The Only Perfect Karate in the world

I actually didn’t realize what I had done for a while.
You see, I first matrixed an art I call Monkey Boxing. It is influenced by kenpo and silat and all sorts of things, and it takes into account all the martial arts, and it is perfect.
But I didn’t know it was perfect.
I didn’t realize what I had done until I began reverse engineering other arts using the data I had learned from the Monkey Boxing project.
I was working on Karate, working on some forms which I had created, and suddenly it struck me: this karate is perfect. It doesn’t wiggle, there is no corruption…it is true to the concepts of karate, it uses only karate, and i blinked.
Yes, Monkey Boxing was perfect, but I didn’t know it, and it wasn’t apparent until after I had made Matrix Karate, and realized its perfection, and then could reverse engineer the reverse engineering.
That’s why I say that the only first and perfect Karate in the world was Matrix Karate.

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