Tai Chi Chuan, the Secret of Life, and Neutronics

I know, I’m always having fun with telling people the secrets of the universe, be it in karate or kung fu or tai chi chuan or whatever, but this really is the straight goods. This is one of those mystical experiences that goes to the heart and soul of existence.

I’m like doing martial arts forms, I do kung fu patterns, taekwondo, Pa Kua Chang, or whatever comes to mind. I know some people would rather punch a bag, but they should think again.

I was practicing one of my Tai Chi forms, the old yang form, suddenly I realized something: my view reality had changed.

Motion had become an insubstantial, and I knew that I was not really in motion. Instead, reality was circling around me.

Yes, I was doing the form, ward off, roll back, press and push, but I was staring at the world through a wide angle lens, a very wide angle lens, and watching reality pass in front of me.

My legs still rose up in repulse monkey and opening kick. My postures flowed out from the tan tien, and I was a motionless point in space, just watching this new reality pass in front of me.

I came to a place in the form where I turned, and the world just shifted around me.

So here is the secret, and it is very hard core neutronics secret: you don’t actually have motion. The ‘I am’ moves the body, and it moves reality, which makes body and reality an illusion. Only the viewpoint watching everything is real.

The universe isn’t; only you are, and you move reality around you like a traveling sideshow.

Now, I know some people will think I am nuts, but this is now my  reality.

Now, how do we use this?

Let’s say some moron comes up and starts mouthing off at me. I don’t respond, I just watch themoron, and suddenly, he shifts away, he is a reality moving on. 

Life moves, and people move on, and you can pick and choose your experiences in this life.

If you start reacting with the moron, then the world stops moving, and you get stuck in the moment, become engaged in meaningful conversations with…a moron.

But if you just watch the dope, listen to what he says, watch what he does, with no reaction, then the traveling show of life moves on, and you are left with a more pleasant life to expaerience.

When the moron realizes that you are watching him, he will stop playing the fool and look for somebody else to bother.

That said, there are situations which you need to enter into, but they are not that often, and if you are advanced enough to understand what I am saying in this bit of writing, then you will know which of those experiences you need to bother with.

This has been a page abotu tai chi chuan and neutronics and the secret of life.


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