Internal Karate, Matrixing, And The Strongest Punch!

Using methods developed through Matrix Karate, it is possible to build Internal energy literally within days. The actual physics of the matter, the exact science, is very easy to describe. Of course, there are a couple of items that the budding student should note.

I’m going to start with the cautions for the simple reason that I don’t wish for my methods to cause injury to anybody. I found that it was very easy for over exuberant students to throw the shoulder out of socket when throwing punches. This destruction of the rotator cuff and associated elements can be avoided through utilization of classical form.

When somebody throws a punch and lets the arm bang against the confines of proper shoulder construction the tendons and ligaments finally give way. If you practice holding the shoulder back, however, as in classical karate, the structure remains intact and is not damaged. I recommend that you search for classical movements which do not hurt the body, but which utilize the whole body (turning the whole body into the motion).

Also, I discovered that as the power builds it is possible to give oneself whiplash. This is the result of throwing energy through the body and the neck not being able to support the sudden increased magnitude and flow of that energy. I advocate that people learn to minimize their effort, and this through the study of energy and relaxation as practiced by some internal styles such as Tai Chi Chuan.

There are other cautions I could give you, specifically to be careful not to grind the knees by pivoting on weighted feet, throwing the hips out when kicking, and that sort of thing. The cautions I have given you here, however, and the previous sentence, should enlighten you as to how to avoid such problems. Thus, let’s move into internal energy.

Take a pipe about 18 inches long, put a golf ball in it, and cap the ends. Tape the pipe to your arm, and perform strikes in such a way that the golf ball strikes the end cap at the same moment you end your strike. I know it sounds awkward, but soon you will learn how to move the golf ball smoothly through the pipe.

This is what internal energy feels like, and you can take this concept and apply it to blocks and kicks, and the entire motion of your whole body. Now get rid of the pipe and ball and practice getting the feeling of moving weight through your arm so that you feel energy wooshing through the arm and collecting, suddenly and with focus, in your fist. Heck, now that you know the ‘energetical’ physics of what is going on, you don’t even need that silly pipe and ball tool.

Pipe and ball or not, you are going to learn subtle motions that will help you increase your energy, and, if you are smart, you will learn the benefit of classical studies. The classics of karate, Kung Fu, or other arts, have been developed to give this type of power. With the degradation of art in the last few decades, however, it is only through Matrix Martial Arts that the physics are coming to light again.

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