What is Behind the One Year Black Belt Revealed

I get a lot of questions: can you really make a black belt in a year, how do I know you’re legit, how do I test for black belt, and so on.
I just responded to one fellow, and thought I would share my answers, maybe get ahead of anybody who has had these questions.
Here go:

Hi ______, glad to meet you.
Here’s a write up on the testing procedure.
As for qualifications, I’ve been practicing martial arts for 50 years. But that means nothing, because I could have been practicing incorrectly for 50 years, so go to MonsterMartialArts.com and look for the testimonials. I’ve got 600 pages of wins over the last ten years, and I think four returns.

Now, you will have people telling you you can’t do it, and that is because they can’t do it.
The fact of the matter is that people used to earn their black belts in a year or two, then some kenpo fellows came up with ‘car contracts,’ (actually, they were Arthur Murray dance studio contracts), and they revised the martial arts for four years programs, expanded belt levels, material to teach, etc.

The real secret here is of having the correct information on the martial arts.
For instance, just to give one small datum, you will see people do a side kick with the edge of the foot. Looks great, looks deadly, but doesn’t work. To prove it simply walk a hundred feet on the knife edges of your feet. Ouch. The correct way to do a side kick is to use the heel. Walk on your heel for a while. Awkward, but very good at weight bearing.

So what I do is go over the body (on the master instructor course) and explain the correct way to use the body in the martial arts. This is backed up by physics, and common sense. Nobody has ever presented ANY argument concerning the material in the Master Instructor course. They can’t, you can’t argue with what is so obviously the truth.

Furthermore, people who do the Master Instructor Course, once they see the correct way of doing things, instantly change. They have to. They can’t continue to do things the wrong way.

The individual courses themselves are logical arrangements of the martial arts. Therefore, there is nothing out of order. There are no missing pieces. There is no mystical bushwah. There is only scientifically accurate and easy to remember methodology.

But, you won’t know till you try. And, if by chance you find that you disagree with me, that I am wrong, then you simply say so and I refund your money. No argument.

I sold my first books back in the eighties. I started MonsterMartialArts.com in 2002. The video courses were started back in 2007. Still in business, still doing fine.

And, finally, I am always available by email. I answer everything, even from people who haven’t ordered my courses. Sometimes it takes a day or two, and sometimes mail gets lost (write me again) but I am here. This is what I do. I have done it for 50 years, and sure would like another 50.

Hope that answers your questions, or at least reassures you as to my integrity.

Hope to hear from you, and have a great work out!
Al Case

Here’s my site,


And here’s the Black Belt course:



Have a great work out!



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