Create Your Own Martial Art Win

A  Martial Art Win!

 Time to work out!
Whenever or wherever you read this…
it’s time to work out!
martial arts strong

Put up your mitts and...GRIN!

Got a great win for you.

This one is on the Create Your Own Art Course.
Mr Case-

I am writing this in response to the Create Your Own Art course.…

…I came to a realization of the whats, hows, & wherefores of my past “Art Creation” missteps. I figured out that I had “borrowed” too heavily, tried to include too many diversified ‘Traditional’ techniques. The whole of it quickly became frustrating & over-complicated!

–Sorry, got ahead of myself there–Maybe you’ll recall I mentioned briefly, a while back, that in ’97-98, I attempted to dissect 3 different Karate styles, my admittedly limited knowledge of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, & Judo, then re-assemble them into a cohesive whole. Tried to compile a comprehensive list or a “Matrix” of similar &/or overlapping Basics, techniques, forms, etc..
That attempt was a very limited success. I’ve learned, realized, figured out since, it was ignorance & inexperience that was my ultimate downfall/undoing. What I did find & combine was a mish mash of moves & sequences that were ‘almost’ or ‘not quite’ workable. It was too bulky, or top heavy. The ‘Hard’ Beginner & Intermediate levels were fairly solid, but the Advanced Levels were too cumbersome, too eclectic, too diverse. I tried/wanted to include some (rather ineffectual) showy & flashy stuff- cause it looked good. The “Advanced” stuff desperately needed paring down. The ‘Softer’ side was in actuality  scattered, sparse, inconsistent, & was weak because of that. It was pretty much a hot twitching mess!
In the interim since, I’ve determined it to be a failure & all but forgot about it- until I stumbled across you & Matrixing. Over the past 11-12 months since discovering your courses, I have more or less, been sampling, perusing, wading through, absorbing, & sometimes nearly drowning, in the massive amounts of Data!
I believe I’ve gotten a relatively fuzzy  Mosiac, or at least a general “feel” for your approach to the Martial Sciences/Arts. Now I believe it time for me to continue by focusing in on 1 Art at a time, & do a comprehensive linear study of each.
So, when the day comes, that I do decide to build my own style- I have the necessary info, & guideline, I WILL have all the Martial Data that could possibly require, in abundance.
I have the confidence that when I construct my own Art, it will be based on a workable & proven program. My next attempt will not be an attempt at all, but a foregone conclusion. If for some reason I am unsatisfied, the fault will lie in my architecture, not the building blocks or raw materials.

Thank You for this opportunity once again to learn, re-build, & then be able to properly instruct, to teach, to share my Vision w/ others.

Brad W

thank you Brad.
I love wins of all kinds,
and this one reminded me of my own frustrations
in solving the martial arts.
the truth of the matter is that there is a glut of information.
You can really lose yourself in all the intricacies,
and lose sight of the whole picture.
I was talking to a guy just yesterday,
he had over twenty years experience,
was heavy into Karate,
and now Gracie Jujitsu,
and he kept going on and on
explaining things,
and he was a lawyer
and knew how to talk!
he was missing the whole picture.
You do this and then that happens,
you do this and then that happens,
but he had no clue that there were a set of principles
which renders endless explanations rather silly.
Why tell a guy how to unscrew a nut,
then tell him how to unscrew another nut,
and then tell him how to unscrew…
you get the idea,
when you could just tell him:
Righty tighty…lefty loosey
You could tell him how to unscrew all nuts
and turn him loose
on the machines of the world!
The sad thing is that he is paying some $250 a month
for these endless lessons,
and he is so excited
he can’t understand me
when I ask him a simple question
that if he just thought about
he would be the creator of all the answers,
and not the victim of all the questions.
Do you see it?
I was thrilled at Brad’s win.
for those of you who remember,
he is a certified Master Instructor.
So he gets a certificate as having passed
the Create Your Own Art Course.
I have actually not thought about that offer of a certificate for years.
Many of my books were written a while ago,
and most offers of certificates
were upgraded to the need for videos.
But not on the Create Your Own Art Course.
you should know that
the quality of the videos on the Create Your Own Art Course
is not good.
It’s fuzzy,
it was recorded a couple of decades ago,
when video devices were just borning.
I apologize,
but the data is just as cutting edge now
as it was then.
After all,
have you ever even heard of another course that can show you
the exact method for Creating Your Own Martial Art?
thanks again Brad,
and for those of you who wish to enter the frustration
who wish to really step up your game,
here’s the URL…
Have a great work out.
Who Said It?~Ultimately, you must forget about technique. The further you progress, the fewer teachings there are. The Great Path is really No Path.
martial arts win

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