I’m a martial artist, and it’s My Fault!

Speaking of martial arts,
have you ever noticed
that when the crap hits the turbine blades
it’s a martial artist
that seems to appear?
when there’s an accident,
or a bunch of people are panicking,
or something,
the guy who appears and handles the problem
is invariably a martial artist.
Maybe he studied a litt,e
maybe a lot,
but the one factor behind this is
this is a guy who’s trained himself
to stay calm in the middle of action.
martial artistYeah,
it’s not just for fighting,
it makes you a better human being,
a focused human being,
a guy (or gal)
who can get the job done.
That’s what the martial arts do.
One time I was in a hardware store,
and this bum comes in
and he starts screaming that he bought a green hat,
and he wants to buy another one,
but there’s no more green hats in the store,
and he’s got every in the store frozen,
he’s acting psychotic,
and he’s screaming things,
and I’m standing over by the hammer section or something,
covering the grin on my face
(I stopped being scared of bums some forty-five years ago)
and he suddenly screams out
“I want to know whose fault it is!
I want to know who did this!”
I couldn’t help myself.
All these people looking down,
not knowing what to do
not a martial artist in the crowd,
I had to help them out.
So I said,
“It’s my fault.”
Every head in the place swiveled around,
every eyeball was pointed at me.
The bum stood there was his mouth open.
“I did it.
It’s my fault.
The whole thing is my fault.”
The bum blinked,
he tried to eyeball me,
get back to the drug rant he was on,
but he couldn’t.
I knew he was full of crap.
And I knew it so strongly,
my belief was so firm,
that he knew it, too.
My belief system,
powered by thirty years of martial arts,
simply overwhelmed his belief system.
He turned around and stumbled out the door.
the reason I was there was to buy a bottle of glue.
I was gluing books together,
and I simply needed another bottle of glue.
The manager of the store was so grateful
he tried to give me the glue for free.
People kept grinning at me,
I had handled the crazies.
facing a Hells Angel in Karate freestyle
was about ten times worse than that bozo.
He had nothing,
the unfortunate fact was,
there was about twelve people in that store,
who had less.
They were the victim of a street bum,
and I know that none of them had studied the martial arts.
you could tell,
none of them had that level look in their eyes.
And I know that any one of you guys
would have done the same thing.
That is what a martial artist does.
He trains hard,
he lives a quiet and fun filled life,
and when somebody has to step up to the plate…
that’s what we’re for.
in the best sense of the word,
because we’re dedicated to help.
Never get a thanks,
don’t need one,
but we get to chuckle and grin a lot more,
than the poor people who don’t know the martial arts.
let me say a couple of things,
and give a win.
The post office is having troubles.
Don’t let it bug you if an order is late.
Give it an extra day,
then simply email me,
I’ll make sure that everything gets handled.
the great matrixing tour is getting more real.
I actually have an RV.
Of course,
I need a truck,
a 250 diesel or some such,
and there are things I am learning about RVs
that are making my wallet cry,
but that’s okay.
still not sure when,
but time is getting closer.
One of the most important things
is making sure I am never severed from the net,
I need to blog,
write articles,
send newsletters,
and upload videos from the trip.
I need to make sure the internet biz is going well enough
to support the trip.
tons of little,
and big,
things to do.
got a great win…
Hey Al,
I received the 3 month Black Belt course and I have just finished watching the DVD’s and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed them. It is definitely a great addition to the collection of DVD’s I have received from you to date. I gotta say watching EW go from white belt to black belt was absolutely amazing. You can really see the progress that he made. I remember reading your description of the training process and how you stated that he wasn’t pretty but the intuition was present. I have to say that you are an amazing instructor. Although I agree with you on the pretty part,(no insult to EW) you can see that that does not matter. The intention and intuition are clearly there.. The pure energy that was flowing from him in the Black Belt segment really impressed me, for the short amount of training he received. Well done Master Founder. I really enjoyed watching him lose the Re-action time. I believe that is what impressed me the most. To have that ability in such a short time is truly a feat in itself. I am not sure if you two have continued your Shaolin training, but I hope that you have as you have helped him to grasp the TRUE ART. I consider myself extremely lucky to have come across your website, it has truly improved not just my physical abilities in the Martial Arts but more importantly my mental abilities and that I thank you for. Again well done Sensie.
Michael G
Thanks, Michael,
I thank you for those kind words
Now, a couple of things,
the Shaolin course,
has been rendered for the fight training sequences,
and is in the Rolling Fists course,
which is on the Monster homepage.
while the course is good for all,
it is especially perfect
if you started martial arts,
but had to put them on the burner for a while.
this isn’t a bunch of forms and applications
with the advice to practice,
these are actual lessons,
I am teaching,
using matrixing,
and making a person competent
in months
instead of years.
not pretty.
the reason EW is able to become intuitive
and lose reaction time,
and have a drastically up curve in the power of his punches and kicks,
is because of the matrixing drills
the matrix of applications,
the method of freestyle,
the two man forms,
and all the other stuff.
if you had to stop your study,
or are in place where there is no qualified instructor,
darn it,
you just want to learn matrixing or another art or whatever…
the Black Belt course is for you.
as with everything I do,
money back guarantee.
I deliver what I promise,
Okey donkey,
time to end off,
got to get to work
got to make the Matrixing Tour happen,
thanks to all who ordered
the Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang.
And be sure to let me know if there is any trouble with paypal,
with the download,
or anything else.
Have greatness
Here’s the URL for
The neutronic Motors of PKC,
if you want the three month black belt course
drop by Monster Martial arts
and find it on the home page.
Legitimate use of violence can only be…
And the complete quote is…
Legitimate use of violence can only be that which is required in self-defense.
And, I had some interesting responses to this theory. Mostly that it was okay, but incomplete. What about pre-emptive strikes, for instance.
Got an opinion on it? Send me, maybe I can do a newsletter on this interesting subject.
And, here’s a quote…
You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die.
Who said it, and do you agree with it?
pa kua chang

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