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How to Matrix Meditation

This is how you Matrix Meditation in the Martial Arts

I want to give a win from Justin Harris.
Justin is one of the best martial artists I have seen,
and he really understands the matrixing.
For instance,
here is his win,
his matrix
on meditation.
I have always sidestepped meditation,
except for some specific advice on just learning
not to be distracted,
to extend intention
as a manifestation of awareness.
He goes a lot further than I
and in a lot fewer words.
Here go…

karate kata traditional

The first and only science of the martial arts…matrixing.

taiji quan

Meditate with this advanced form of Tai Chi Chuan…

Hello Al,

I hope everything is well with you. I have studied the mind and self hypnosis and meditation and qigong and other such mental disciplines since I was about 9 years old. Well after going over the Master Instructor course again in a very thorough fashion it hit me to solve these meditative disciplines and well. It worked. I identified three basics of all meditative disciplines.
Focus, Visualization, and Receptivity (Better Known to most folks as Relaxation or Letting Go).  Every meditative practice (including qigong and martial arts) uses these three basics.

Focus is simply holding awareness on a given thing.

Visualization is creating a thought or image

Receptivity is relaxing and listening or trance state work etc.

For example in martial arts as meditative practice one could:
Focus on an aspect of the practice
visualize energy, applications, etc.
Or practice the forms and be aware of the body and how it moves.

This demystifies meditation in an incredibly useful way. There are three skills to work on. No more saying I focus on my third eye and chant the proper mantra because this is how we meditate. Rather a clear precise aim for gaining the benefits and skills of meditation without needlessly being lost in the mire of traditions and forms. A Western Hermeticist can focus on Kabalah, the Daoist can do Qigong and martial arts, or the Christian can meditatively read the Bible but the inescapable truth is all these seemingly disparate arts only differ in focus and intention NOT in the skills used.

Well I’ve chewed on your ear long enough. I’d like to hear your take on all this stuff. Take care and thanks again for all the help and education!

Chewed on my ear.
I love it.
If you are into meditation,
take a look at his words again,
he sums it up perfectly.

as a martial artist,
if you do forms,
you are meditating.
Many people don’t realize this,
think they are just exercising,
body building,
and so on.
But the truth of the matter is
when you are doing a form,
you are focusing awareness
on precise moves.

You are therefore meditating.

You have to invest your body with intention,
which is the focus of awareness,
and you have to make the transition
from posture to posture
without losing sight of the focus.

That is all meditation.

Perhaps you understand what I mean
when I say martial artists are a hope of the world.

Through this meditative practice
they become more focused,
more aware,
which is to say smarter,
more able and competent.

So I thank Justin for his win
and his way of putting it in words,
and I hope it helps.

Oklay dokelay
Here’s a link


Tai Chi is one of the best of the arts
to learn and understand the process of meditating
through martial arts forms.
Takes a LOT of focus
to do a Tai Chi form.
In Matrix Tai Chi Chuan
there are 25 different ways to assemble the basics of Tai Chi.
These qualify as ‘silk reeling’ exercises,
and they give a LOT of understanding
as to how to use Tai Chi for combat.

learning how to focus awareness,
even in the middle of combat,
is a very high form of meditation.

Have a great work out,




The Difference between Fixed Zen and Martial Arts Zen

Getting Your Zen Together with Martial Arts

One of the most important things

you can do in the martial arts

is get your zen together.


zen yoga martial arts

Fixed Zen will Expand your Moving Zen


I am going to swing wide on this,

so stay with me.


In the book

Zen and the Art of Archery

by Eugene Herrigle (spelling?)

the author travels to Japan to study zen.

But they won’t let him.

All the priests turn him down,

they say that his western mind won’t be able to absorb it.

They tell him,


to study something ‘with’ zen.

Like the tea ceremony,

or flower arranging,



He chose archery.


he experienced zen,

and the book is quite fascinating to read.

Go get it if you wish,

but let’s us take a quick side step.


When you do Karate,

or any martial art,

you get a certain amount of zen.


