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Is This the Most Powerful Punch in the Whole World?

Actually, the headline shouldn’t read ‘most powerful punch,’ it should read most powerful strike, or slap, because it is not a punch. But the question still remains…did this really happen?

most powerful punch

Is this real?

The first thing I think of, when I see this martial arts photo, is WOW! This guy has martial arts chi power, he has the secret dim mak, poison hand, touch death down! Then I start looking at the photo.

The one on the left looks like it was shot early in the morning, and the one on the left later in the day. Hmm.

Or, perhaps it was getting darker in the right one, so the flash turned on. Grin.

One of the things that bothers me is the size of the crack running down the bricks. Everything is in order, I follow the line of power being done, but would bricks separate that much if they were stacked like that? I’d have to do some tests, but I don’t think so.

And, I wonder why some of the bricks don’t show more damage. That much power should pulverize and turn to literal dust some of the bricks. And that leads me to wonder whether the bricks were cooked. Cooking the bricks makes them brittle so that a whole stack could be slaughtered without much problem. Hmm.

Mind you, I am a fan of this stuff, and I have seen martial arts techniques and tricks that would blow the mind. I’ve seen photos from sources that I trusted of some incredible ‘chi breaks,’ and there are even some good things on Youtube. Heck, I’ve got my own ‘put a candle out from over a foot away’ video uploaded.

So I do believe in incredible feats of chi. I would just like to see this done live, or find witnesses that I trust, or something like that.

I think the golden age of the martial arts is just opening up. I think that Kung Fu tricks and Karate ki power tricks are going to start popping up all over the place.

That said, if you want to start the ball rolling, by developing the most powerful punch in the whole world, you should probably just check out my book called ‘The Punch.’

powerful punch

Karate Fighter DQ’ed for Knocking his Opponent Out!

Is that odd? That knocking somebody out would disqualify a Karate fighter? Yet, the plot thickens, and it ain’t lookin’ good. Check out the Karate video, then I’ll tell you what happened to get the Fighter Disqualified from the Karate tournament.

The incident happened in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. Taiwainese Karate fighter Hsian Wen-huang was seriously ahead on points when his opponent Afghan fighter Sayad Amiri fell to the mat after a strike.  Hsian was disqualified, and Amiri declared the winner.

Oddly, a short while later Amiri was seen moving around. Was Amiri knocked out? Had he been the victim of the Most Pwoerful Punch, or was he faking it? Had he been so far behind on points that he did a dive so he could win?

This incident brings two serious problems to light.

One, the potential for a dive to victory, and two, eliminating an art for being too effective.

In the end Amiri was judged not to be faking by the doctors, because he did go unconscious. That’s sort of weird, because how are you going to prove it? Shake a downed fighter until he wakes up and ask him if he really is unconscious?

At any rate, Amiri did not go on in the tournament, claiming physical reasons.

But we still don’t know the truth of the matter, and there is still the problem of a Karate Fighter being disqualified because he was too good. For the best Karate in the world check out Matrix Karate at Monster Martial Arts.


Putting Intention into Your Strike Makes for the Most Powerful Punch in the World

When I wrote my first article, back in 1981, I talked about putting intention into a strike. Intention makes for the quickest, lightest, most powerful punch in the world, and yet nobody knows how to do it. The odd thing is that though I have almost no duplicate material in any of my courses–I rarely repeat myself, and I despise people who just sell the same old same old repackaged goods–I always include a couple of pages on the exact three powers one has to combine to create the fourth power, which is intention. I have seen people talk about one power, or the other power, but never all four powers, and never about the process of combining the three powers into the fourth power. It is just something that nobody knows. Here’s a win from one of my internet students concerning this point…

– I realized why I never felt that I was using enough muscles in my punches, even though my punches felt like they were perfect strikes – I was punching with intention and didn’t need to use much muscle

He didn’t need muscle. Muscle isn’t wrong, it’s good to have a well tuned, finely trimmed body. BUT…having the most powerful punch in the universe doesn’t depend on muscle. It depends on having a specific knowledge which is easy to learn, but which everybody has overlooked.

Here’s a page about how to get The Most Powerful Punch on Earth, but I really wish you’d look around the site and find a whole art for your entry into Matrix Martial Arts.

