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Martial Arts Super Powers!

The Actual method for getting super powers from your Martial Art!

Hey, got a great win from Mylan B.

A few days ago, I was practicing my punches using a candle. It’s one of my favorite tools. Anyway, what I would do is practice a form or two, then go to the candle for a bit, do a couple more forms, back to the candle, etc. After awhile, putting the candle out became easier and easier as I began to relax more and sink into my stance. It became near effortless.

sanchin kata pan gai noonThen something very interesting happened; the candle (and a few things around it that were also sitting on the table) began to vibrate. I stepped away, and it stopped. Stepped back up to it, and it began again. I stepped up very softly so I didn’t cause the table to shake from my footsteps. When I was within two feet of the candle, it would vibrate. Very strange.

Have you ever experienced anything similar, or heard of anything like that before? Could I be starting to CBM?

Great win.
thanks Mylan.

a couple of points.
CBM is an ongoing thing,
a bottomless pit of more abilities.
You actually start CBMing
when you read the simple definition.

Start all parts of the body in motion at the same time.
End all parts of the body motion at the same time.

Every part should contribute to the whole.

Once you read this,
once you start looking at yourself,
seeing if the hands and feet start and stop at the same time,
the knees and elbow,
and so on,
then you are starting to CBM.

At Black Belt there is usually a big realization,
but it depends on what system you are doing.
People, systems, training methods,
they are different,
and realizations can happen at different times.
And the realizations can be quite different.
And the abilities that CBMing gives you
can be REALLY different.

Mylan talks about everything vibrating around him.
The universe is vibrating,
and something in him
nudged up against the universe,
and all heaven broke loose.
That’s cool.
So he reached a high point of CBM.
He’ll go up and down a bit,
but generally up.
That’s what happens when you apply yourself.

I’m big on candles,
you’ve seen the video of me
putting out the candle form over a foot away.
And there’s even more impressive stuff
if you look around on the web.

So one day I was working with a few guys,
and one of them was doing the candle trick,
and getting frustrated.
I happened to be walking by,
he turned and said something like,
‘I just can’t make this work,’
and I, from six feet away, flicked a finger.
The candle went out.

His eyes got big.
I kept my eyes from getting big.
And he said,
‘How’d you do that?’
I said,
‘Just keep practicing.’
And I walked quickly away.
at that time I had NO idea what I had done.
And later, having figured it out,
I could only do over a foot.
I couldn’t do six feet if my life depended on it.
I did it.
And I know that sometime,
I’ll be able to do it all will.
It’s just a matter of thinking things through,
getting the discipline,
and dedicating myself to making it happen.

with that in mind,
did Mylan CBM?
You bet your boots.
but how much?
Well, it doesn’t matter.
He’s doing it,
and there’s no end to it,
and it’s just a matter of how far he wants to go.
it makes a great goal.
Flicking that candle out at six feet
drove me on to being able to do it
consistently at over a foot,
and I am looking forward to more feet.
So it drives me.

And I know that Mylan is driving himself now.
He couldn’t not drive himself.

And what about you?
i have one student who,
when he was a kid,
would walk down the street at night,
and the lamp posts would flicker.
Man, shades of a horror flick.
But it drives him.
He’s not sure how he did it,
but if he did it once
then he can do it again.

So what have you done
that will drive you?

what have you seen others do?

what have you even seen in the movies?

Look, anything is possible,
it’s just a matter of letting your imagination grab hold,
and then backing it up with good, hard work.

that said,
check out The Master Instructor Course.
It’s got the basic definition of CBM inside it,
but it also has other things,
for instance,
how to CBM to make internal power happen.
And this is interesting,
for it is CBM,
based on hard core science.
It is not a whim,
or crossing tea leaves and meditating,
or wishing your chi power
through the macrocosmic orbit
while sitting in a lotus stance
for ten years.

It is science.

Check it out.


Okley donkey,
have yourself a funominal work out!

And don’t forget to send your wins to me.



How Build Martial Arts Super Powers!

Achieving the supernatural in kung fu

Supernatural in kung fu, refers to such things as reading minds, intuition, seeing when things are going to happen before they happen, And so on.

