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Building Ki Energy with the Body in Martial Arts

Builds Lotsa Ki Energy!

Ki Energy in the Martial Arts is always considered one of those mysterious magician’s gimmicks. Nobody knows how to do it, let alone explain it, yet ki Energy, or chi power or qigong or whatever you want to call it, has grabbed the public imagination.

What is fascinating is that using the body martial arts style, there is an automatic input of energy. Unfortunately, most people never understand it, and thus the effects are unappreciated.

ki energy

Martial Arts Ki Energy!


In this piece of writing I’m going to set forth a couple of rules which should help you generate more ki energy. You’ll find that understanding what you are doing is going to really help your martial arts practice.

When you sink into a martial arts stance you are attaching your body to the earth. To hold the ground or to launch the body through space matters not, there is an attachment of the body to the planet, and from this you build your martial arts power.

When you sink into stance you need to analyze the geometry of the body. The geometry should be based upon a simple triangle. The tan tien (the ‘one point’ located a couple of inches below the belly button) is the top of the triangle, the line between the feet provide the base.

Doesn’t matter what martial arts stance you take – horse stance, back stance, whatever – just examine the triangle and make sure the angles of the triangle are functioning.

Functioning means that you are doing two things.

First, breath to the tan tien.

Second, lower the stance, so that you feel more weight, and thus create more energy.

Do these two things for a while, breathing and grounding, and you will find the function in your stance, and ki energy will start to build in your body and manifest in your martial art.

Karate vs Kung Fu vs Aikido…or whatever the fighting discipline…it doesn’t matter. The stance is the item. The art is a stylistic build upon the stance…and the techniques you do will all be mounted upon the stances.

Now, a couple of things to be wary of.

Don’t turn the feet too far to the sides, or turn them too far inwards, seek an alignment of the feet that supports the intention (direction) of the stance, and therefore the technique. This can be confusing until you realize the simplicity of how everything works.

Keep the tan then inside the base of the feet, lest your triangle topple.


Breath rhythmically with your motion. Breath in when the body contracts, breath out when the body expands.

Do you see how basic these martial arts instructions for generating ki energy are? The difficulty lies only in thinking that the stances, which is to say the various postures, are complex, and then having to resolve them by inspection until they are simple and make sense.

Read that last sentence again, it is important, it tells you one of the reasons people make the martial arts such a lo-o-ong subject to study.

The truth of the matter is that the body can be rebuilt in as little as three months, and this includes making real and usable ki power. Watch the US army boot camp, or even one of the PX 90 infomercial ads on late night television.

Whether you change the body, and start manufacturing ki power depends not on years of rare exercises  and drills that you don’t understand, but simply resolving the simple stances and techniques and martial arts kata to the principles explained here.

For more data, check out this bit of writing on Martial Arts Chi Power. Or, if you want, all the principles that I’ve hinted at in this article on ki power are actually given in the Master Instructor Online Course at Monster Martial Arts.

Chi Power Permeates Martial Artists Whether They Know It or Not!

Chi Power Has You!

Chi power is a quite real thing. The problem is that it is undefined. I mean…REALLY undefined.

There’s a lot of mysticism out there, so let’s define it perfectly right here.

chi power

Your body is a motor

Chi Power is when you shovel food into the body. It starts the chemical transformation into mechanical energy. You don’t see it, except that your body is warm. It is giving off heat. That is the lowest, grossest form of chi power.

Chi Power, on the second level, is when you become aware of the energy in your body. This includes things like reaiki healing, and other forms of spiritual healing, acupuncture, meditation healing, chakras, and so on. A lot of people experience this, but because they are experiencing this from different arenas, they describe it differently, and so people get confused. These are definitions specialized according to the various fields they are in.

The third level of chi power, and the most important, is when you manifest it outside your body. This includes such things as personal charm and charisma, moving objects, telepathy, and so on.

This third level of chi power is the big bugaboo, as it is so wildly differing in causes and effects hardly anybody can nail it down. But, it can be nailed down.

The ultimate definition for Chi Power is that it is intention. This can be seen on each of the levels of existence that we are discussing here.

You decide to have a better body, so you start eating proper, non-GMO foods, and you get healthier.

You decide to become a more aware human being, so you take classes in yoga, healing, martial arts…ah, Martial Arts. Be it Karate or Kung Fu, Shaolin or Tai Chi Chuan, this is the best field for becoming aware of the chi power energy flow inside your body. This is because it deals not just with the imagination necessary to become aware of and manipulate chi power energy, but because it has the added reality of dealing with the actions of the universe. Mind you, this is only if you find a martial arts instructor who truly understands this.

You decide to be a magnanimous personality, and you back it up with charitable acts, and the next thing you know, you have charisma. And, you decide to give energy to others, to think and have that thought picked up by another, to move something without touching it.

It is all in the decision…and the intention to make that decision work, that we come to the final and ultimate proof, a proof which IS the definition, of chi power.

