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A New Black Belt in Temple Karate

Newsletter 894

Congrats to Temple Karate Black Belt

Congrats to Shayne Guthrie.
Here are parts of his win.
Meijin Al,
I found that if you do the material while concentrating on the basic basics and the Master Instructor course, your form and understanding are greatly enhanced and makes the material easily understood.
I dedicated the last 7 yrs to studying everything that you have written and I chose the Temple Karate program, with your entire Monkey Boxing course, simply because everything you teach, is in these personal system of yours. The Karate, the Shaolin, the Pau Kua and the Tai Chi.
I believe the forms were good due to these two courses. The 40 monkeys really showed and allowed the bridge to be seen from application to actual combat. And, the temple forms, in the way that you structured them just made the Karate I learned in my 20’s make more sense. An example is the second movement in Pinan 3, where the double block ends, in the classical movement, you expanded that motion with a step slap grab motion…which when I was first learning it I always thought there should be something else. This is one of the reasons that I decided on Temple Karate, it was here that I knew I had found a True Art.
Thank you and I hope you do not mind me addressing you as Meijin…I have a friend who is fluent in Japanese ( a fellow MA) and I was discussing some of your teachings and he commented Meijin and when I asked him what that meant he said this:
Meijin Literally “brilliant  man,†a rarely used title for only the oldest, most dedicated and most skilled of instructors in a system.  The title carries with it a  sense of genius in the martial arts, and may also imply attainment of a high spiritual level.

I thought it described you very well!

A Humble Bow Meijin

Thank you, Shayne,
and it is I who am humbled.
To be called Meijin,
quite an honor.
I don’t think anybody has ever said that before,
so I thank you,
I hope I deserve such a compliment.

for all,
it starts with Matrix Karate,
proceeds through the kung fu courses,
goes into Monkey Boxing.

But just because you have done Matrix Karate,
doesn’t mean there isn’t more karate.
The fact is,
classical karate isn’t really understood
until you have done that first matrixing course.
then it opens up,
and goes a lot of places
That is the intent of Temple Karate.

Here’s the link.


thanks Shayne,
and to all…





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What is My Black Belt Worth?

Newsletter 892

Why Do I Need a Black Belt from You…

Thanks to all who have purchased
The Biggest Martial Arts Lesson of All!
It’s available on Amazon.
I’ll be putting up links and ads for it
one of these days.

I’m not good at social media,
but I was trying to figure it out the other day,
and came across a site
with a lot of bad things to say about me.
I usually laugh at these things,
they’re always written by people
who have never taken a course,
but have an opinion.

For whatever reason,
maybe the desire for abuse,
I read a couple of the ‘complaints.’
And, man,
I got a good one.

‘Why do I need a black belt from you
if I already have one?’

the complaint was old,
no way to really respond,
and I actually did want to respond.
My answer would have been:

because your system is probably flawed,
because you monkey see and monkey do learned
without understanding what you are doing.

I respect that the guy has probably put in some work,
maybe even a few years,
endured some bruises and such,
but he’s basically working at 10%
if he doesn’t know the reasons behind what he is doing.
The unfortunate news is
he wasn’t asking seriously,
he wasn’t seeking,
he was just being a Beavis and Butthead type of guy,
smart mouthing me.

That’s the trouble,
you see.
People want to argue without the facts.
You see it in politics.
The idiot who says things like:
‘You’re a racist,’
when there is NO hint of racism.
Or starts calling people names,
when you ask for the facts.

There is just a s segment of the population,
and this is true of the whole world,
that wants to be heard,
without taking the time to learn anything beforehand.

this is true in the martial arts.
‘Al is bad,
you can’t make a black belt
in less than three years!’

you can,
I’ve got video proof,
but they don’t take the time to see the proof,
they just want to be heard.

Ever hear that old saw?
‘Those who speak do not know,
those who know do not speak.’

