what it is all about.

‘To be perfectly balanced in natural stances.’
The truth is…
if you aren’t balanced then you aren’t in a natural stance.
A balanced stance IS natural.
And what that means is that
98% of the people in the world
are standing wrong.

It’s true.
I watch people walk,
and I study things like
the way the hips are out and inefficient,
the roll of the foot and how the arch is destroyed,
and so many other things,
and people actually don’t know how to walk!

you could take a slide rule,
find biometric measurements,
analyze with advanced mathematics
the correct angles and bounce,
only cost you a few thousand dollars,
and you would know how you are walking wrong.
you could just read the Master Instructor Course
get the six secrets and seven principles
and figure it out yourself in a matter of minutes.
you would change everything in your art.
You would fix the angles
which would make the muscles work properly,
which would fit all the trigger points for the inner organs,
which would increase the efficiency of all motion,
and cause incredibly good health
to overwhelm you.

you would even learn how to walk!

You know,
I remember my instructor,
when he would fix somebody’s form,
he would look at the feet.
He’d have you turn a foot,
and all of the sudden
you would feel everything shift
and your body would lurch
into the right posture.

He knew from a glance,
he could see what was wrong,
but here’s the thing,
you might learn right,
but that doesn’t mean you can teach it right,
your student might have a different set of experiences,
different modes of holding his body,
so he might not get it right,
even if you have it right,
which only a couple of per cent do.

So here’s the thing…
the master instructor gives you the data
so you get it right
and teach it right.

I’ve said this before,
if you see the truth,
you won’t make a choice that doesn’t have truth in it.
The truth is in simple physics,
and the six secrets and seven tools
of the Master Instructor Course.

So thank you Lori,
for summing up
this matter of balance in stances
and how to get it
in your win.

an interesting thing,
I believe Lori is the first lady
to make it to Master Instructor.


You set the standard,
and encourage young ladies everywhere.

the books.
As you know,
I wrote the last newsletter about Buddha Crane Karate.
Thanks to all who have availed themselves,
here is the URL for those who haven’t.

Or you can find the link in the sidebar
of my blogs.

I think it may also be available in Amazon now,
but you’d probably have to search for it.

I’m going to be releasing a lot of books this year.
Createspace allows me to work with no investment
and then they only print when a book is ordered.
Makes it possible for a lot of things to be done.
I’ve already got the Pan Gai Noon book done
and will announce that in a week or two.
I’ve got all the martial arts books
that have only been available on Kindle
waiting in the wings.

that brings me to novels.
I wrote a novel titled
‘The Ethereal Bodyguard.’

In writing this novel I wanted to tell about
certain things that would happen
if you were forced to do Karate for three or four years
in complete darkness
in an isolated setting
with NO distractions.
The thing turns out to be a real lesson.
A VERY advanced lesson in martial arts.
What would happen to your senses?
What is your ‘true body,’
your ‘true self?’
What would it be like to live in a universe of pure imagination,
completely unlimited,
completely unleashed?

this is a lesson like you have never had
and stuffed into an adventure/love story.
Here’s what one of my friends had to say about this book…

‘Biased Review Ahead’

yes I said Biased review! Al Case is my martial arts teacher. I am a serious fan! With that being said this is a wonderful book! In all of his writing in this genre he blends the principles that he teaches, matrixing of the martial arts (making them easier/faster to learn), neutronics (a whole mind science that takes you on a wild ride about the nature of reality) and the Hayabusa motorcycle that leads to little enlightenments.

Al is a master storyteller and if you loved his Assassin Series (Hero, Assassin, Avatar) you will definitely like this one! The characters are multidimensional and you get the backstory of why they are the way they are now. Reading this one makes me want to reread the Assassin series!

Like I said…biased review!

Jerome “Smiley” Johnson

Thanks Jerome,
thanks for your support over the years,
can’t wait to get to the east coast and see you.

for everybody,
here is the URL
to a VERY advanced lesson in the martial arts.

This is amazon,
and you can get the book in Kindle
or in paperback.

I’ll be mentioning more books
in the following weeks,
and giving more wins.

And you guys and gals get yourselves ready
by working out as much as you possibly can,
and you can start right now!


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