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Youtube Karate Hits New…Low!

How to Find Good Instruction with Youtube Karate

I say Youtube Karate, but, of course, this includes Taekwondo, Kung Fu, or whatever other martial art you are looking for.

Youtube is basically run by Google, and the whole point is to generate income for Google. Thus, when you type in a term you are going to get something sensationalistic and vacated of brains, but which has lots of ads for google..

youtube karate

Does your karate form look like this?

Type in Karate and you get a serving of advertisements for local schools, and advertisements for google.

Type in youtube Karate and you get a list of fights or demos, and google ads.

Type in youtube karate instruction and you get every person who wants to sell something, and not much in the way of actual instruction. And (sigh) google ads.

Usually the clip goes something like this.

Half the clip is the instructor talking, and not having much screen presence, or evena command of language.

Then you get a lot of poser techniques. Poser techniques are those ‘deadly’ attacks where the attacker has to wait for the defender to work his technique.

Totally unreal. For we are getting either trash talking toughies on the street, or people who show but don’t know.

My real button, here, is the fellow who shows but doesn’t know.

Even if good martial arts is displayed, there is no real information being offered.

Basically, we are talking about Monkey See, Monkey do. A very low level of information sharing used by monkeys and people in third world countries.

If something spectacular is shown (it does happen), there is no info on how to do it, only an ad, and a smug practitioner who is basically saying, ‘Look at me! See what I did? You can do it to if you buy from me! I don’t know how…but you can!’

Now the best bet, if you want to learn some real martial arts, and avoid the Youtube Karate, which is just the latest variation on McDojos, is to be select in what you are typing in.

You can start with something simple like, Learn Karate Online. Then you go through the top few sites and find a site where actual instruction is being offered, and the instructor sounds like he might actually know something.

A better method would be to do a little research and find a list of karate styles, spend some time learning about them, then pinpoint your research.

The sad fact is that as great as the internet is, it is being manipulated by people who want to make money, and not people who want you to have information.

But if you understand this, and decide that you want more, and then get a little intelligent instead of just typing in youtube karate.

The best bet is just to skip youtube karate and head over to LearnKarateOnline.net.