The word zen translates as ‘meditative state.’

So you do Karate and you enter into a sort of meditative state.

I say sort of because we are talking broadly,

not about matrixed martial arts

where you get your zen together

right from the get go.


But what is this meditative state?

Is it the sound of one hand clapping?

Is it learning to be attentive?

Is it one of a thousand other things?


Yes, it is,

and no, it isn’t.


Zen is learning to focus your awareness on the moment.

You can slice that into a thousand different pieces

and end up with a thousand different zens,

all of them valid.


When you do Karate you focus on the punch,

on the block and the kick,

on the doing in practice,

in the receiving in freestyle,

and this all jacks up your awareness.


But if you practice only freestyle,

then you lose half your zen right from the get go.

And you know the old saying,

half a loaf of zen doesn’t deserve any butter.


I just made that up.



but the point is this…

Good martial arts makes for awareness.

Zen makes for awareness.

Martial Arts is a moving awareness,

and zen is a fixed awareness.


You have people that like one but not the other,

and they are being half loafed about it.


You simply MUST have both

if you are to have all.

Do you understand?


If you study Karate you won’t have the tai chi.

If you study Tai Chi you won’t have the karate.

You can’t study yin without the yang,

and vice versa,

because that won’t give you the whole yin yang.

That is an absolute and don’t even try to argue because I’ll just call you stupid.

Or blind.


But let’s expand this from karate and tai chi,

to martial arts and zen.




when I began my studies of zen

I didn’t last too long.



Doing nothing.

No directions.

Waiting for the lighting of the Cosmic All to strike me.

No joy.


But that moving zen stuff,

that karate,

and then shaolin and wing chun and aikido and, and, and…

and all the other martial arts I studied,

they really worked for me.


though I had a high degree of zen

I knew I hadn’t really gotten into fixed zen.

So I put Yogata together.

Number one,

it is like a kata.

It is motion.

But it is so slow,

and you can drag it out,

that it is fixed.

And it does a lot more for your body.

You learn to relax your mind

no matter what the tension on your body.


you get to the point where you can sit int he zen

and not be bored.


So I got my fixed zen together.


If you have beaten and bruised, and sometimes even broken, body

then yogata enables you to relax it back together.


If you are stiff and rigid,

and you know there is truth in the old saying

that a relaxed muscle is a strong muscle,

then yogata can do that for you.


If you just want a warm up,

yogata can do that for you.



if you are at the highest reaches of the martial arts,

and want to expand from moving zen to fixed zen,

if you want to expand your awareness

beyond what it is capable of through martial arts…


yogata can do that for you.


Here’s the URL…




if you really want to get into it,

here’s the website I have been playing with

dedicated to yogata

and yoga stuff in general…




Oinkley doggie,

time for me to get my morning work out in,

(and that always includes a bit of Yogata)

and start this day off like a rocket!


Have a  great work out!





I’ve been publishing some of the old articles and newsletters,

here’s three interesting ones.


Combat Strategies in Shaolin Gung Fu!



Energy Beams in the Martial Arts



Mental Martial Arts



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Martial Arts to Matrixing to Neutronics to You

There are four recognized paths to enlightenment. These are the paths of the fakir, the monk, the yogi, and the warrior. Unfortunately, these paths are each but a piece of the whole path, and so are greatly misunderstood.

zen martial artsThe fakir refuses to recognize the needs of the real world, and thus to find the spiritual world. The monk refuses the world to a certain extent, but follows scriptures. The yogi uses discipline to isolate the self from the body, and thus to break bonds with reality.

The warrior is the fastest way, for he doesn’t negate the world, except by the way, and his much more active path is designed to handle the world until he is separate from the world. If one analyzes the motivations and purposes of the four individuals one will come up with an integrated and more wholistic path. The seeker must use discipline, have scripture (direction), to separate the self from the world, and thus rule the world.

One can practice the martial arts and be assured that this is the fastest route to self knowledge. The problem is that there is lack of agreement as to what the true path of the martial arts should be. The solution for this is to matrix ones martial studies; to make the martial arts less random and more logical.