If you liked this article on Chi Energy, there is a larger, more detailed chi power description at MonsterMartialArts.com. There is also a book on how to develop Chi Power.

Neutronic Breathing Methods to Create Martial Arts Ki Power

Martial Arts Chi Power

This is a classic case of starving to create plenty, and it will result in more martial arts ki power.

The technique itself is borrowed from other practices, but, i have to say, these other practices were doing it for other reasons, or simply didn’t understand why they were doing it.

Stand in a neutral stance and breath in and out slowly. Lengthen the breathing until you are breathing in for 3 counts and out for 6. As time progresses you can alter your breathing times to fit what you are doing, but try to keep close to the idea of doubling the length of time used for breathing out.

Make sure you breath to and from the tan tien (the energy center about two inches below the navel).

When you are relaxed and breathing is easy, choose a form and do the first movement. Though the advanced forms are going to provide more fun, you should start with a simple form and do it for a week and then move to a slightly more advanced form. A good idea would be to travel through the Karate Heian forms (also called pinan) one at a time.

Do a move as you breath out for six seconds, breath in for three seconds, and move into the  next move as you breath out for six seconds, and so on through the form.

You don’t do the form hard, merely focus on breathing to the tan tien, and something interesting will happen. You will start feeling a surge of energy coming out of the tan tien. When you feel this surge, mentally direct the energy down the legs and out the arms.

This is not a work out, but a mental exercise in creating and controlling energy.

The trick is to know that the body is a machine, and that it responds to mental commands.

One could actually work out a variation of this neutronic breathing technique and apply it to two man forms. The problem, of course, is that one is going to want to use force, and then the drill tends to degrade into a muscle making thing.

But it shouldn’t be muscle making, it should be directed at understanding and developing the energy that courses through the body, underlies the muscles, and is the source of a much higher strength. It should be directed at creating and using martial arts ki power.


zen martial arts

Learning Mystical Aikido Ki Power!

Aikido Ki Power Right Here!

Aikido Ki  Power, sort of an oxymoron, eh? Aikido is not about building power, it is about…uh, isn’t ki sort of a power? And if you try to separate ki from aikido you are left with what? Tricks? Techniques with no force?

aikido ki So I was working out in the dojo late one night. The regular students had gone home, and there was only six of us left doing rolls and making our ‘mystical’ moves.

One of the advanced black belts came out of the office, looked at us, and sauntered over to us with a subtle smile.

“You guys want to see somebody levitate?”

We looked at each other and laughed. We were too pragmatic to believe in such fol de rol. We didn’t know he was about to prove a little Aikido Ki Power.

First he set arranged us.

One of us sat on a simple folding chair. Two of us placed a single finger under the sitter’s armpits, and two of us put a single finger each under his knees.

“Okay,” said the Belt, “Now lift him.”

Well, we tried. But it was silly. We couldn’t lift him, and we knew it. The sitting one just laughed at our efforts.

Four fingers trying to lift a couple of hundred pounds? No way this was going to happen!

“Okay, now take your hands and place them on his head. Don’t press down, just lay them there.”

We dutifully stacked our single and unsuccessful hands atop the sitter’s skull.

“Now don’t say a word.”

We were all quiet, and the Black Belt stared at the clock on the wall. After sixty seconds he said, “Lift!”

We each placed a digit under a knee or armpit, and we…THREW HIM AT THE CEILING!

He squawked and windmilled his limbs in the air! He went well over our heads, maybe nine feetup9, and we had to catch him when he came down.

Since then I have come across a lot of other ways to prove that aikido ki power exists, but that first one really blew me away.
aikido ki power

Is This the Most Powerful Punch in the Whole World?

Actually, the headline shouldn’t read ‘most powerful punch,’ it should read most powerful strike, or slap, because it is not a punch. But the question still remains…did this really happen?

most powerful punch

Is this real?

The first thing I think of, when I see this martial arts photo, is WOW! This guy has martial arts chi power, he has the secret dim mak, poison hand, touch death down! Then I start looking at the photo.

The one on the left looks like it was shot early in the morning, and the one on the left later in the day. Hmm.

Or, perhaps it was getting darker in the right one, so the flash turned on. Grin.

One of the things that bothers me is the size of the crack running down the bricks. Everything is in order, I follow the line of power being done, but would bricks separate that much if they were stacked like that? I’d have to do some tests, but I don’t think so.

And, I wonder why some of the bricks don’t show more damage. That much power should pulverize and turn to literal dust some of the bricks. And that leads me to wonder whether the bricks were cooked. Cooking the bricks makes them brittle so that a whole stack could be slaughtered without much problem. Hmm.

Mind you, I am a fan of this stuff, and I have seen martial arts techniques and tricks that would blow the mind. I’ve seen photos from sources that I trusted of some incredible ‘chi breaks,’ and there are even some good things on Youtube. Heck, I’ve got my own ‘put a candle out from over a foot away’ video uploaded.