Win #45

You Might Be Tough, But Do You RallyThink You Are Bruce Lee Tough?

Martial Artists like to think they are tough. They break a few bricks and swagger around and make grunting sounds. But once you read the following list of feats, you are going to know that these martial artists aren’t anywhere near Bruce Lee tough!

Do you want to be faster than a snake taking a does of steroids? Try placing your hands at your sides and striking. Bruce Lee could manage a punch from this relaxed stance in five hundredths of a second!

You think those cannon balls you call biceps are a big deal? Try holding a dumb bell against your chest, then extend your arms straight out. Bruce Lee could hold 75 pounds extended for 20 seconds!

Oh, you don’t have a 75 pound dumb bell hanging around? Okay, let’s try something easy. Bruce could do 50 one armed chin ups!

In fact, it is likely that Bruce Lee had more power in his fingers than you have in your whole body! He could do one arm push ups on a thumb and pointing finger. Remember, we’re talking about push ups on only one hand here!

Bruce Lee’s fingers were so powerful he could stick a finger through the side of a filled soda can! And this was back in the day when cans were real! They were made of steel, and not this thin, aluminum crap!

Here’s one of my favorite Bruce Lee tricks, a trick that would make any magician hang his head. If you placed a dime in your palm and held it out, Bruce Lee could snatch the dime…and leave you a penny! Now that is freakin’ fast!

Now, I know you are looking at that one inch pine board you just broke and are doubting yourself, but don’t. Bruce Lee was a unique human being, and he got where he was by incredible hard work. So, instead of feeling like a weak sister, just get to work and make your own self…Bruce Lee tough!

If you want to get tough, head on over to Punch ‘Em Out. That’s where the power is!

Neutronic Reaction Time!

Good Lard!
Tomorrow is September Fool’s Day!
That means you have to hang your stockings
from the chimney
with your feet still in them!

maybe just your left foot.

But listen,
let’s go Neutronic on reaction time.
Reaction time is the gap of time that occurs from
when you see something
to doing something about it.
You see the brake lights on the car in front of you.
It takes 3/8s of a second to hit the brakes,
that’s your reaction time.
When you’re doing freestyle
you need to shorten your reaction time.
The ultimate shortening,
prior to Neutronics,
would be the zen concept of
moving at the same time.
The runner takes off…
‘at the crack of the bat.’
to better explain it,
the fielder takes off at the crack of the bat,
and in the correct direction.
How did he know where the ball was going
that he selected the right direction
‘at the crack of the bat?’
Why didn’t he have reaction time?

Because he analyzed all the factors
and became intuitive.

can you move at the same time as your opponent
when you are doing freestyle?
but you make mistakes,
you don’t always selected the right direction (block)
how come?
you need all the data,
and that would be matrixing.
Matrixing shows you how to observe
so that you can figure out all the potentials of motion,
and then you have all the data.

there is still problem.
The problem is that
no matter how fast you make your hands move in practice,
and no matter how fast your mind absorbs data,
you don’t move that fast in real life.

Maybe in a real fight.
But why can’t you be that aware all the time?
Some people would hold that being that aware is a peak,
and that you can’t sustain that type of peak.
I say nonsense.
I say that most of the time
people are unconscious,
bound in a condition represented by this concept we call
reaction time.
And here we’re going to go Neutronic.
Here we’re going to give you the viewpoint
that erases reaction time,
and all you have to do is understand what I’m saying,
and hold onto it
when the state of reaction time
starts to come in on you again.

just to warn you,
to explain this Neutronically,
I’m going to go real weird on you.
if you’ve been with this newsletter for any length of time,
you know that Neutronics is so ultimately logical
that it is nothing but weird.
that would be to say,
that it is outside the boundaries of
reaction time.

when my mother died,
everybody was standing around,
looking in the coffin,
tears and sadness.

I didn’t cry.
I just looked at the body.
It was empty.
Ma was gone.
She wasn’t there.
So why should I cry?
It just didn’t make any sense.

as the years passed,
I wondered about my strange reaction.
it was strange.
But only because it wasn’t normal.

years later
my son broke both his legs on a motorcycle.
a neighbor caught me at work
and told me what happened.
here was the moment I should have experienced
tears and great sadness.
It’s that call in the night,
you see,
the one that every parent dreads.
why did I just thank my neighbor for letting me know,
and calmly go on about my work?
for one,
I had done martial arts
and I knew that everybody in the universe was connected.
We all know what is happening.
There is a group think,
beyond reaction time,
a psychic pool if you will,
and because of the martial arts I was tapped into it,
and I simply knew that my son was okay.