Once one has matrixed the martial arts one has reduced confusion and the fastest path is now literally lightening fast. At this point one can move into Neutronics, and study motion for what it is. Motion is merely the path of objects through the universe, and the body is but an object.

There is a discipline in matrixing the martial arts; it takes resolve to put aside all the random tricks and settle upon a distinct sequence of learning. Once that has been accomplished the martial artist can practice his art, and as the art has resolved, so does the confusion, and so does the distraction and static within the mind. It is the mind, you see, that one must subjugate, resolve, put aside, and still until it has no effect.

Once the mind has been stilled and is no longer of consequence, the individual can view the world as it really is. No more fantasy, no more fighting, a universe of peace and wonder. This is where the individual attains enlightenment, finds the truth of himself, and absorbs the truth of the martial path.

What is the truth of the martial arts? It is not the individual art, just as the way of the enlightened being is not but one of four paths. The truth of the martial arts is not the art at all, but the goal at the end of the art: the human being, unique and individual.

 matial arts enlightenment

Doing All The Martial Arts…and A Lot More!

chi power

Yoga isn't What You Think!

Let me ask you a question. Why can a child simply bend his knees and run under a table and not have to grunt and groan? There is a reason, you know, and this reason infects the martial arts…and all of life.

Try running under a table yourself…grin. Find some low hanging branches that are as noggin knocking to you as a table is to a child. Run under those limbs without moaning from the weight on your knees and your back and your whole skeletal structure.

Well, the first and most important thing that occurred, that actually caused your body to whine and moan, is that you forgot to laugh and have fun like a child. See, a young child has more brains than you. A child understands how to enjoy life.

Now, to get back to that state of mind where you laugh and have fun and giggle incessantly just because it is fun to giggle incessantly, you should do a couple of things. First, get rid of all the grouches in your area. Second, stop listening to the news, or watching TV, or partaking in the doom and gloom that the media is.

Second, know that you are an eye of awareness in the immense awareness that is All awareness. Since the universe is constructed of a bunch of objects in motion, you have to view your life as an object in motion. You need to discover all the potentials of motion that fell by the wayside when you grew up and became such a, uh, smart person (snicker).

So, first sit in the zen position and and let your imagination run wild. You don’t have to do anything, just lose yourself in your thoughts. Have a good time and realize that you are all you need to entertain you.

Second phase, try learning some yoga. Explore the various postures, and run your thoughts through the potentials of your body. Become aware of where your potential of motion has stopped.

Third, go study some martial arts. Start moving through various drills and exercises, and explore your potentials of motion. Start moving in all the ways that are possible, and know the truth that life is motion, and if you have stopped motion, you have stopped life.

Doing yoga and martial arts and things like that is just a beginning, this is just a start, but it is a good start. This is the beginning of you enjoying your life. This is the end of those habits and situations which stopped you from enjoying life.

Head over to Monster Martial Arts and proceed with this new found zest for living, loving, and the development of you as a Spiritual Being.

Five Martial Arts Calisthenics To Make You Five Times More Stronger, Faster And Powerful!

I was talking with one of my students the other day, and we were discussing condensing body calisthenics into maybe a half dozen simple motions. Think about it, five martial arts exercises that help you be stronger, faster and more powerful. All you need to do is these five exercises!

A Perfect Martial Arts Body!

So I thought about it, researched a bunch of things having to do with Yoga, Tibetian exercises and even American things like Matt Furey. Here’s my initial five exercises, and while I will probably work on them a bit, hone them further, I think they fit the bill. The extra bonus is that they’ll be good martial arts class warm ups, no matter whether you do Karate, kung fu, aikido, or whatever.

First, and most important, is stretching. Most body injuries result from the body being compacted, so to stretch the body, whether it be splits or just hanging from a tree or over the side of a bed, should start the blood flowing and awake the body. No set exercise for this, I just recommend reading up on a little yoga, isolating the movements you aren’t flexible in, and concentrating on them.

