Dealing with Injuries the Tai Chi Chuan Way

Newsletter 701
Using Tai Chi Chuan to Fix Shoulder Injuries

Good afternoon!
Just perfect,
the wind barely moving,
the sun gently shining,
and you doing your work out.
Just another day of seeking,
and achieving,
Well done.

I thank everybody for well wishes,
I’ll keep you updated on my shoulder situation.
In the meantime,
here is a brilliant piece of writing
from Robert Olah,
tenth degree in Jujitsu and Tai Chi Chuan.
He presents a very precise method
for dealing with injuries.

…On March 23rd of this year, I was walking my dog in my back yard which drops off at a 45 degree angle downward and was icy. My right foot slipped on the ice while my dog was pulling me to the right going downhill. This caused my right leg to go up and my body to fall directly on my left shoulder, as I could not let go of the leash wrapped around my right wrist so I could not break my fall–I have been doing Jujitsu for 51 years and could not believe this happened. My shoulder made a loud crack and my entire left arm was swelling, in severe pain and immobile. I managed to get up and went into my gym/dojo in my house, grabbed my left arm with my right arm and pulled it up to my chinning bar. With both hands grabbing my chinning bar, I let my body drop backwards and popped my shoulder back in place. I then checked to see if my shoulder could do all of the functions it is suppose to do–front raise, side raise, rear raise, pull up, press up, press down, press straight out, press backwards, press sideways and circle around. My shoulder could do all of these functions, so I knew I was on the right track.  I continued to do my Tai Chi twice daily which helped immensely.  For several days I used the chinning bar to realign my shoulder until it finally stayed in place. It hurt hard for over a week before the pain started subsiding. I did not have my full strength back for seven weeks. I have been doing daily isometrics for the whole body since 2007 which worked perfectly for strengthening up my damaged shoulder. I also started doing super slow weight training again, which is also excellent for rehabilitation. Today I have full strength and functionality of my shoulder thanks to the Tai Chi, isometrics, and weight training. Three years ago my dog pulled my left shoulder completely out of place by running backward after he heard a dog coming from behind. This left my arm straight backwards and completely immobile. I went thru the exact same routine as I did above and it healed in the same amount of time. Where did I get this crazy idea from??? When I was younger, I injured my right shoulder and I had a Chiropractor pop my shoulder back in place, also my right knee. I rehabbed them my self and everything turned out fine. Also when I was even younger I saw a Master Instructor twist a boy’s elbow back in place during a tournament after it was dislocated. Did I tear anything in my shoulder or break a bone? I don’t know. I do know that if you can align a broken bone, it will heal. I would hate to wear a shoulder brace for six weeks and then go into rehab for another six weeks. I prefer to have everything lined up and go into rehab immediately so the entire process is over in six to eight weeks. I have never missed my four hour, seven days a week training program. If I am hurting in any way, my entire training time is devoted to Tai Chi and isometrics. This has worked for me for years, and I will stick to it until I am laid to rest. For all of those martial artists that haven’t learned Tai Chi, check out Master Case’s Five Army Tai Chi and Matrix Tai Chi. I have went thru both and both are excellent. Even after doing Tai Chi for 35 years, I have learned a lot of additional knowledge from these two programs. I am now working on his Pa Kua program, which is another excellent program. No matter what kind of martial arts you are doing or like to do, I always recommend adding an Internal Art like Tai Chi, not only for the health and healing effects, but also for the incredible fighting techniques. When you get to be old, Tai Chi will probably be the only martial art left that you can do. By starting young you should be able to hit Master level by the time you are older–much faster with Matrix Tai Chi.

Robert Olah, 10th Dan Jujitsu and Master of Tai Chi Chuan

Thank you Robert.
sound advice,
good perspective.
Well done.

The point here is that you can’t just sit back
and think somebody is going to heal you.
Medicine starts with you,
you are responsible for yourself,
so search through the various medical possibilities,
see if they apply,
see how you can apply them.
Just as in martial arts,
you have to educate yourself,
you have to figure out how to let the body cure itself.
You might have to go to a doctor,
or a chiro,
or a massage therapist,
or just your old Granny’s home remedies.
But it is up to you.

Not going to be a long newsletter this week,
sorry about that,
but Robert reallydrove the point home,
so check out Matrix Tai Chi Chuan.
it is a VERY fast method
for learning how to do Tai Chi Chuan.

Here’s the link.

The thing is,
it takes a while to learn the form,
to learn the techniques in it,
to apply those techniques in push hands.
Using matrixing
you can learn these things in a few hours.
Then you can decide whether you want to go further,
whether you want to combine tai chi with other stuff,
and so on.

That’s Matrix Tai chi Chuan

have yourself a GREAT work out,
and I’ll talk to you later!

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