The Fabulous and Not To Be Denied Golden Sphere

Matrix Martial Arts

Manifesting Real

Every once in a while somebody in the martial arts will touch upon The Golden Sphere. Aikido is big on this theory, as is Pa Kua Chang, and Tai Chi Chuan, and such arts done resolutely will, eventually, create The Golden Sphere. And even the basest and coarsest of arts, such as Tae Kwon Do and Karate, will, done long enough and with enough attention to detail, and with sufficient eye to the virtues of humanity, result in The Golden Sphere.


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Most people, unfortunately, don’t know of The Golden Sphere, have not heard of it, and are not blessed with even the rudimentary knowledge of how to attain it. Yet the Golden Sphere is nothing but an casement of energy, a glow manufactured and sustained, and the rules for that attaining are simplicity in itself. Indeed…

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