If Your Mind Doesn’t Speed Up Your Martial Art Doesn’t Work

Now this is a tricky one, because at some point your martial art must slow your mind down, but first, it must speed it up.
Simply, you must think faster, handle more punches in a shorter period of time, and so on.
This is simply the result of not knowing what fighting is, and then coming to grips with handling incoming punches.

Now, does your art feed this factor? It’s not how many techniques you can memorize, that is the wrong way to go. When I hear about arts that have you memorize 500 techniques, or are proud of the fact that they have 12 variations on the wrist twist which cover every angle of grip, I actually shudder. This is a mind that is getting top heavy with data, and smothering the basic concept that makes it all work in the first place. I have even seen arts that virtually obliterated working concepts in favor of memorized technique.
What a martial art should do is teach concepts, then allow the student to literally create that martial art on his own.
Look, there’s two points to be made with this method.
One, a system that is long and lengthy to learn is not going to be easily accessed by the mind. Simply, what is hard to learn is going to be hard to tap into. This is a truth of life on every level.
Two, and number one leads directly to this, the mind loves what is simple.It learns what is simple and can use what is simple.
And this brings us back to the core of this article, learn what is simple, speed up your mind by drawing the connections between arts, but do it fast by learning concepts. Eventually, what will happen is that the mind will slow down and actually get out of the way.
That’s right, all that thinking gets in the way in the middle of a fight. You can’t think or second guess or cogitate in any manner on what is happening…you must be a creature of intuition.
This is actually the thrust of the Create Your Own Martial Art Course. To teach people how to isolate principles and then figure out how to synthesize them into workable functions. Nobody has ever seen the material on this course, brand new, never been done. I take a classic martial art, break it into concepts, then I create another art based on different concepts, then I actually show how to put the two together in a third art!
I’ll tell you, you have never seen anybody do this before in your life.
Now, a couple of cautions.
I videoed the course back in the nineties, the quality of the images is poor, and the sound is crappy. It is very viewable, but it is blurry. That was just the state of movie cameras back then.
Second,the course consists of two DVDs, and a CD with the book on it. And, BONUS, there is another complete art on that CD. So that’s actually four different arts, and material that nobody has ever seen before. That makes the price so incredibly reasonable that, well, it’s just unbelievable how much you get for your money. Four arts, a better way of learning, a faster you…check it out at Monster Martial Arts. And make sure you pick up the free martial arts book on the home page.

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