Broken legs?
definitely an inconvenience,
but I knew that my son was still there.
If he had died,
if he had gone,
I would have felt him leave.
I knew that.
And here we get down to the crux of it all.

Whatever had happened to my son
had already happened.
It was done.
It was over.
The decision had been made,
and the rest of life was to deal with it.

why get sad over something that has already happened?

reaction time
is to react,
and react is to act
the thing has happened.

if something has already happened,
then there’s nothing more to do about it.
Pick up a few pieces,
but there is nothing to do about it.

emotion is just a bit of mental discharge.

If you aren’t neutronic,
you can discharge a lot of emotion.
If you are neutronic,
hooked into the ‘psychic mind’
if you will,
at least not the victim
of something that has already happened
and nothing can be done about it,
then you don’t have much mental discharge,
or emotion.

You might feel a blip of sadness,
but you cancel even that
as you observe it.

You don’t become the victim of the mental discharge,
or the emotion,
of something that has already happened.

What do you do?
depending on the circumstances,
you help other people,
people who are suffering from emotional discharge.

Pat a back,
say something stupid and trite,
‘Things’ll get better,’
‘life will go on,’
stuff like that.
stupid and trite,
I know,
but they help,
so why not?

People who are suffering from reaction time,
from emotion discharge,
and all that sort of thing,
need a pat on the back.
They need to know they aren’t alone.

A Neutronic Being
knows he is alone,
and it is okay,
because he is hooked into everybody.
He gave up crying and wailing,
so that he could be part of everything,
and this by being more himself.

My mother in law died,
I went to the funeral
and started telling jokes.
Stupid, sick jokes.
But everybody knew I wasn’t being disrespectful,
They started laughing,
and didn’t hurt so much,
and things got better.
That’s neutronics.

where are you
when you have reaction time?
You aren’t part of the action,
you are after the action,
you are a second or two
after the universe.

Doing things because of the universe.
When you go Neutronic
you lose reaction time,
and you don’t move because the universe moved,
the universe moves
because you moved.
That’s neutronic.

I know this has been a weird trip,
and the things I have just said,
would get me hanged in a court of law,
or confined in a looney bin.
But that’s because courts of law
and looney bins
are designed to hold people
after the universe has beaten them up.
A trap within traps,
if you get my drift.

that is where the true art takes you.
When you fix your art
make it into a true art
and study it with dedication
the universe starts changing.
It stops knocking you around,
and you start knocking it around.
It can happen fast or slow.
You can study the arts for years
and make it happen slowly,
and there is nothing wrong with that.
But you can also matrix it,
speed up the process,
and go Neutronic faster.

I don’t care which you do.
I’d like to make money,
but I know that what I am proposing
is pretty drastic.

Matrixing is like a fuse,
you see,
and when everybody gets it
and everybody starts going Neutronic,
there is going to be some drastic effect.

A universe where there is no reaction time.
Think about it.

A guy in the left lane blows his tire at 80,
everybody swerves with him
and it is like traffic is a current
nudging him safely to the side,
being part of the action.

And the big joke is that everybody laughs at the guy
for deciding to blow out his tire!

There are no accidents,
only trajectories that collide.

Here’s a good one:
no karate tournaments.
Oh! Ouch!
That one hurt!
But how can you contest against somebody
when you are hooked into the universal and psychic mind?

Uh oh,
here comes the government!
Doesn’t matter.
You’re hooked in,
part of the action,
you’ve already figured out
how to go cash only,
how to hide your income,
how to protect your job.
let’s face it,
the government is the last dinosaur of reaction time,
government is definitely happening after,
they are the ultimate trap of reaction time.

Who do you think set up the courts of law
and the looney bins
and fills them as fast as they can?

I could go on forever,
and I know that there are a few guys out there
ducking at what I have said here.
But I can’t not say it.
Society is evolving.
Does it evolve fast enough to catch the universe
and end reaction time?
if enough people study martial arts,
if enough people matrix,
if enough people go Neutronic.