That says it all.

for anybody who DOES want the proof,
who DOES wish to seek out the true martial arts…

Matrix Karate puts order in Karate
(and the martial arts)

There is a COMPLETE course of classical karate

There is video proof on the three month black belt course
(120 lessons!)

if you can’t afford the SMALL sum asked,
you could always look through my books for proof.

Outlaw Karate: The Secret of the One Year Black Belt,
and many others…

you could simply read my blog,
do a search for the term Master Instructor,
or other related terms,
you will come up with TONS of testimonials,
actual case histories,
if you will,
written by the people who have done the courses,
people who didn’t voice an opinion,
but went looking for the truth.

The truth is scientific.
It can’t be argued with.
But it can be ignored,
it is usually ignored by those who ‘write’ the loudest.

and a great work out!



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Outlaw Karate Training Manual Re-issued!

Outlaw Karate Gets a Face Lift!

‘Outlaw Karate: The Secret of the One Year Black Belt,’ was one of the first books on Matrixing. Actually, it was written before matrixing became ‘officialize.’

This is the first book to put forth the concept that people could actually earn a real Black Belt in Karate in a year of less.

This new edition includes a glossy cover. The original material,  five star rated on Amazon, is intact.

The glory of this book is that it goes belt by belt, describing all the experiences, detailing what the student should be going through, and showing all the forms and applications. Thus, the reader has a much better chance of getting through the material without error; it is actually possible to get to a Black Belt within one year.

The book is based on the author’s synthesis of two martial arts, ‘Kang Duk Won’ and ‘Kwon Bup.’ All duplicate material has been discarded, along with fluff material such as poser techniques, unworkable techniques, and so on.

The result is an extremely hard core, street workable system.

The book includes detailed instructions on such items as:

  • how to create power
  • six ways to translate a block into totally different techniques
  • promotional requirements for every belt
  • what a student goes through on each belt level and why
  • the actual written tests for each belt
  • and TONS more.

The book is 166 pages with 212 images. In includes the complete system, with all the forms, applications, and methods of freestyle.

To find out more about Outlaw Karate: The Secret of the One Year Black Belt, click on this cover…

you can get a black belt in less than a year

Click on the cover to go to Amazon and find out more…

This book is a complete system. It includes all the forms and form applications, along with methods of freestyle.

Black Belt Testing Standards

What is Necessary to get your Black Belt?

Just wrote a short piece concerning what one looks for in the various belt levels to Black Belt. Full data is available in the book ‘Outlaw Karate: The Secret of the One Year Black Belt,’ but this is a good summary. Here’s the link…

Have a great work out.

How to Break Through to a Real Black Belt

What is the difference between a Black Belt and a ‘real’ Black Belt?

Interesting question, eh?

To explain this let me make a statement, and then explain how that statement works.

The statement is that a real black belt does less to create more.

Now, back in China, there were people who could do less to make more. They learned this over millennium, and it became a part of their cultural teachings in many of the martial arts.

The art trailed to Okinawa, and the concept tried to hang on. In some respects it did, in others it didn’t.

Then the Japanese (among others, they weren’t alone in this, just more efficient) came along and they said, ‘We want power!’ So they made the work outs brutal, putting force above intelligence, or awareness, and they succeeded in deep sixing the already dying concept of ‘doing less to create more.’

And, they are not the only ones who did this. Americans are guilty of going along with this, not just as students, but as ‘power seekers’ on their own.

Now, power is fine, for a beginner. But when you train in the martial arts you progress to a point where you get tired – that’s as good a way of putting it as any – of working so durned hard.

Part of this realization may come from finally seeing through the blinders of power to the fact that a little bit wisely and judiciously applied accomplishes just as much, and more, than a lot blindly applied.

But you finally realize the truth, that it is not how much power you can create, but how smartly you focus your awareness to create and apply that power. Thus, the more you become empty, before and after the focus, relaxing to do the technique, the less power you actually have to summon up.

You do less, and create larger effects. You punch lightly, and it hurts more. You relax and throw more efficiently.

