How to See Behind Your Head with Karate Head Trick!

Extra Sensory Perception through Karate

A Karate trick to see behind your head. Hmmm. Are you ready? you’re gonna have to change the way you think to get this one. And, I hate to say it, there are going to be a lot of people that scoff and turn away. They just can’t grasp it, and it even frightens them.

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And, I should say, this trick works for most karate, kung fu, aikido, tai chi, or other martial arts systems.

It doesn’t work for MMA, or systems that take their joy and training methods from street fighting motivations. Sorry. Just doesn’t work.

So you do your forms. That’s the trick. But let me explain.

To understand you must have awareness.

Awareness is an interesting fellow.

Perception, you see, is observing something through the body. Through the eyes or the ears, the skin touch or the nose smell.

Perception can’t tell you what is behind your head. Eyes point in the wrong direction. Ears tilted forward. Nose on front. Got it?

But, you can be aware behind your head. It is like a sense of radar. You just feel.

But the trick is in realizing that you aren’t eyes and ears, you are awareness. Awareness is what looks through the eyes and ears and other perceptic tools.

Awareness, and here is where a few people are going by by, is a point in all directions. It radiates.

It tends to group of the eyes, however, and the ears, and other points of body sensation.

But it is not body. It is…that which is you.

Cut off your arms and you are still you. Cut off your body, you are still you. Cut off your head…you are still you. An awareness. An awareness without a body, mind you, but still an awareness.

So you do your form, and here’s the interesting thing: you can do your form until you are moving it without muscular exertion. In other words, you think and it moves. You become aware and it moves.

Unfortunately, most systems don’t practice this. They build the muscles, increase reaction time, and never realize that moving the body has nothing to do with those things. Moving the body has to do with the Awareness that owns it having a thought about the body moving.

So most martial arts never tap into the true potential. They build muscles, but not awareness. What a heresy. What a sacrilege. What a waste.

Anyway, if you go to, start looking into the matrixing thing, especially the Master Instructor Course, you will come across the rules for using the body the right way, the way that uses awareness, and therefore liberates awareness.

If you don’t, then you can spend a lifetime and never access the real you.

Have a great work out!
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