But I’ve got to do it,
and for a very selfish reason,
one far beyond money
and such mundane things.

I do it because I’m hooked in,
and because my hook in
will grow proportionate
to that which I am hooked in
becomes hooked in.

The more Neutronic Beings there are,
the less reaction time,
the better everything gets.
The further I see and be,
the more I perceive,
the more awareness I can have.

You, too.

it’s a win win win,
but you have to start to make it happen.
You have to stop moving
because the universe moved,
and start moving
to make the universe move.
That’s neutronics.
Fastest way there is through Matrixing.

Okay guys and gals,
thanks for being,
and thanks for being my friends.
You have a great work out,
and I’ll talk to you later.



Here’s the URL.

Monster Martial Arts

Three disks for twenty bucks,
a fat book and clean cut video,
an entire art,
and it’s not just karate,
but a template that can be applied to any art.
You can start fixing all the martial arts
right here.

Quote time…
take a bit of wisdom
and change it into a bit of martial arts wisdom.
a fun exercise for the mind
and good for the soul.

A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.
Alfred Hitchcock
A good kata is worth the price of the work out.

A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad.
Samuel Goldwyn
Poor control just makes an art bad.

Every great film should seem new every time you see it.
Roger Ebert
Every great kata should seem new every time you do it.

Listen, real poetry doesn’t say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all doors. You can walk through anyone that suits you.
Jim Morrison
Listen, Matrixing doesn’t say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all doors. You can walk through anyone that suits you.

More next time.

Come on by Monster Martial Arts and get the real skinny on Matrixing and Neutronics.

Monster Newsletter #322–Forty Master Instructors!

Good morning!
Fantastic morning!
Perfect for working out!
Absolutely perfect!

I actually have a whole ton of things for the newsletter,
got a great technique for knife fighting,
some fellow tried to mess with me on the street and some interesting things happened,
everything gets bumped when I get to say…
congrats to our latest Master instructor!

James J. Morrell wrote me a wonderful win,
and here are some parts of it.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the knowledge I received from your Master Instructor Course. I have never before had techniques explained to me in such an in depth, but simplistic way.
My journey in the martial arts began when I was a teenager in the 1980’s. I started as a student of Kang Duk Won Karate. When I turned eighteen, I joined the army and had the opportunity to travel and see the world. I was exposed to several different types of martial arts to include: military combatives, Chinese Boxing, Shaolin Wushu, and Tae Kwon Do. I was never able to progress in an art as far as I wanted to because my job as a soldier kept me moving around. Although my journey has been an “on again, off again” one, I have not given up. I am now a police officer and have continued my studies in the art of Hapkido. Part of my job is to teach law enforcement defensive tactics. I also teach a women’s self defense class.
Your course has opened my eyes and given me ideas on how I can improve the way I am currently teaching. I totally agree with your greatest strategy….
(sorry guys and gals, James discusses the course material itself art this point)
…the materials that you included in your course were great. The manual and DVDs really complimented each other.
Thanks again for all the information. I look forward to taking more of your courses in the future.

James J. Morrell

Thanks James,
and congrats for being Master Instructor #40.

Forty people now know the exact data on how to teach.
And there is exact data.
there are so many martial arts instructors out there
and they really know the martial arts.
But the art of teaching is separate from the martial arts.
Two different fields.
I hate to say it,
when you go to school to learn how to teach,
they either don’t teach you the right data,
or it is not martial arts specific.
I mean,
the colleges of today,
with all their physics and slide rules
have no clue
on how to make perfect form
and how to make perfect technique.

They don’t.

It is data that I put together,
and you will see it nowhere outside of my courses.

Well, maybe if you are lucky enough to be studying
with one of the Forty Master Instructors!

one other thing
of particular juiciness
at least to me…
James turns out to be one of my Martial cousins.
My base art was the Kang Duk Won,
I studied it in San Jose under Bob Babich.
James studied the KDW out in New York!

One of the things I have done is write a bunch of articles about the KDW
and plant them around the net,
so every once in a while it is like old home week.

is a unique and rather pure Karate system.
It didn’t come from Funakoshi,
but from a classmate of Funakoshi
and the classmate had studied shaolin.
Makes for a very powerful combination.