You are not building muscles now, but rather awareness; you are learning to focus, to use, awareness as a power. Call it chi, if you wish.

This concept had millennium to take root and develop in China, and teachers would teach it from the get go (before the Great Cultural Revolution). Now people only attain it rarely, and not if they stick to the power seeking commercial schools that have come to reign.

Here’s the interesting thing: you measure force, the power of a beginner, with physics. But you cannot measure chi with physics.

For you cannot measure awareness, especially when used in this manner.

Now, the hallmark of the real black belt is not how much power he has, but how light and liquid he is; how empty he is; how measured and sure he is of his position in space. How aware he is.

Learn to do more by using less (force, impact, energy, whatever) and you will be a real Black Belt.

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A god example of physics and real martial arts is my Pan Gai Noon book, available in paper or kindle on Amazon.

New Matrix Karate Black Belt!

What a great week!

I’ve had nothing but new master instructors,
New Shaolin Gung Fu black sashes,
and now here is a new matrix karate black belt!
Congrats to Justin Harris!


I decided to submit my forms for your scrutiny….I’m making use of these concepts in my Tai Chi classes. I have everyone learn House One now to instill the correct body mechanics before I start taking them through the Matrix Tai Chi forms. (They learn Right and Left Styles you will be happy to know) The matrixing work has made this crop of Tai Chi students much more competent in two person practice.
Many thanks!

Justin Harris

Thanks to you, Justin,
and well done!

And I find it interesting
that he is adapting a karate form to Tai Chi.
Real knowledge holds true from art to art.

Justin has been working on this material hard,
and I believe this was his second submission,
which he passed easily.

guys and gals,
first two videos free,
and I think I’ve had
only one person who had to pay for a third.
Everybody else is doing it in two.
And this is because you get failed or passed
according to the exact data on
the master instructor course
or the course you are testing in.
You give me a video,
and I give you the exact reasons.
You fix,
you pass.

No mystery,
no sudden spring of ‘what I think.’
The data is the data,
and if I can’t offer a correction
based directly on the material in those two courses…
you pass.

Easy squeezy.

here is something juicy,
Justin doesn’t get just one certificate,
he gets two!

I don’t grade you on learning the same old same old,
new forms of just the same thing,
I promote based on the number of arts you know.
So congrats again,
you get a second cert,
promoting to second black belt!

Justin earned promotion earlier,
he earned it as Master Instructor.

Do you understand?
It’s about knowledge!

having said that,
let me say something unpleasant.

The major problem with martial artists
is that they think they know something.
They spend time in the dojo,
they learn how to punch and kick,
and most of them can DO something.
but that doesn’t mean they know
what they are doing,
or why what they are doing works,
or why something might not work.

Do you understand?

They have a limited knowledge,
and it is a good knowledge,
but their minds are mostly closed.

The old ‘My style is best’ kind of thing.

I used to do work for an architect,
I saw him working
night after night
after everybody went home.
So I asked him,
‘You’re the boss,
why are you working?
Why don’t you hire some guy out of college to do this stuff?’

He laughed,
and he said,
‘They don’t know what they are doing.
They’re smart,
and they know all the theory,
but they have never gone out to a football field
looked around
and observed where the soft spots are,
where the drainage won’t work,
where the field needs more work.

They know everything from the classroom,
but nothing about real life.

you get some of this from martial artists,
you get more of the reverse.
They have fought,
and they understand so much,
but they can only teach monkey see monkey do.
They don’t know the real reasons
as to why the martial arts work.

That’s why the Matrixing courses are so important.

Haven’t you ever wondered
why some guy doesn’t write in and say,
‘Yeah, yeah…seen that stuff before.’

Because they haven’t!
Because the matrixing theory
and data and graphs and all…
it isn’t out there!

Nobody has seen this stuff!

The martial arts are heavy on doing,
and that gives a lot of knowledge,
but it is slow going.