Next, would be an exercise I call snaking. This includes such things as worming style push ups, and covers the front bending motion of the body. There are a whole series of yoga poses, from dog looks up to plank position to rabbits pose, that could fit in this particular exercise.

Third would be bridging. This can be a whole series of stretches, but should probably be done on a gradient. Bridging from the back, the neck, the hands, over a stool, all this covers the whole back bend of the body.

You may have realized that I am trying to explore every range of motion for the body, and that is exactly what I am doing. After bending the body to the front and and then backwards, we have twisting the body. While there are many yoga poses that twist the body, you can cover most of them by just sit cross legged and looking over your shoulder, then twist all the way up and then down to cross legged and looking over the shoulder on the other side.

The final exercise would be being upside down. This should reverse gravity for your internal organs, and should be very good for you. This would include frog stands, head stands (start out against the wall), and eventually handstands.

So that’s it, my quick fix for whole body health through five simple body calisthenic, martial arts exercises. These calisthenics are fairly common, and you should find them in a variety of programs. At any rate, try them out for a month or two, and watch yourself get nothing but better and strong and faster.

I do recommend a study of all body motion potentials if you want to get the most out of these exercises. Mouse over over to my Yogata page (The Yoga Kata), and get even more data on getting stronger, faster and more powerful through the martial arts.

Yoga for Martial Arts: Fluxing the Vibrational Balance

chi power

Yoga isn't What You Think!

Doing some Yoga the other day. To be precise, I do Yogata, which is ‘The Yoga Kata,’ which is expressly designed for the Martial Arts.
I was doing it, and I kept noticing a bright yellow line running up the center of my chest. Very bright, very warm, and the feeling of good health it imparted was absolutely phenomenal. Oddly, I vaguely recalled feeling something like that before, but not since I was a kid, not since before I started thinking and collecting the memories of what it is like to be a human.
I realized that if you do your postures a certain way, then you end up with this energy line in your body, and it is the way you are supposed to feel. The reason you don’t feel this? It’s because you are trained to use your body the wrong way. Calisthenics without awareness, exercises chopped in half, that sort of thing.
So I tried something
I dichotomized the poses, finding the logical extremes that you bounce back and forth between. This created the hot line in the body. Then I did some of these moves slowly, putting awareness in them.
Man, talk about instant good health. The whole body warmed up, and I could feel all sorts of little things that were wrong with me getting fixed. Little things below the awareness, chipping away at me, yet, with this flux of balanced vibration these little chippers didn’t stand a chance. My whole body was just overwhelmed by the good feeling.
Now, there are several more things to this.
Selecting the correct postures, running your awareness the right way, relaxing the body so as to let the energy happen…and, to be honest, I don’t think I would have seen them if I didn’t know matrixing. I mean, these things are all there, but these guys doing Yoga don’t get it, or they take years, and then aren’t fully explainable.
Mysticism, it’ll kill ya, or at least slow you down and rob you of knowledge and awareness and competence and real gains.
But mysticism is nothing but explainable stuff…before it is explained.
Anyway, I’m moving fast with this stuff, got a lot more to figure out, but it’s probably time for another book.
If you’re interested in the Yoga (Yogata) that I’m doing, head on over to Monster Martial Arts.

Making a Martial Arts Plan and Sticking To It!

chi power
If you want to make it in this world,
and I am not just talking the martial arts,
you have to do a couple of things.

Look people in the eye,
work hard,

You look people in the eye because,
darn it,
you can’t fight what you can’t face.

Don’t unfocus your eyes and try to look at everything.
I know it is a good way to tap into perceptions,
but if you practice looking people in the eye,
you will learn to trust what you know.

Here’s what people don’t understand about looking people in the eye.
They think they can be fooled.
if you practice looking people in the eye,
you will eventually learn
not to be distracted by your perceptions,
and that includes what you see with your eyes.

you are not your eyeballs,
they are just the windows to your soul.
So don’t look with your eyeballs,
learn to look with your soul.
Learn to trust what you know,
that is the real path.

point two,
work hard.
Let me ask you a question,
how much down time do you have during the day?
I was talking to a fellow I was doing some work for,
he was a boss,
and he said that most people
have as much as fifty per cent downtime.
Time they are walking to the water cooler,
preparing for lunch,
yakking with the guy next to him,
and so on and so on.

