Surviving the Mobs with Martial Arts

Prepping Book Written by Martial Artist!

Monster Martial art has just released the ultimate book on prepping. Written by Al Case, this book presents solutions for any kind of event. It is written like a checklist, so people can go right through the book, follow the list, and find themselves totally and utterly prepared for any kind of disaster.

Earthquakes on the west coast, storms on the east coast, tornadoes in the plains, hurricanes in the south, every single person should be prepared for what nature, or man, has to offer.

The death of the dollar? Martial Law and UN troops trying to fill FEMA camps? An EMP knocking out the electrical grid? Terrorism gone nuclear? This book has a plan for everything.

And remember, when the SHTF you are going to need a plan.

Do you stay or go? How about the government roadblocks trying to keep you from leaving a diseased area? Or, here’s a good one, how do you prepare your house for ANY disaster?

The book is inexpensive, $10, and this because the intent is merely to help people through the coming bad times.

Once the New World Order gets its ass kicked, we are going to need a Second New World Order, a good one, where African style dicatators are not allowed to run amuck, where corrupt politicians can be tarred and feathered, where the honest human being is free to pursue his happiness, and slavery is outlawed.

Check out the book at Survive the Mobs!

This has been a page about surviving the mobs, written by a Martial Artist.


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