Where Matrix Martial Arts came From

I was living in a house in Mt. View at the time. It was shaped like a horse shoe and in the center of the horseshoe was a patio.
At the time I had spent seven years studying the martial arts. Kenpo for a couple of years, Kang Duk Won for about five, Sticky Hands from Wing Chun, and I believe a smattering of Aikido.
Anyway, I was sitting on a cinder block on the patio. and tapping a piece of rebar on the cement. I wasn’t drunk, hadn’t taken any drugs, was just sitting there tapping the rebar and listening to music. I believe it was The Horse with No Name, although it could have been anything from the album that contained that song.
So I’m tapping the rebar, not in time with anything, dunk…dunk…dunk. Bob my head in time with the music. Dunk…dunk…dunk. Feel pretty good. Dunk…dunk…DONG-G-G-G-g-g-g…
Everything was golden. The sky, the air, the trees, everything, and I couldn’t tell where the music was coming from. The music wasn’t coming the speakers, it existed everywhere, was omnidirectional, was…omnipresent.
I was forever, and I knew one thought.
‘For something to be true the opposite must also be true.’
That was the beginning of Matrixing.
That was where Monster Martial Arts had its beginnings.

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