Ban the Martial Arts Now!

Okay people!

Dust off your nunchuks

and carry them proudly on the street!

They are no longer illegal!

In 1974 New York politicians made nunchucks illegal. 

Which, of course, made people want to buy them even more.

And, if you’re a student of the 2nd amendment…

was an entirely unconstitutional law.


people recognize that politicians are a danger to the country,

and that they should be outlawed,

and it is very easy to get nunchucks and practice with them.

That said, let’s talk about James Maloney.

In 1981 he was arrested for using nunchuks in a demonstration.

He graduated from law school in 1995

and set about challenging the law.

He’s 60 now, and he was successful.

Judge Pamela K Chen ruled that nunchuks

were protected under the second amendment.


You know,

I am reminded of a bumper sticker.

When guns are outlawed,

only outlaws will have guns.


When nunchuks are outlawed

only outlaws will have nunchuks.


when politicians are outlawed…

we will all be a little safer.


I did not call you here to rant political!

But since you are here…heh heh…

IF…somebody breaks into your house,

and IF…they allow you one phone call,

and IF…the 911 operator isn’t too busy,

and IF…the bad guys don’t leave before the police get there

(five to ten minutes on a good day)

then you better pray you know martial arts.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that

the best courses in the world

on how to do the martial arts

are at Monster Martial Arts.

It’s true.

Your Attacker will have a Weapon!

Snuck that ad right in there…didn’t I?

Okay, guys and gals,

time to hit the home dojo

and crank out the punches and kicks

and become a better person!

Have a great work out!


Hi, Kumar.

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That’s a lot of good ratings

so hopefully you’

ll find that useful

find the book/course that is right for you,

and matrix your own martial arts.

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