The Secret of How to Glow with the Martial Arts

Matrix Martial Arts

Chi Glowing with the Martial Arts

I really shouldn’t tell you this, I should save it and write a course and sell it to you. But, call me Mister No Self control, I am impelled to speechify. Here is the simple secret on how to make yourself glow using the martial arts. WBjpNehow to develop chi powerFirst things first, ask yourself what is going to glow. Well, there is the body, the tan tien, which is the energy generator, which is going to start up and that is going to cause your body to glow. This will not be very noticeable, though you could make it so, and it really doesn’t matter except as an ignitor. You see, you make the body glow, and the discipline and the techniques make you glow. What is you, you might ask at this point. Good question, and if you have the correct answer you can move…

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