Mind you,
he wasn’t upset,
he just knew that people don’t work as hard for others
as they would for themselves.
He would encourage people to get back to work
as politely as possible,
and he was always on the lookout
for the guy who worked hard,
wasn’t distracted,
because that was the guy who could learn
could be in charge,
who was willing.

Willingness is key here.

Don’t just work for somebody,
work for somebody and have a plan.
Don’t just flake off after work,
or before work…
have a plan.

You like martial arts?
Get books,
watch movies,
peruse the internet,
figure out what you have to do
to get better and better and better.

Follow your passion,
but do it with a logical approach.
Talk to other people,
find out what they think,
adjust your plan accordingly.

Do you want to teach martial arts in a year or two?
Do you want to open a school?
Do you want to win at freestyle?
Then find out what it is going to take,
and make a plan,
and stick to it!

I was in a union once,
and they were striking,
and I refused to.
I was getting death threats,
people were banging my car with their signs when I cross the picket line,
and I was very unpopular.
But my plan did not include getting fired,
getting fired would get in the way of things.
After it was all over
I was talking to one of the union leaders.
He was upset with me,
wanted to let me know,
and I asked him,
‘Do you go to school?’
He looked blank.
I continued,
‘Do you take a class somewhere?
Do you go somewhere and read books?
What do you want to do after the union?’
He remained blank.
He is probably blank to this day.
But he was using the union
to get more money.
I was using work
to make a martial arts plan,
to get where I was going.
To improve myself,
so I could make more than I could make
as a member of a union.

this is not a diatribe against unions,
just an encouragement.
Wherever you work
work hard,
but work with a plan,
and don’t let anybody get in your way.

I hope I have encouraged you,
made you think,
and shone a little light
on your path.
So let me offer something.
I do martial arts every day.
I never miss.
I also do Yoga.
And this is part of my plan.
I simply need to be in the best shape I can be
so that I can continue doing what I love to do
until the day I die.
You know where my website is,
and the link to the Yoga is below,
so you guys and gals have a great and wonderful day,
remember that you are the cream of the crop,
and planet earth needs your honor and hard work.
Needs it rather desperately.

go work out
and I’ll talk to you later.


I do yoga so that I can stay flexible enough to kick my own arse if necessary.–Betsy Garmon
Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.–Jason Crandell
Don’t just do something – sit there!–Author Unknown

Go to the Yogata link,


get an instant download,
and put your body in the best shape it can be in.
Better than football training,
better than military training,
will work every single muscle in your body,
and you will be faster than a Cheetah,
stronger than a gorilla,
and as light as a feather.

Creating the Absolutely Perfect Martial Arts Body

It’s like combat, you don’t go in carrying your tent and your next ten meals and the lucky horseshoe you found. Instead, you go in with lean and mean muscles, and you don’t carry extra baggage, you go in with the most perfect martial arts body you can create, and that’s the purpose of Yogata.

I know, I’m wasting my breath if you’re one of these fellows who is enamored by image and think muscles mean power.

Technique means power, not muscles. And efficient technique is created, in part, by sculpting the most efficient body possible.

So the purpose of Yogata is to make the body lean and mean and as efficient as possible.

Weight lifting isolates muscles, actually works against using the body as one unit.

Combat conditioning is good, but it is slanted towards one type of technique, one style of martial art.

Yogata, on the other hand, develops the whole muscle, from every angle, and that means the muscle is well balanced, part of the whole body motion, and the most efficient muscle it is possible to have.

Doing the Yoga Kata you won’t get big and bulky, but your muscles will get extra strong, and they will work better, and in unison with using the body as one unit, and that is going to make for a better martial art, and a more perfect martial arts body.

