Release of The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang

New Martial Arts Book

May 18th is the official release date for The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang.

pa kua changFor those who don’t know:

Pa Kua Chang (Bagua Zhang) is an ancient Chinese Martial Art. Origins stem from the combination of Chinese Kung Fu (likely Shaolin) and an obscure religious sect which proposed walking a circling and chanting to realize spiritual release.

Though it has ancient roots, Pa Kua was developed in the last couple of centuries. In that time it has had massive impact on the world of the martial arts. This is in part due to the efficient Martial Arts techniques within the art, the simplicity of the training method, and the fact that it really does work.

The book, The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang, written by Al Case, looks at the more mystical aspects and imparts a logic to them.

Neutronics, an actual science, is the physics behind the physics, and it delves into the dichotomous nature of the universe, and, in this tome, of the Pa Kua Chang martial arts.

The current release is actually part of a series of books dealing with Chi generation and development through the martial arts. The first book written, ‘Matrixing Chi,’ has proved a solid seller, and has engendered much praise. Further books on the subject of chi power will concern themselves with such arts as Tai Chi Chuan and Karate.

The book is 135 pages with 273 graphics, and is available through instant download.

Interested parties can find more information on ‘The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang,’ at Monster Martial Arts (dot) com.

pa kua chang

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