The reason people have such trouble in gaming this high level of martial arts is because of a basic misunderstanding of who and what they are.

sci fi horror story

New sci fi horror novel…click on the cover!

The body is an envelope for the spirit.

The mind is just a bunch of memory.

The spirit is the source of all supernatural ability in the martial arts.

The misunderstanding comes when people attribute their abilities to mental powers.

Memory has no powers, memory obscures he human being, which obscures a being’s natural power. Natural ability, what a human being can do once memories are put aside is actually what we call supernatural kung fu.

Thus to say Power comes from mental abilities is completely the opposite of what they should be thinking.

Think of it this way, A person trains his body and this creates discipline in the soul. In effect it bypasses the mind, which is to say the memories, which come between a person and his true power and ability.

Understanding this one must apply this to the martial arts.

One memorizes movements, Which creates a short-term memory. One practices the movements until the memory disappears and intuition remains. The bonus is at the long-term memory tends to disappear to, Or at least to get out-of-the-way of the martial artist.

So you memorize to give up memory and what is left is the awareness, the Spirit, the human being, the ‘I am.’

When you give up memory, your own abilities come to the fore. These abilities, Based in such things as intuition, actually frighten normal people. That is why so many people give up the martial arts at the brown belt level, for that is the level at which a person breaks through to intuition.

Unfortunately, most systems no longer bring a person to the edge of intuition, or push him through to intuition.

This is why I created matrixing. It makes the martial arts faster, it makes the jump to intuition easier.

Instead of spending years trying to figure out the confusion created by a laborious memorization procedure, the student learns logical moves, builds up no internal resistance to the memorization procedure, and slides smoothly into intuition.

Check out monstermartialarts.com, and especially the matrix karate course there. Even if you have done martial arts for years, even if you know dozens of martial arts systems, once you experience the logic of matrixing, all those systems Will start to make sense and come together in a manner which you didn’t envision.

Putting Power in Your Martial Art

Generating Martial Arts Power!

Let’s talk about putting power in your martial arts.
First off,
you have to understand what power is,
and what it isn’t.

Power is not being able to beat people up.
That’s abuse.
That’s domination of your fellow man.
And if you put out domination
then someday you will get dominated.
What goes around comes around,
you get what you create.

Power IS holding your ground.
The body is a motor,
and you connect it to the planet,
and therefore get some of the earth’s power.
So the secret of power is in your stances.

In the end,
you won’t need stances,
your mind will be enough.
but you need them desparately in the beginning.
You will need them to train the body,
and this will train the mind,
and you will get power.

So stand and extend your hands to the side.
Relax and breath to the tan tien.
Your fingers wil likely tingle.
That is a surge of power.
So you know you must breath to the tan tien,
and you must relax so that energy will flow,
but…how do you increase the action of the tan tien?

You increae the action of the tan tien,
you generate more energy,
by taking a deeper stance,
by bending the legs so they work harder.
The harder they work,
the harder the tan tien works to create energy for them,
and the more energy you have.

The shame is when you see an art like Kenpo
and the stances are high,
you don’t have to make them low to make a technique work,
you just rely on hand stpeed.
Because of that, even though you have fast hand speed,
you won’t have real power.
The motor (tan tien) won’t be working hard.

you could make Kenpo into a real art
by deepening the stances.

Same goes for any other art.
Taekwondo could easily be changed,
except that Taekwondo was deliberaately changed to high stances
back when they broke from tradition
and made their martial arts political.

enough time,
and you could overcome this.
Aikido doesn’t practice much in the way of stances,
bu they practice the mind so much,
and they come at the art from a diffeent angle,
so it can be overcome.
deep stances are the fast, best, and most surest way
of developing power.

that’s power,
let’s talk fah-jing.
Mind you,
there are several methods of growing power,
but let’s just talk about one,
and in a specific way.

Fahjing means explosive power.
How do you make explosive power?
By stomping the foot a certain way
when you do the forms.
Stomping the foot causes a quick increase in weight in the leg,
which causes the tan tien to explode with power.
several things have happened to the arts to destroy fahjing.

The stomping techniques were taken out of Karate when it became taekwondo.
And, if you stomp the wrong way,
you could just damage your foot
and not get the power.

here’s a real power killer
that was done to Shotokan,
and other types of ‘classical’ karate.