Matrixing gives the right knowledge,
the real knowledge behind the martial arts,
and then the going is fast!

when you know what it is you are supposed to be doing,
it is easier to do.

And only in Matrixing do you get the real knowledge behind the martial arts.

Oinkey donkey,
here’s the facts, Max…


It’s the only course in the world
that has the basic matrixing data on it.
You can take these forms
plug them into any art,
and immediately know the truth of that art.

And you won’t see this data anywhere else.

And did I mention that it is inexpensive?

I priced it so anybody could afford it
for one simple reason…

I want the world to be a smarter place,
and I think it all starts with the martial arts.
Learn to matrix in the martial arts,
and soon you will be matrixing things outside the martial arts,
and life is going to get easier and easier,
more fun.

thanks again, Justin,
and all of you,
have a great weekend,
and don’t forget…



The Karate Black Belt and What Happens in the First Moments of a Fight

A Karate Black Belt Fights Back Now!

For a Karate Black Belt, or a Kung Fu Black Belt or some other type of martial artist, the first moments of an attempted mugging are not overwhelming. They don’t experience the shortness of breath, the debilitating fear, or the desire to flee. Instead, the opposite occurs.

learn how to fight

learn how to fight

There are those that don't...and there are those that do!

The karate trained mind gets calmer and more focused, decisions are quick and clear, and it is quickly the gangster that is in trouble. This is because the Karate black belt has trained himself to act this way. Fight or flight are meaningless, and the Karate expert just takes it in stride and goes to work.

In a karate class, or any martial arts training hall, you learn how to look at the incoming fist, really look at it. Most people don’t want to face it, so they close their eyes, shrink back, and they are in a fantasy of denial. Gee, I wish that wasn’t happening to me…WHAM!

But to learn anything a person has to look at it, and in a martial arts class the student is forced to look at it so much that something strange happens. He actually ENJOYS looking at the fist coming towards his face. The mugger thinks he’s got a victim, but, instead, he’s got a rhino by the horn, and that rhino is just starting to focus on him!

Looking at a hard punch coming towards the face is just the first step in the martial arts training procedure. Once the initial fear is overcome, and the student is able to watch a hard fist coming towards him without experiencing the fear, he learns how to judge that fist. He becomes able to make decisions right in the middle of a fight.

This is the reason that there are so many techniques to memorize in most martial arts. Kenpo has some 500 techniques, and karate and Taekwondo have 20 to 50 fighting patterns (forms, or kata) to memorize. Of course, this unfortunately lengthens the amount of time necessary to get a person to black belt, but that is easily surmounted.

To make training quicker one needs to learn how to deal with the martial arts in a more conceptual manner. Not the memorizing of techniques, but the understanding of the various but simple concepts behind a karate punch, a taekwondo kick, or a kung fu drill. Once the concept is understood, training becomes incredibly fast.

The problem with concepts is not understanding them, but isolating them. The martial arts have become so inbred, so twisted together, that it is near impossible to separate and make understandable these simple concepts. Thus, the karate black belt, or the kung fu expert, or other martial artists, often take too long in their training.

The only solution to this too lengthy time in training is in Matrix Martial Arts. Matrixing is a logic that simplifies the various arts, and makes them ten times easier to learn. Thus, to become a karate black belt, or a Kung Fu black belt, or an expert in any field of martial arts is now much quicker.

karate black belt

Four Year Incubation Period to Get to Black Belt in Karate

Four Years to Black Belt? No Way!

It often irks me when people talk about it taking four years to get to Black Belt in Karate. This is one of the most insidious and stupid concepts that has ever taken root in the martial arts. And, I might add, it is just as stupid in any art, be it Aikido or Taekwondo or whatever.

black belt

Reverse Your Thinking...Get to Black Belt in a Few Months!

Martial Arts instructors who push this concept often claim that it takes that long for the body to change. The tendons have to elongate and the muscles have to striate and the bones have to do whatever bones do when you block and punch with them. This is, of course, a justification for time, when their real motive is to keep a student on contract, or to enhance their authority, or some other tawdry reason.