So I do believe in incredible feats of chi. I would just like to see this done live, or find witnesses that I trust, or something like that.

I think the golden age of the martial arts is just opening up. I think that Kung Fu tricks and Karate ki power tricks are going to start popping up all over the place.

That said, if you want to start the ball rolling, by developing the most powerful punch in the whole world, you should probably just check out my book called ‘The Punch.’

powerful punch

Karate Ki Power and the Secret of Proper Breathing

Karate Ki Power

I say Karate Ki Power, but, of course, I am speaking of proper breathing in all martial arts. Interestingly, while people recognize the importance of breathing, little has been written on it. This is a shame, becuase it is very simple, and yet the gains are incredible; proper breathing does lead to super abilities in the martial arts.

There are only three rules in this breathing game. The first rule is to breath from the tan tien. Technically, air can’t go all the way to the tan tien, but it will hit the bottom of the lungs, translate into energy as it passes through the diaphragm, and be a wave of energy focusing into and feeding the tan tien. This is a direct ‘fanning of the fire’ that is the center for the body energy.

The second rule is to breath in as the body contracts, and breath out as it expands. If you draw your arm back to karate punch or block, or if you retract the leg for a taekwondo kick, you should be breathing in. Then, as you body expands, as the block or kick goes out, you should breath out. This is nothing more than coordinating the ‘energy pumping apparatus’ of the body.

The third rule is to breath into the body part striking or being struck. This is a little harder, but with practice it becomes second nature. The idea is to use the idea of breath control to focus awareness. Thus, when you do a karate punch, focus the awareness into the knuckles. When you raise a karate block, breath out and as if into the part of the arm getting struck. This focusing of awareness will focus the energy, and you will become able to be struck not just on your arms or legs and feel no pain, but on any part of your body. Doing the applications of Karate, or kung fu or any hard style martial art, will greatly aid the development of this ability.

karate ki power

What Can You Really Do with Karate Ki Power?

To summarize, the keys here are three: breath to the tan tien, breath in as the body contracts and out as the body expands, and focus your breathing to focuse your awareness and energy into the body part striking, or being struck.

As you learn these methods of breathing, and realize how simple they are, you will start to understand some of the deeper meanings of kata. For Martial Arts Kata, or forms, as they are sometimes called, offer fantastic variety for learning how to breath, and thus learning how to focus energy to places throughout your body. This will give not just the ability to survive a fight, but a very long life.

This has been an article on how to develop Karate Ki Power through proper breathing methods, if you would like to learn how simple and easy Real Karate can be, drop by Monster Martial Arts.

karate ki power

Neutronic Theory and Explosive Power (Fa Jing) in the Martial Arts

When it come to martial arts explosive power one has to consider the concept of Fa Jing. This is the simple gut oomph that makes such arts as Karate, Shaolin, Tai Chi, and other traditional martial arts superior to sports such as boxing. This is not to speak ill pugilism, this is just to say that there is a theory that, if followed, will make an art out of a sport, and will create a superior human being.

The secret of Fah jing is to drop the weight into the earth, which causes a charge of energy to go up the legs and into the tan tien. This energy enters the tan tien, which causes an explosion of power to emanate from that point. The energy coursing out from this energy center can be directed and controlled into the arms, and into various martial arts techniques.

Grounding is not simply jumping off a desk and landing on the ground. It is a method that is incredibly easy to do, but will not work if one does not invest the proper awareness. Putting weight into the ground without awareness is like dropping a lead weight on the ground…it just thuds.

When you manage to course your awareness into the earth–and this is an actual perception apart from the real universe perceptions of eyes, ears, and so on–you will actually feel the pulse of energy in the legs. It will feel like lightening, and you will suddenly feel like there is great and vast space with your limbs. You will also experience an athleticism like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Oddly, though the energy enters the tan tien, it is the whole body that becomes the depot for the energy. The body will become a tool through which you can direct the energy coming out of the tan tien. This is the point at which your training really starts, because you have to figure out what geometric path the energy has to take if you are going to put it into technique.

Do you generate an edge on vertical circle on one half of the body? Do you transfigure the chi from the vertical to the horizontal, then pulse it out the arm? Do you spiral it through the limbs, as would a Baqua master?

Obviously there are going to be many ways of utilizing this chi, once you become able to make it and control it. The real key at this point is to make your technique able to manifest the energy. This is a two edged sword of physics that, to be truthful, not many martial arts master can do.

What we are really saying, you see, is that the body is a motor, and this is a datum new to this planet and to our culture and to our martial arts. But if you can understand this data, which I call flux theory, then you will be able to do things with your chi that have, up to this point, been the stuff of legends. The golden age is on the rise, you see, and it is possible through understanding such things as martial arts fa jing.

You can learn more about the actual science of Fah Jing by reading ‘Matrixing Chi,’ which was written by the author and is available at Monster Martial Arts. You can find out about Neutronic Theory at Churchof MartialArs(dot)com.