One of these newsletters I’ll write a short history on the KDW,
its sort of an eye opener.
Quite honestly,
I don’t think I would have come up with Matrixing
if it hadn’t been for the Kang Duk Won,
and specifically,
Bob Babich.

So I have a bunch of stuff for the next half a dozen newsletters.
should keep me out of trouble.
when you find out about my altercation
you’re are going to know
I need to be kept out of trouble.

this is a shorty,
I have a ton of stuff I have to do,
so I’ll talk to you later,
and James,
congrats again,
and thanks for really making my day.
For everybody who wants
the real truth about how to teach the martial arts,
here’s the link…


Go there and get perfect form,
perfect technique,
and learn how to teach the martial arts.
It really is the only course of it’s kind,
and forty Master Instructors will testify to that fact.

Now go have yourself a great work out.



PS–if anybody is having trouble getting the newsletter, email from me, or having trouble getting email to me, let me know. There seem to be a few glitches in my email setup, so let me know so I can fix them. Thx.


Inside Kung Fu is going to have an article on me. November issue, which is on the stand on AUGUST 24TH!
Feel free to buy five copies, and write to the editor and tell him you want more.
If they get a sell out, and letters from across the country from a wide variety of people,
they are going to do more.

Send me your wins!

Monster Newsletter #311–From Insanity To…!

Another day in paradise!
Another day so darn glorious
it just stops the senses.
And if your senses haven’t stopped today…
better work out.

My wife hid my teacups,
so I’m not doing Pa Kua this week.
Back to good old bash ‘em in the face Karate.
I work out at about 11 or 12 at night.
The world is asleep,
no distractions,
and I concentrate on loose-tight.

Now loose-tight is a fantastic concept.
it is referred to as focus.
But that is merely a bunch of words.
The reality is what happens in your mind.
You see,
you can’t relax your muscles sufficiently
unless you first give those muscles a command
from a thoroughly relaxed mind.

How do you get a thoroughly relaxed mind?
This is sort of a…
uncomplex question,
gonna take a story,
not just physics.
Got to have the story,
got to have the context
to understand what I am going to say.

When I was 19
before I discovered karate,
I was insane.
My friend had a convertible 62 Olds,
big old Detroit motor,
and we used to go to the bowling alley
steal a couple of bowling balls
and then go bowling.

We would get up to a 120 MPH
he’d hit the brakes
and I’d throw the ball.
Then we would watch it bounce down the street
and across El Camino Real.

El Camino Real,
for those of you who don’t know
even at midnight,
can be a busy street.
And what we were doing,
was shooting a cannonball across it.
if we had hit a car
it would have totaled the car.
The energy behind 15 pounds
traveling over 100 MPH…
I’m not a physicist,
1500 pounds?
If it had struck a car by the front tire,
it would have shattered and bounced that front end,
the car would have shot off the road
people would have died.
If the bowling ball had struck over the rear tire
it would have fishtailed,
out of control,
and people would have died.
if it had struck the door…
it would have gone right through the door
killed the driver and passenger.

Do you understand?
I was crazy.
To do such a thing
absolutely insane.
I should have been locked up.

One night,
it bounced right over the hood of a cop car,
inches from the glass.
The cops didn’t even see it.
It was traveling that fast.

why wasn’t I caught?
Why didn’t one of those bowling balls connect?

I know why.
Because I would have been locked up
and never learned karate.
and I was put on this planet to learn the martial arts.
That’s my purpose.

this is a crazy planet,
when you observe the insanity on this planet
you almost can’t blame me for being insane.
People going to war.
Hitler and gas ovens.
Mao and over fifty million dead.
Diseases created in laboratories and set loose on the public.
The logic of schools that program and don’t teach.
Newspapers that deliberately lie.
Religions that bless soldiers on their way to the murder fields.
Drugs advertised on every corner
and on every TV.
A justice system that is diametrically opposed to justice.

In short…
don’t get me started.

there was no excuse for my particular insanity,
because insanity is a personal choice.
in coming to this planet
I had made my choice.
Study the martial arts
and go sane.

I discovered first kenpo,
then classical,
then other stuff,
and each step into the martial arts
was a step towards sanity.

