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Release of ‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi’

Newsletter 924

About the New Karate to Tai Chi Book!

Hi Guys and Gals.

This is to announce the official release of
‘Chiang Nan’

Chiang Nan is the title I settled on, the working title is
‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan.’
So Chiang Nan,
or ‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan
was originally bundled into the course.
You can get it in PDF if you order the course.

I just published the official book
‘How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan,’
and it is available on Amazon.
The official title is…

‘Chiang Nan’

and here’s the link…


And for those who don’t know what it is about…
As the subtitle says,
it teaches one how to make karate into tai chi chuan.

If you have been studying karate,
this will expand your concepts of karate by ten times.
Different way of looking at form applications.
Different way of doing the form.
Really opens the mind.

If you have been studying Tai Chi Chuan,
you will learn a lot about techniques,
doing other arts tai chi style,
and so on.

it’s a different kind of strength,
different energy,
a whole and complete education.
If you know just the hard arts,
you need to know the soft.
or you only have half an art.

If you know just the soft arts,
you need to know the hard,
or you only have half an art.

This is a 270 page book
(three in one, actually)
that covers how to translate karate into tai chi,
what the lost form,
the original form that karate came from,
might look,
and the secret techniques of karate…
deliberately hidden by the secret pact
made by Okinawan karate masters.

So check it out on Amazon,
or just get the PDF by ordering the course through

Have a great work out!



The One Real Reason To Study Martial Arts

Now a lot of guys will say that the one real reason to study the martial arts is to beat people up.


The need to beat people up diminishes in proportion to one’s ability to beat people up.

The ability to protect oneself breeds self worth, you see.

But the one purpose is that you step out on the mat, you do a form, and you realize something.

It’s fun moving your body.

So you move it a gain, and again, and you start realizing something else: it’s fun to move other peoples bodies.

So you go overboard and really start practicing the martial arts, and you realize something else…who is moving your body.

Now here is one of the cruelest things I can ever tell a person who doesn’t do martial arts.

You don’t know who is moving your body; you don’t know who you are.

They will say, oh yeah, I know that. I know who I am.


They don’t.

They don’t have a clue.

And they won’t until they have done martial arts a few years. Then they wake up, see the light, and they say…Oh, I thought I was in control of myself. Boy, was I foolish.

You can’t argue against what people think they know.

Try Monster Martial Arts if you want to know something.

It’ll give you the one real reason to study the martial arts. Do it quick, too. Learn an art in a few months, and your self confidence boosts, your self worth boosts, and one day you will know who is moving your body. Guaranteed.

It’s the cure, bro. It’s the cure.

Learn A Whole New Martial Art System in a Week!

A wonderful and healthy morning to you!
The day is so perfect…
it is perfect for working out.
I tell ya,
working out is better than two pills and a lobotomy.
You work out and the dog likes you,
the wife can now put up with you,
and you have become,,,
better than human.
Kids will follow you in the street,
ladies will swoon at your attention,
and your baseball team will win.
Those things all happen if you work out.
I promise.
You don’t believe me?
Go on,
work out and see if it ain’t so.
Everything I said is exactly the way it is.

I realized,
many decades ago,
back when people were saying you are what you eat
(you aren’t, incidentally)
that the body is a pool of water propped up on sticks.
the condition of the water depended on whether there was a current.

Water in, water out,
and the pool is clear, pristine,
and big, fat fish swim in it.

good food in,
work out
and your body is in pristine condition.

You are trim and lithe,
able to work all day long,
not surprised by life’s bushwah.

the list of ailments that can’t exist
in a cleaned out body
is amazing.
Disease just can’t grab a toehold
in a body that is working out impurities.

No heart condition
no diabetes,
no kidney problems,
no viagra,
your complexion is good,
hair stays in,
better hearing and eyesight,
no colds or flu,
no headaches,
no digestive problems,
no anything whatsoever bugging you.
Physically and mentally,
which means spiritually,
you are the top dog.

It’s a simple matter of a person
having the discipline to tell the body
to function right,
and backing it up
with a little hard fun.

Kick, punch, throw,
kata and technique,
becoming aware of a whole new world.
that is the key to it all.

Did you know
that if everybody in the world did martial arts
there would be virtually no disease.

except for the odd accident,
would be out of business.
There would be no psychiatrists
because everybody would be mentally healthy and alert.
The cops would have nothing to do
but eat donuts and sigh
and thing of the bad, old days.
Children would have parents who cared.
There would be no prostitution,
political bushwah,
or even wars.

If everybody studied the martial arts,
you see,
they would be in charge of their bodies,
responsible for their condition,
and happy.

Responsible people are happy,
and healthy and fun to be around.

Working out makes healthy people.
Working out…your problems.
Working out…your impurities.
Working out…any unhappiness.
And this leads us to a lesson.

There is a neutronic truth.
People go towards what they understand,
they go away from what they don’t understand.
So why do people go away from the martial arts
when they are such a fantastic solution?
Because they don’t understand them.
They don’t understand the purpose (to lay down the spear)
They don’t understand the method (what does doing this form do?)
They don’t understand the people they are working out with…
yet, if they persisted,
they would understand.
They would understand how to deal with what comes at them.
They would understand how to deal with their own unhappiness.
They would understand how to deal with the drug dealer,
the politician that is corrupt,
a world that doesn’t make sense and doesn’t seem to work.

Because the martial arts trains you to go forward,
even when you don’t understand what you are going into…
and it trains you to handle that which you don’t understand.

So I hope you take advantage of matrixing,
I hope you all become instructors,
or at least use the data
to go towards the world,
and towards life.

That is the solution,
you know.

Here’s an idea…
why don’t you just learn a whole new art this week?
Remember what I said earlier…

Kick, punch, throw,
kata and technique,
becoming aware of a whole new world.
that is the key to it all.

So why don’t you grab a new art
and unlock a new world?

I mean,
wouldn’t it be nice to tell people
I learned a new art last week.’
And then be able to prove it?

Learn the Shaolin Butterfly Kung Fu within one week!

You can learn the first six forms within a week,
that’s the heart of the system,
and spend another month working on the advanced nine square forms,
and you’ll know a whole art.
Matrixing makes these arts that easy to learn.
Go on,
see if it doesn’t.
Monkey back guarantee.
If you can’t learn the first six forms of the Shaolin Butterfly
within a week,
and the rest of the system within a month,
I’ll refund your money.

you do this,
and your work outs this week
are going to be phenomenal!



A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
Lou Holtz
A martial artist works out because he has the answer, and it is in his song.

Our individual lives cannot, generally, be works of art unless the social order is also.
Charles Horton Cooley
Our individual lives cannot be works of art unless we practice the martial arts.

After the horse dance was over, it seemed that I was above the ground and did not touch it when I walked.
Black Elk
After working out it seemed that I was above the ground and did not touch it when I walked.

You can learn the Shaolin Butterfly within a week at Monster Martial Arts (dot) com.