When you take a stance and point the feet in two ways,
such as in the back stance,
it splits the intention,
you are suddenly incapable of stomping the foot to create power.
The stance is not set up for it.
So in altering the back stance to create the illusion of power,
the Shotokan type stylists have actually forsaken power.
They grabbed the illusion,
and gave up real fahjing.

It really is a shame.
Such a powerful art,
and it is only a shadow of what it could be.
Let me offer one, small point
for anybody who is serious
and wants to fix what has been done to that great art.

Power depends not upon the glow,
it depends on the space,
the silence,
before the glow.

The power of Karate depends on the ’empty’
in the Empty Hands.
And empty refers to an emty mind,
and it refers to the silence in the mind
prior to the technique.

You learn to relax so much that there is no chatter,
no distraction in the mind,
and you can focus your awareness on what you are doing.

there is a lot more than what I’ve said here.
But I’ve given you some tremendous keys
as to how to solve the problem.
The real solution is to take what I’ve told you here,
and either do Matrixed forms,
or an art that came from before Funakoshi
and hasn’t been destroyed too much.
And there are almost none of those left.

Let me explain one, last thing…
You don’t stand on the ground,
you stand in the ground.
Figure that one out,
change your art to match that concept,
and you will have it.

the data I give you here,

it is just a slice of the data I give you on my courses.
So take one fo the courses,
start to Matrix your art.
Get Matrix Karate,
do then take your own art,
fitting it to the template given by Matrix Karate.
Make your art perfect.
If you don’t feel like matrixing,
if you just want the power I speak of here
go to KangDukWon.com.
First course is only $2!
It will go up to $3 in acouple of days,
and it will continue to raise,
so do it now!
Learn the fah jing moves,
how to do the forms so they are liquid and powerful,
learn what the martial arts were like
before political people slanted it for nationalism,
or people interested in money put it on contract,
or people interested in glory slanted it for tournaments,
or people who wanted to teach children so they could make more money dumbed down the teachings!
Or people who were interested in fighting put on protective gear!

Do you see how many things you have to overcome
to develop the real power of Karate?
Or other martial arts that have been tainted and slanted and corrupted?

Oinkey ka Donkey,
nuff said.
I’ve beaten on your ears long enough,
and it is time to go start my holiday workouts
(I’m not working! Whee! I get to work out more!!!)

So head here for matrixing…

Or here if you want the old system,
complete with fahjing and power and…silence.

And I’ll talk to you later!
Have a great work out!


I’m on the road,
so excuse if I am slow in responding to email,
don’t fix any mistakes fast enough,
or whatever!


You can sign up for this newsletter at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Karate Punch Off the Back Leg to Make More Chi Energy

Build Karate Punch Power Right Now!

Karate Punch is famous for its power. Mas Oyama breaks bricks and kills bulls, Okinawan masters break rocks and disarm samurai, and so on. Good examples of Karate power.

And, to be truthful, many of these techniques are done by moving the weight forward, from shifting from the back stance to the front stance. There is a lot of power in the karate technique when you put your weight into it.

karate punch

Use the whole body when you do a Karate punch.

But what if you are backing up, or otherwise don’t have the room? Well, you could use an elbow strike, nothing wrong with that, but what if, for whatever reason, you prefer a punch. Maybe you don’t want to get that close to a grappler, and a punch will kepp him back? In that case you want to sink your weight down the back leg and punch with the rear hand.

This is frowned upon by many classical martial artists, but it is a strong punch, and it has the added value of developing chi.

When you go to the front stance you tend to work on muscle and weight, and you are not afforded the chi power that you are really capable of.

When you Karate punch off the back leg you make the rear leg work harder, which makes the tan tien work harder (the tan tien is the energy generator just below the navel), which causes chi power to manifest and build.

Simply, doing a karate punch in this manner tends to cause one to be more aware of the body structure and what is happening, and awareness builds more chi power.

Interestingly, while I can punch hard with a front stance punch, I can’t do things like put out a candle from over a foot away. In the back stance I can. I’ll give you the link below if you want to see this.

While I can karate punch harder when shifting from a back stance to a front stance, I can punch harder with less effort out of the back stance. To punch harder with less effort is the real martial art here.