In the world I was a victim
of corporations and doomsayers
and people who wanted to kill me for a belief.

In the dojo I was give data.
Here is a fist,
handle it.

The fist,
a symbol of anger and energy and hitting,
and I had to handle that
anger and energy and hitting.
I had to handle that insanity.

For the first time in my life
I wasn’t victim to papa figures
lying school marms,
and all the drunken and drugged randomity
that society is.

In the dojo there is order,
a lesson,
a reason for doing thing.
Life resolves to the simple problem of incoming attack,
handle it,
you walk out of the dojo,
able to handle that,
even when that becomes a drug
or a wild eyed radical.

you make the final stop,
compassion for people,
they are insane,
but they are the stock from which I come…
who can I help to make the journey.

Who can I wake up.

Who can I rescue from the sadness of earth
and its robotic, murdering governments,
it’s corner drug pushers,
its sloth and violence,
its video game personality.

let’s get back to what started this rant…
how do you have a calm mind?
You work out.
Day after day.
You give yourself over to a method,
a method that works,
you simply stop believing in the slavemasters,
and start believing in yourself.
That is the karate way,
and that is the way of the martial arts.

You commit yourself to the journey,
and you will find a calm mind.

Okey dokey,
pretty well covered it,

I should be in IKF
in the next issue or two,
you guys make sure that issue sells out.
if it sells out because of me,
then they’ll want to do another.

I wish you the best workout of your life,
and here’s a link to help out,
it’s the Kang Duk Won,
which was my personal path to sanity.

Kang Duk Won Korean Karate

Thanks to all,
and I’ll talk to you next time.



BTW–Monkeyland is up, but it’s an old version, it’ll be a while before I can get the thing all fixed.

Man, I just googled this one, and it looks like it’s going a little viral!
He Was Crazy…And He Studied Korean Karate With Me.

Leave a comment if you can, it helps my statistics.

I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches.
Alice Roosevelt Longworth

New Technology Destroys the Martial Arts!

I saw the beginning of this some forty years ago while studying Chinese Kenpo Karate, and it is still going on. In fact, it is worse than ever, and infects the majority of arts. I will give you a couple of examples, and hopefully you can fix your martial art.

I was studying Ed Parker Kenpo Karate, and we began using pads. At first, the pads were only used to help fellows with knee problems, or that sort of thing, but the assortment of pads quickly grew. Soon pads were used on the shins for bruises, on the feet, on the shins, on the elbows and wrists, and so on.

Suddenly, somebody figured out that there was money to be made. School owners realized that selling pads increased the income, and began pushing them to every student for every class. The selling of padding became a million dollar business that infected every school.

Now, you might be wondering why this is so bad. We’re just protecting little Johnny, right? But this is part of the school owner propaganda, and part of the selling gimmick.

When you wear pads you think your punches don’t hurt as much, and so you begin punching harder. Thus, the protective gear actually encourages more violence, and less control. When you think about it, if you have to be aware and responsible so that you don’t get hurt, you start to learn the true art.

The true martial art has to do with control, you see. If you learn how to control yourself, then you start learning about yourself, and this makes you a better person, in and out of the ring. If you think you have to hit harder to be more effective, then the people you fight are going to be more at risk when they fight with you.

Now, I saw this type of thought spread throughout the martial arts world in tournaments. I also saw the introduction of softer (plastic) weapons, so that people wouldn’t get hurt, which also decreases the need for control, and for the true appreciation of one’s own potential. And, now people must wear cups, chest protectors, mouthpieces, and whatever else they can be scared or forced into buying.

The people who invented the martial arts, who passed them down for millennium, did not use such devices, and I suspect they would have laughed at them. Bear in mind that I am not asking people to get hurt, I am asking that people study martial arts with no accoutrements, so that they can take responsibility for what they do, and not be cushioned against learning about themselves. Whether you study Ed Parker Kenpo, Hapkido, classical Karate, or whatever, you should follow Ed Parker’s advice…’I come to you with empty hands.’

