The Three Essential Elements A Good Shotokan Black Belt Must Have

There are many theories concerning what a good Shotokan Black Belt must be, but most of them don’t really hit the point. There are theories that you must be able to duck and dodge, which is from boxing. There are notions that you must be able to take a punch, which is sort of silly if you want to stay handsome.

When you sort through all the misguided ideas, however, you will find that a good shorin ryu system will teach the three elements detailed in this bit of writing. This is not mysticism, nor some idiot idea from the undereducated. This is facts, as proposed by physics.

The three elements of a good martial arts style are always going to be speed, power, and technique. With these three well developed concepts a martial artist can achieve greatness. Interestingly enough, one will find that martial arts technique is by far the most crucial to the mix.

Speed is always needed, as speed means you can make a technique work. While the other guy is throwing his fist, you are executing motion that will result in the fight moving to your advantage. Of course, all the speed in the world isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t have power at the end of your punch.

Power is necessary, because you need to make the technique effective in reality. No matter how quick you hit, if you don’t have power behind the trick, it won’t work. Interestingly, speed can lead to power, but power doesn’t always take one to speed.

But the most important element is always going to be how well you can master technique. To master technique is to study the things that give you power and speed. This is a matter of creating awareness.

To create awareness is educate yourself. Even if you are an aged person, you can use the awareness built by your technique to predict what is going to happen, and to get ahead of the attack. Heck, speed and power may go away with age, but technique, no matter how ancient you become, will always get better. It is technique that a master should pursue and perfect.

Unfortunately, many shotokan schools have put aside technique for fighting, which is opposed to the real idea underlying the martial arts philosophy. Many shorin ryu schools just train the student to strength, and they don’t build awareness. This is unfortunate, but it can be cured if the student searches out the techniques (usually found in the Karate forms) and studies the three elements that a good Karate Black Belt must have.

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