For people who don’t understand the value of punching harder with less effort, I recommend you find the video of Bruce Lee doing the one inch punch.

And that is the reason one would karate punch off the back leg when doing the martial arts.

Here’s how to put a candle out with a karate punch from over foot away, and here are some free martial arts books.

Incredible Karate Power Discovered

Karate Power is a Reality!

I teach Alex H once a week in my home, a course of instruction ranging from Karate, through Shaolin Kung Fu and Pa Kua Chang, into Tai Chi Chuan. I will explain more about this sequence of arts later in the article.

Last week he told me that something incredible was happening with him. After he explained it, I asked him to write a win, and describe it for others.

true karate

Martial Arts Power doesn’t need to be a Mystery!

Read his win, and then I’ll tell you more about how he discovered this incredible Karate Power.

Well I’ve been doing matrix karate since I was 15, advanced through the ranks got my black belt and even instructed for a while. Last week while in class punching on the bag, things felt different, for the first time I fully understood cbm (Coordinated Body Motion), that when you cbm correctly with grounding and relaxing, an immense amount of force is generated and transferred through your body. I felt like I could transfer power through my body without using muscles. The instructor even commented that it appeared I was hitting softly, and while it felt like I was moving softly, I could feel an explosion inside the body that was holding the bag, with every punch I could feel the force pass right through and explode the liquid in the other students torso. The sensation was of great power flowing through my body as a conductor, and the weight of the world transferring into my punch. For the first time in my entire martial arts career, I understood the secret that I had heard explained to me a thousand times!

Alex H.

Thanks Alex, and for the reader, let me offer a couple of things to clarify what you have just read.

CBM (Coordinated Body Motion) is when all parts of the body support intention. While there have been accounts of people tapping into this vast and mystical power, the purpose of Matrixing is to explain the phenomena in terms of physics, and the enable the student to attain that phenomena (ability) within the shortest possible time.

Matrixing is a logic applied to the art. It arranges the arts in logical order so that there are no blank spots or gaps in the student’s understanding, and so that he is actually guided by the system and not, as happens in non-logical martial arts systems, distracted and led off the path by the randomness and illogic of the system.

Matrixing starts with Karate, and travels through such arts as Shaolin and Pa Kua Chang and Tai Chi Chuan. It arranges the concepts in logical fashion, tosses out all added and unneeded movements/techniques/drills/etc.

When one CBMs that is actually the start. A string of new abilities starts to manifest in the student. It is actually difficult to catalog these new abilities, and even to describe sometimes, as they are different from individual to individual, but they are massive.

Now, the secret that Alex was told was this: Begin movement of all body parts at the same time, end movement of all body parts at the same time. Take into account and align such factors as size and shape of limbs, mass and musculature, and so on.

There is more to CBMing, but this is the basic instruction. When one takes the Matrixing courses they are led through the maze of martial arts on a relative straight line. They get the abilities that are written about in legend. They turn on the power that is within.

This (CBMing) is something that martial arts schools of the world do not do. The mazelike organization of art, the lack of experience and understanding concerning CBMing and how to make it happen, the fighting and the politics and general bushwah, they tend to limit the art, stifle the art, and end hope for turning on the massive power within.

If you wish to tap into this power, merely start your study of Matrix Karate. See if you like it, see if it makes sense, see if it is something you would like to take the second step in.

If you would like to tap into this power, but wish to make it happen through your own martial art, study matrixing and learn how to apply it to your own martial art.

Simply check out Matrix Karate on this blog, or head over to MonsterMartialArts.com and sample it there. Stop punching air and talking tough, and begin the journey. Learn about Matrixing…and CBM your body…and learn the truth about such things as Karate Power and all the other Martial Arts abilities you can have.

karate power

Karate Ki Power and the Secret of Proper Breathing

Karate Ki Power

I say Karate Ki Power, but, of course, I am speaking of proper breathing in all martial arts. Interestingly, while people recognize the importance of breathing, little has been written on it. This is a shame, becuase it is very simple, and yet the gains are incredible; proper breathing does lead to super abilities in the martial arts.