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The Toughest Karate: The Toughest Karate Master

There’s going to be a lot of opinions on who was the toughest Master of Karate, but Motobu Chōki certainly deserves consideration. He was one of the first instructors to teach Karate outside of Okinawa, and he is responsible for the fame and notoriety that resulted in the spread of Karate through Japan. Interestingly, this ‘George Washington’ of Karate is not a commonly known figure.

Motobu was born in 1870, and descended from the royal lineage of Okinawa. As the third son, he was actually not supposed to study Karate, but that seemed to make him want to study all the more. He spent much time hitting the makiwara, lifting heavy objects, and training however he could.

Eventually, because of his tremendous agility, people called him Motobu the Monkey. He also was looked on as a fierce, though unschooled (brutal?) street fighter. Though he was held in low esteem for his street fighting, instructors took him on as a student, presumably because of lineage.

His instructors read like a Who’s Who of early Okinawa. Among the masters who taught him were Ankō Itosu, Sōkon Matsumura, Sakuma Pechin, Kōsaku Matsumora, and Tokumine Pechin. This would be like somebody who studied under Morihei Uyeshiba, Bruce Lee, Gichin Funakoshi, and Ed Parker.

Motobu eventually made his way to Japan, where some Karate instructors were earning a living teaching the art to the Japanese. Motobu being a rough character, and not succeeding at business, was talked into signing up for a fight in a ‘Judo v Boxing’ match. He was fifty-two years old the night he entered that contest, and he was about to change Karate for all time.

His opponent is said to have been a strongman from some western country. Strong or not, Motobu is said to have moved forward with a single punch to put the fellow down for the count. People were astonished at this incredible win, and newspapers gave the story coverage, and here is where the tale takes an odd twist.

The newspapers didn’t have a picture of Motobu, so they published the only image they did have, which was of a young fellow name of Gichin Funokoshi. That’s right, Motobu knocked the strongman out, but his fellow countryman, and competitor, Gichin Funokoshi, got the credit. Thus, Shotokan was spread around the world, and Motobu went home.

Motobu Chōki, brawler and roughneck, is as responsible for the spread of Karate as anyone, and he was a true master. He was a karate technician of tremendous punching power, and he founded the Motobu Ryu Karate school. People may not know much about him, but he is definitely in the running for toughest Karate Master of all time.

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The Toughest Karate Master In The World!

While there have been many fantastic karate masters, only Mas Oyama can honestly lay claim to being the toughest karate master of all time. This is most interesting, because Karate came from China, was born on Okinawa, and migrated to Japan, which became the ‘Land of Karate.’ Mas Oyama, (birth name–Choi Yeong-eui), however, was not from any of those countries, but was born Korean.

Mas was born into Japanese occupied Korea in 1923. He took his first lesson from a Chinese migrant worker named Lee when he was 9 years old, he was told to plant a seed, and to practice jumping over it as it sprouted. It is said he could jump fantastic heights because of this.

After World War II Mas lived in Japan, where he was ostracized for being Korean. In 1946 he enrolled in Waseda University and took instruction from the second son of Gichin Funakoshi in Karate. Because of his Korean status he trained in solitude, and many would claim this solitary lifestyle would keep him dedicated and free of distractions, and enable him to achieve a very pure and high level of Karate.

From Waseda University he went to Takushoku University, and from the son he went to the father, for at Takushoku he studied with the father of modern day karate, Gichin Funakoshi. After shotokan he moved to Goju Ryu, studying with Chojun Miyagi. He was eventually promoted to 8th dan in that system by Gogen Yamaguchi.

During this time Mas Oyama picked fights with anybody and everybody, specializing in fighting the US military police. He was in so many fights that his picture was on virtually every police station wall. Eventually, and probably because of his notoriety, he was advised by a friend, Mr. Neichu So, to retreat to the mountains and live a life of seclusion and hard training.

Mas Oyama spent 14 months in hard training on Mt. Minobu, then, later, another 18 months. He returned to Tokyo a polished and fierce fighter, and became quite famous for being unbeatable. During this time he took to fighting bulls, knocking the horns off them, or killing them outright, with nothing but his bare hands.

Eventually, Mas established the Kyokushinkai, which became renowned for its brutal and tough training. One of the hallmarks of this type of training is the 100 man kumite, in which a fighter faces one hundred opponents in the roughest type of freestyle imaginable. The schools of this toughest Karate master are now spread throughout the world.