24 Neutronic Principles…Enlightenment Through the Martial Arts

The Official Way to Martial Arts Enlightenment!

Good morning!
Great Tuesday.
Or wednesday or whenever you get this.
But whatever day,
have a gr-e-a-a-a-t work out!
Now, you may wonder,
I missed a newsletter,
and this one is late,
so what’s going on with Al?
two things.
One is pain,
and the other is enlightenment.
Let me tell you about the pain,
and then I’ll tell you about the quick and fast way
to Martial Arts enlightenment.
That’s right,
I just wrote the ultimate instructional guide
to enlightenment through the martial arts.
The pain is a shoulder injury that flared up,
and it gets sort of funny.
The shoulder is going south,
I try chiros and acupuncturists,
no good,
and the medical doctor has no clue.
So I go to Doctor Pain.
She is about 105 pounds
laughs a lot,
and she is a deep tissue massage therapist.
Doctor Pain takes one look at me,
glances at my shoulder,
sees everything there is to see,
and is irritated.
She is irritated because she puts my shoulder together,
and I abuse it apart.
You’d think she liked all the business I bring her!
I lie down on the table,
and she sticks her thumbs into my muscles,
and it is all I can do not to cry.
She know where it hurts,
and she goes for it.
I have high pain tolerance.
I don’t like it,
but I can take it…
at least I thought I could.
Within seconds I am gasping in pain.
you ask why I take this abuse?
Because she literally forces my body back into the correct positioning,
and makes it stay there.
It’s like the accident in reverse.
after a couple of minutes she says,
“You cry all you want,
I pay no attention.”
And then she starts laughing
at how funny she is.
I am not kidding.
Those were her exact words.
I didn’t cry,
but it was close.
I really wanted to.
that was the pain.
A shoulder Injury,
and Doctor Pain.
So I can move today,
not on Vicodin,
pain greatly reduced,
shoulder actually resembles a shoulder.
during all the pain leading up to Doctor Pain,
I was writing a small tome called,
‘The 24 Principles of Neutronics.’
The 24 Principles
is a step by step guide
as to how to become enlightened
through the martial arts.
Now enlightenment is a funny thing.
Everybody wants to get hit
by the bolt from the blue,
see the universe as it really is,
perhaps have a heart to heart chat
with the Divine Presence.
The thing is,
it usually takes immense dedication,
fanatical workouts
for seven years
with no other thought in mind,
giving up all the pleasures of the world.
At least,
that is the way it has been described.
Funny thing,
it didn’t happen to me that way.
I studied a couple years of Kenpo,
a little over four years of Kang duk Won,
and I had my enlightenment.
I read a little bit,
but not a lot had been written.
I had to sort of slide things over
from my readings on Yoga and various other practices.
There was just not a lot,
almost nothing,
written on achieving enlightenment
through the martial arts.
And that actually made this book easy to write.
Thank goodness,
cause I was going through a  lot of pain at the time.
the 24 principles
are based in Neutronics.
They start with a description of the universe
and how it works,
describe the human being
and how he works,
goes into some general discussion of virtues and such.
If you study the martial arts
and especially matrixed martial arts
and you do this book,
one principle at a time,
thinking about the principles
as you learn and go through your forms,
you will make it.
I can’t guarantee a bolt from the blue,
cause enlightenment isn’t always like that.
Enlightenment is the accumulation of knowledge,
until the human being glows.
That’s the best way to describe it.
I’ll be honest,
some of you guys out there
are already glowing.
The martial arts work like that.
You do enough practicing
and the things you learn on the mat
change the way you look at the universe,
and you are suddenly and always happy,
and more then competent.
You have unleashed the inner you.
bolt out of the blue or not,
that’s what I want.
I want to unleash the inner you.
I want you to achieve enlightenment through the Martial Arts.
The book is 113 pages,
and there are four sections.
The first section deals with the 24 principles.
It lists them,
then goes through them one at a time
so there is no misunderstanding
as to exactly what each one means.
The second section has to do with
the structure of the Church of Martial Arts.
It lays out all sorts of things
like what a postulant is,
and a novice and a monk and an abbot.
How you get there.
The exact things you need to do to become a monk
in the Church of Martial Arts
is quite interesting.
There are a few of you out there,
who are already monks
and don’t even know it.
The third section is a brain buster,
and I mean this quite literally.
It is titled
‘The Two Halves of the Human Mind.’
It describes the two halves of the mind,
and once you understand this,
I trust you will no longer be human.
A human,
you see,
is embroiled between the two halves of his mind.
Once you understand the two halves,
stop considering them as enemies,
and start looking at them as a scale of evolution,
you will be in charge of both halves,
and be capable of having a unified mind
that is no longer trapped.
The fourth section is a detailing
of the eight Matrixing courses.
Some people will understand some of this,
but this is pretty tight,
and explains some things
so you can understand
how the eight courses fit together
to make one path.
The Url for the book is…
And I would appreciate anybody letting me know
if the links don’t work,
or there is any problem with the download.
instant download.
Inside of two minutes,
you could be reading the single and only work
that lists out the exact steps to achieving
enlightenment through the martial arts.
to sum up,
the concise data
as to what the universe is
what you are
what life is.
with the discipline of the martial arts
you will be able to achieve enlightenment.
Some will pop and glow.
Others are going to have to work a bit,
but no matter the shape of your path,
you know the martial arts
and how fun they are,
so it is going to be a fantastic adventure
that will change you forever.
Or you could just go to ChurchofMartialArts(dot)com
and look in th bookstore.
you have yourself a PERFECT work out.
And thanks for making my day
just by being martial artists.
When the world changes,
when it grows up and puts aside war,
when people become responsible
and know the truth that is inside every man…
martial artists will be the first to understand all this,
They will be foremost in making it happen.
You have a great work out.
break brick

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