There are only three rules in this breathing game. The first rule is to breath from the tan tien. Technically, air can’t go all the way to the tan tien, but it will hit the bottom of the lungs, translate into energy as it passes through the diaphragm, and be a wave of energy focusing into and feeding the tan tien. This is a direct ‘fanning of the fire’ that is the center for the body energy.

The second rule is to breath in as the body contracts, and breath out as it expands. If you draw your arm back to karate punch or block, or if you retract the leg for a taekwondo kick, you should be breathing in. Then, as you body expands, as the block or kick goes out, you should breath out. This is nothing more than coordinating the ‘energy pumping apparatus’ of the body.

The third rule is to breath into the body part striking or being struck. This is a little harder, but with practice it becomes second nature. The idea is to use the idea of breath control to focus awareness. Thus, when you do a karate punch, focus the awareness into the knuckles. When you raise a karate block, breath out and as if into the part of the arm getting struck. This focusing of awareness will focus the energy, and you will become able to be struck not just on your arms or legs and feel no pain, but on any part of your body. Doing the applications of Karate, or kung fu or any hard style martial art, will greatly aid the development of this ability.

karate ki power

What Can You Really Do with Karate Ki Power?

To summarize, the keys here are three: breath to the tan tien, breath in as the body contracts and out as the body expands, and focus your breathing to focuse your awareness and energy into the body part striking, or being struck.

As you learn these methods of breathing, and realize how simple they are, you will start to understand some of the deeper meanings of kata. For Martial Arts Kata, or forms, as they are sometimes called, offer fantastic variety for learning how to breath, and thus learning how to focus energy to places throughout your body. This will give not just the ability to survive a fight, but a very long life.

This has been an article on how to develop Karate Ki Power through proper breathing methods, if you would like to learn how simple and easy Real Karate can be, drop by Monster Martial Arts.

karate ki power

Karate Kick Gets Ultimately Stronger with Geta Sandals

karate footA Karate Kick has to be strong and fast and agile. You want to hit hard enough to get the job done, and you don’t want somebody to be able to grab your leg, and you need strong karate kicks to make this happen.

There are lots of gimmicks to make strong legs. There are basic squats, kicking bags, increasing the number of kicks, even plaing hacky sack. The best method for making strong legs, especially designed for karate kicking, is the geta sandal.

karate foot gearThe geta sandal looks like a flip flop, just a normal bit of beach wear. It is, however, raised up. The reason for this is to elevate the ladies or gentlemen so their garments don’t get muddy when crossing a muddy street. They are elevated by fact of havign two chunks of wood across the bottom of the sandal.

Karateka used these to improve leg strength to a phenomenal degree.

First, the toes have to grip the sandal so it doesn’t have to fall off.

karate kicking gearAnd, you want to go hard core, only put one strip of wood (iron) across the bottom of the sandal. This creates a balancing act that makes the muscles on the sides of the leg quiver and work until perfect balance is achieved.

And, then you can make the geta of iron. Man, your tootsies and toes are going to have to be superhuman to keep that hunk of iron gripped to your foot.

Now, try practicing that front snap kick, or that side kick, holding on to a piece of iron with your toes! It won’t be long until your toes look like they have bulging biceps…or at least feel like it.

karate sandalSo we have balance, strength, agility, speed, and calves that look like little cannon balls. Zowie! You are going to have the best karate kick in the western world!



harder kicks

Karate Power is Really Chi Power, and Chi Power is…

I thought muscles made you strong, I thought muscles were the source of Karate Power, and I didn’t even think about this Chi Power thing.

Then I heard about an old man who had a contest with a young man, they simply held heavy weights out to the side. The young man caved in quickly, and I started thinking about energy and chi and all sort sof other stuff. Check out the video, I’m old, but I am actually projecting chi over a foot and putting out a candle. The rest of the article is below the video.

Going through the various arts, tai chi and and gigong and aikido and whatever, I found out that not many people really knew much about this concept of chi energy, jing power, qi power, or whatever you wanted to call it.

I ran into a karate instructor who could do push ups on extended single index fingers. Extended, not bent in any way. Just straight.

No shiver or quiver, just a slow push up, and…how the heck did he do that?

Eventually I was to discover that it was a matter of awareness. To be precise, it required the awareness to balance the muscles on both sides of the finger (actually in the forearm), to hold them steady, to not let them fight for control It was a balancing act of incredible magnitude, and it happened inside a finger.

