Karate Ki Power and the Secret of Proper Breathing

Karate Ki Power

I say Karate Ki Power, but, of course, I am speaking of proper breathing in all martial arts. Interestingly, while people recognize the importance of breathing, little has been written on it. This is a shame, becuase it is very simple, and yet the gains are incredible; proper breathing does lead to super abilities in the martial arts.

There are only three rules in this breathing game. The first rule is to breath from the tan tien. Technically, air can’t go all the way to the tan tien, but it will hit the bottom of the lungs, translate into energy as it passes through the diaphragm, and be a wave of energy focusing into and feeding the tan tien. This is a direct ‘fanning of the fire’ that is the center for the body energy.

The second rule is to breath in as the body contracts, and breath out as it expands. If you draw your arm back to karate punch or block, or if you retract the leg for a taekwondo kick, you should be breathing in. Then, as you body expands, as the block or kick goes out, you should breath out. This is nothing more than coordinating the ‘energy pumping apparatus’ of the body.

The third rule is to breath into the body part striking or being struck. This is a little harder, but with practice it becomes second nature. The idea is to use the idea of breath control to focus awareness. Thus, when you do a karate punch, focus the awareness into the knuckles. When you raise a karate block, breath out and as if into the part of the arm getting struck. This focusing of awareness will focus the energy, and you will become able to be struck not just on your arms or legs and feel no pain, but on any part of your body. Doing the applications of Karate, or kung fu or any hard style martial art, will greatly aid the development of this ability.

karate ki power

What Can You Really Do with Karate Ki Power?

To summarize, the keys here are three: breath to the tan tien, breath in as the body contracts and out as the body expands, and focus your breathing to focuse your awareness and energy into the body part striking, or being struck.

As you learn these methods of breathing, and realize how simple they are, you will start to understand some of the deeper meanings of kata. For Martial Arts Kata, or forms, as they are sometimes called, offer fantastic variety for learning how to breath, and thus learning how to focus energy to places throughout your body. This will give not just the ability to survive a fight, but a very long life.

This has been an article on how to develop Karate Ki Power through proper breathing methods, if you would like to learn how simple and easy Real Karate can be, drop by Monster Martial Arts.

karate ki power

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