I’m sure there is some change in the body over time, but not that much. The fact is that if you gave a black belt and a white belt a battery of physical tests, the black belt would have an edge, but not much. Black belts and white belts train side by side in many classes, and except for a little more huffing and puffing, within a month the white belt keeps up.

So it takes about a month to recondition the body, and this is easily provable if you just look at the army. They take a person and totally change his physique within two months. So the idea that it is going to take four years to reach some mythical, ideal body state is silly.

The second half of this equation, or point number two, has to do with history and the people who have made it to black belt. There are people, pretty famous people, who have made it to black belt fast…Mike Stone six months, Chuck Norris a year and a half, Joe Lewis made black belt in three different styles in one year…and so on. So it is possible, but you have to break out of the mind mold that has been sold you, that it takes four years to get to black belt.

Now we come to the kicker on this. Where did the four year to black belt idea come from? Actually, it came from a guy who didn’t even get his black belt…it came from Ed Parker.

Ed Parker was teaching people kenpo when it was still just karate, and he was a brown belt. He went home to Hawaii and asked his instructor for more techniques because he was running out, and he was told no. I guess Thunderbolt Chow didn’t think much of Ed Parker, because he refused to teach him more, and he wouldn’t promote him.

So Ed Parker went back to the US, found somebody else to help him put a system together, and began selling karate like you would sell cars. A couple of his students (the Tracey Brothers) actually got a car salesman to train them how to put people on contracts for the length of time it takes to pay off a car…four years. And that is the truth behind why it takes four years to earn a black belt in Karate, or Aikido, or Kenpo, or just about any martial art that bought into this idea.

martial arts black belt

Monster Martial Arts First Video Black Belt Course!

First Video Black Belt Course

I get to promote my first video black belt.
I’ve had a lot of people ask,
and I answer and encourage,
but I don’t push,
the push has to come from within.
For Mike Cox,
the push really came from within.
Here’s his win.


Hello my name is Mike Cox.I have been studying Kang Duk Won under Master Case for a while now, I have studied various types of martial arts for years and received my black belt, but something was missing I couldn’t figure out what it was. I had good instructors, but something was still missing.
I started looking on the internet for different styles, and by chance I found Monster Martial Arts, curiosity got me so I ordered the Evolution of a Art, and there was so much information, it was amazing.
I started the Kang Duk Won, and now I have achieved the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt, and let me tell you Master Case is for real he is not a paper mill you will actually earn a real Black Belt not just a meaningless piece of paper on the wall.
He is one of the most Knowledgeable teachers I have ever had the Honor of studying under, he will answer your questions using MATRIXING and believe me you will learn at a accelerated rate because it works.
The Kang Duk Won was my enlightenment, it filled what was missing. If you are out there and feel as I did or just want to try something new give one or all of his courses a try and you will not be sorry.
I had lots of wins; stances improved, movement flows like liquid now, power increased with less effort used, speed increased greatly, control over everything increased but my greatest achievement was my patience not just for martial arts also for everyday life.
Every win is different just like we are all different but MATRIXING is something that works for all of us.So please give the courses a try and you will be amazed at the outcome.
I want to thank Master Case for all of his help on everything and I will be continuing my studies under him as a student and a friend.  LET THE MATRIXING CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Al.
Mike Cox
And thank you Mike.
you really made my day.
let’s talk about the video courses.
if you want to earn your black belt
through a video course
you have to order the course you want to be tested in
and the master instructor course.
all corrections will be based upon material 
that is inside the course
or in the Master Instructor course.
There are no hidden standards,
no politics,
nothing but the art.
You can either make it work,
or you can’t.
and here we get into it…
Mike was drawn to the Kang Duk Won.
he ordered the courses,
practiced for a few months,
then sent in a video.
He didn’t pass the first time,
he was aware that people usually don’t pass on the first time,
though it is possible.
I sent him the corrections he would have to make.
They were all based on what was in the Kang Duk Won
or on the Master Instructor Course.
No hidden surprises.
He sent in a second video,
and he passed.
it was obvious from the first ten seconds of his first video
that he had passed.
His form was liquid, powerful, smooth,
he exuded that power
that the Kang Duk Won creates in a person.
Watching his video
I started grinning,
and my wife asked what I was grinning like a fool for.
she looked at the videos,
she’s not a martial artist,
but she said,
There was a confidence on the screen,
a sureness of foot,
a person of accomplishment.
the procedure was simple,
but the work was not.
Mike spent a few months practicing
before he felt confident in sending in the first video.
he went through the usual life experiences
that people go through,
his work changed,
had to move
internet access was disrupted,
but the thing is,
he kept working and working and working.
When you find the art that is yours
you can’t stop yourself,
and he obviously had.
here is the thing that I find most important.
he had the moves,
he had the CBM,
but he had something even more important,
and which qualifies him in the Kang Duk Won
and as part of a legitimate martial art.
Maybe you read the win
my three month black belt student had.
His virtue was ‘success.’
My own particular virtue
when I made it to Black Belt
was ‘sincerity.’
It’s not a physical journey,
that is just the launchpad,
it is a spiritual journey,
and manifesting a virtue proves that.
Here’s the win from the Three Month Black Belt course
that’s about it,
except for one thing.
I want to stress one thing.
If you get all the right pieces,
if you put them together correctly,
you can do it.
You can do it fast,
or you can do it slow,
it is up to you.
The most important thing,
is this:

You have to make the decision to do it!

Okey dokey,
thanks to all,
thanks to Mike
and I will share
any other wins he sends in.
And, if you’ve got a win,
send it in.
Your wins,
your testimonials,
are my actual statistic.
It’s not about money,
it’s about changing the martial arts,
making them quick and easy,
and unleashing the individual within.
Here’s that URL again,
I hope you get inspired to choose an art and do it.
black belt course

What Is The Real Value Of A Black Belt?

People hold a black belt to high regard, and it is a fair question to ask what is the real value of the thing. After all, the time and energy invested in the thing, a black belt can be a very costly item to earn. So what is the real–actual and intrinsic–value of earning expert status in the martial arts?

free martial arts onlineTo answer this question I must relate three tales. These three anecdotes will illuminate the points of this bit of writing, and provide some rather enlightening ideas regarding value and expert status in the martial arts. They should give insight as to what a black belt is worth.

One day I was doing kumite with my instructor, and he suddenly leaped in, grabbed my belt, pulled, and elbowed. My balance went out the door, I ate the elbow, but what was worse was in my mind. He had actually touched my precious belt!

My instructor just grinned a quirky grin. He had used my belt, but, in teaching me a lesson, and therefore there was no abuse. He could treat that bit of dyed yarn like a mop, and it would always hold his respect.

The second anecdote concerns a young man I met where I was working. He was a black belt, supposedly higher ranking than me, though he had never received instruction at a a training hall. He was awarded a taekwondo black belt from a friend solely because he was a good fighter.

This guy ran up and down the street using his black belt for a jump rope. Scuffing it off the blacktop so he could do mindless exercises and grow his body stronger. There wasn’t one bit of respect in his entire, puny, little soul for the belt he was swinging.

The third tale regards this humble writer: I use my black belt to help myself stretch when doing yoga. I loop it over my feet, brace the legs straight, and relax into whatever pose. I am using that belt to help myself become a better human being and better at martial arts.

Now, I respect the belt, even as I stretch it and wear it out. And when I wear it out, and it snaps from use, I will bow to it as I place it in the trash, and then I will get another one from a store and try to wear that one out. I do this with love and reverence, for the knowledge, for the masters who have gone before, for the insight that makes me want to do more than mindless exercise, that impels me along the way that earning a black belt has opened up so gloriously for me.