So Muscles aren’t the key. Nice to have them, but they aren’t the key.  Energy is the key to Chi Power, and energy is created through awareness, and awareness can be created by simple balancing acts, telling you body to do what it is supposed to do, and not fight itself. then all manner of chi power begins to exude. And the path can start through any art, but I started with Karate power, and simple one finger push ups. Drop by my site and check out the book I’ve written on Chi Power. It is called Matrixing Chi, and my site is Monster Martial Arts.

Two Types of Physics in Karate

Before I get into the two physics, which includes chi power or chi energy one experiences in Karate or other martial arts, let me highlight them by saying one simple thing: measure what I have just done in the following video. The point is that you can’t measure what I have done with physics, but it sure does prove the existence of the second physics. Now watch the video, then let’s talk.

I say Karate, but, of course, I include taekwondo, aikido, forms of gung fu, or any art which includes chi in their philosophy.

Chi is not definable by western physics. Western physics measures the universe, gravity, force, energy, and all that sort of thing.

Chi is not gravity, force, etc.

Chi is intention, and is measurable only by observation, not by instrument.

Try to push somebody over once they are in correct stance, and they cannot be pushed. What are the physics? They can be explained, but not measured, and there is the rub.

Now, here is the thing: while western physics cannot measure chi, they can be used to understand the body in such a way that more chi can be manufactured.

Do you get it? Two different fields of physics, one for western instruments and analysis, another for eastern (fighting) disciplines such as Karate or kenpo or whatever.

Chi is senior to western physics.

Now, will chi someday be measurable?

I believe so, but only in a roundabout way…once the physicists figure out what to measure. But, they will still be measuring objects (phenomena) of the universe, and intention is not an object, though it sure is a phenomena.

You can find out more about this second level of physics and how it applies karate, or Kung Fu or whatever your martial art happens to be if you check out the Matrixing Chi book on my website.

True Karate Power Starts With Building Ideal Muscles

Many people think that real Karate Power is the result of big muscles. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. To fully understand the power we are talking about here we must change our fundamental notion of what a muscle is and does.

The purpose of a muscle is to pull, to retract, and thus to make a limb or body part move or become tense for some purpose. Thus, when somebody does endless curls so he can have a big gun, he is reducing his punching power. Punching power comes from working the triceps, which cause the arm to go out, which is where you’ll find a punch.

The point is to figure out which muscle, or set of muscles, results in what action, and then to isolate and work those specific muscles. Want hard punches? Then do a slow strike and examine the workings of your arm and body.

Figure out which muscles are working when you send out the arm, which muscles support the impact of the arm, and that sort of thing. This will help you create unique exercises which will build power in the striking muscles…which will help you have a stronger punch.

If you want to really gain some punching ability, try doing ‘punch ups.’ These are push ups done slowly, where you don’t go all the way to the ground, you only go down six inches, then up. This isolates and builds the exact muscles which come in to play at the point of impact of a knock out punch.

Yes, you should develop other muscles and muscle groups, explore other deviations of push ups, but focus a good portion of your work out on punch ups and you will shortly be amazed at your growing ability to knock someone out. You should also think about this idea for places on the body where you might get hit. By this I mean some sort of wrestler’s bridge so you’ll have a neck dense with muscle, or some sort of crunches for when you get hit in the body, and that sort of thing.

Now, the other thing you should be concentrating on is endurance. By this I mean you shouldn’t be growing a large, bulky muscle, for that weighs more, runs out of juice sooner, and is more awkward to move around. Instead, you should be growing dense muscles, muscles that are leaner and not fatter.

To do this you should cut the size of the weight you are working with (or just go to body calisthenics, which is my choice) and focus on how long you can do the exercise. Try for hundreds of repetitions of deep squats that take 3-4 seconds to complete (build the number slowly to avoid injury), or build up the number of pulls ups you can do into the hundreds. I’ll write more on this idea later, but for now, this should give you a good notion on how to change your work out so that you have maximum body endurance, the potential for lightening quick moves, and all the other things that go along with creating real KaratePower.

Want a strong punch that can knock out an mugger? Go to Punch ‘Em Out.