Secrets of the Rolling Fist!

Thanks to everybody who purchased

How to Fix Karate (Vol one and two)

I want to talk about the Rolling Fist today.

You’ll see smalls sections on the Rolling Fist

on a couple of courses,

and there is a larger course where I go into it in detail.

The reason the Rolling Fist drill is so important

is that it is the most efficient way to teach real fighting in the world.


And there is a reason for this.

I’ve told everybody,

but nobody gets it,

so let me build up to it,

and tell you the secret

so you’ll never forget.


so you can understand what I’m saying,

take a look at this clip.

This is me working with a fellow

who has a moderate understanding of Lop Sau. 

We’re not working on the basics,

but how to translate Lop Sau into grab arts. 

You’ve watched it?


you’ve got the gist,

so here we go.

When you do the rolling fist

you are basically taking turns rolling a backfist in,

back and forth,

and there is a scientific assortment 

of secondary techniques

that takes into account

virtually every attack in the martial arts.

If not through the logic of Rolling Fists,

then through the application of a few moves of the form.

If you stay inside the drill

you can’t be beat.

If you leave the drill you leave an opening.

If you leave an opening that’s where you need to rely

on the few isolated moves from the forms.

What people don’t realize

when they are doing this drill

is that you are NOT suppose to hit the other fellow.

You are teaching him how to block.

You already know how to hit him,

so what’s the point?

Teaching somebody how to block,

or handle an attack intuitively…

that’s the point.

Let me ask you a question now.

If you keep hitting somebody,

will they trust you?


And if they don’t trust you 

they won’t trust your data,

and they won’t input your data,

which means they won’t be able to learn.

And you have to be especially careful of this

when you are teaching somebody.

You must teach the student to trust you.

Then they will stop trying to stop you,

and they will stop stopping themselves from learning.

If they trust you they will take your data.

After you have learned how to trust somebody

you must learn how to trust the enemy.

That’s right.

This is real zen,

but it is the truth of the real martial artist.

I’ve had people ask me:

how can you like that person.

I say,

because I trust them.

They say,

but he’s a liar and a thief!

I say,

I trust him to be a liar and a thief.

And here we are at root of it all.


And you’ll become a superior martial artist.

And this is the secret of Lop Sau.

That and a thousand hours of training.

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last thing,

I broke The Shaolin Butterfly course down

and made a book out of it.

It’s not the complete course,

it doesn’t have the nine square forms on it,

but it has all the smaller forms and two man forms.

 Best of all,

I have included links to the videos on the course.

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