You can find out more, and you can get Yogata by instant download by clicking on Yogata.

Win #61

Monster Newsletter #354–The Greatest Work Out You Can Have!

Happy Monday to All!
It’s the monday of the work out.
It’s the Monday you break through
and have the best work out of your life!

What is it that makes a work out so special?
I mean,
you just grunt and throw the weight around,
throw it inside your body if you’re an internal stylist,
so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is awareness.
Is a guy who lifts weights becoming aware?
Only in the smallest sense.
No offense.
It does take concentration and discipline,
and those are good,
but they don’t really explode the awareness.

Is a gal who does ballet becoming aware?
more so,
it is admitted,
but the awareness is one dimensional.
It does not extend to handling the incoming missiles
the forces and flows,
that combat initiates.

How about a boxer?
Even though he is handling punches,
he is not handling the full spectrum of motion,
and his training methods are too narrow.
there ain’t no enlightenment
in getting hit in the face.

the martial arts handle every possibility of motion,
the training methods cover the full spectrum of body motion,
and account for every potential angle of attack,
and there are strategies and philosophies
which make one think…
make one aware.

You are to be commended for being a superior human being,
and thank you for extending your awareness
to planet earth.

here’s the rather startling fact.
When you master the martial arts,
you know that it is you generating the motion.
Athletes of other disciplines do not get this.
It’s a simple…
‘I am.’
A martial artist knows this.
An athlete is working hard.
Joe Blow doesn’t have a clue.
Doesn’t even know that he is.
He talks about it…
‘I think therefore I am…’
but that is a justification,
an excuse,
it is not the reality
of knowing who you are.
Of knowing…
‘I am.’

Have you ever wondered why
at the beginning of class,
there are a couple of minutes of meditation?
Because the old guys have realized the ‘I am’ that they are,
and they want the youngsters to start cultivating that awareness
even before they start their training,
they know where the training is going,
and they wanted to jumpstart the process,
and get to the point of it all
as fast as possible.

Here’s a win…

About time! I was wondering when you were going to get around to matrixing yoga! I just downloaded it! I found your article on ezines.com It’s time to work it!

Short, sweet, and simple.
A new attitude,
and why…
because yogata is directed at
‘I am.’
You do it before your work out.
You invest awareness in your body before you even start,
and then the fact of pushing awareness through the body,
and even outside the body
becomes easy.

You have to light a match,
before you cook on the stove.

If you have a problem stretching,
Yogata shows you the proper mindset
so you can relax into the stretch.
the ‘I am’ knows what to do,
it elongates the muscles,
without the damage
a thoughtless bounce/stretch might do.

If you have an injury,
awareness cures the injury.
Being ‘I am’
and extending that awareness
to the area and point of injury
cures the injury.

Got stress,
a jumpy mind,
twitchy reactions?
be the ‘I am,’
and the world suddenly becomes friendly and relaxed.

First you find the stillness of knowing who you are,
of knowing the truth of yourself,
then you use that truth,
to achieve stillness in motion.

And that is the secret
of the greatest workout
you will ever have.

turkey day is coming,
and I think it would be appropriate
if you killed your own turkey.
Just go out and buy a turkey and bring it home.
This next part is pretty easy,
so you can do it in your own living room.
Simply grab the turkey by the head,
and swing it until the neck snaps.
Then shave the turkey.
No need to do all that plucking,
just get your razor
and shave away.
use your wife’s little leg shaver.
She won’t mind.
got to make the innards into outards.
So reach up where the sun don’t shine,
grab a handful of whatever
and pull it out.
If you don’t want to get blood on the carpet,
just do it on the couch.
task completed,
so give your wife the bird
and say,
Then head to the store and get a little brewski.
A couple of hours of imbibing with the friends,
and you can head on home for a magnificent feast.
Shall we all give thanks now?
For blessings such as this newsletter?

You guys have a great work out,
and viva la turkey!


Here’s a blog I’ve been working on for the Yogata.
Got some work to do on it,
but it’s started.


Or, you could just head on over to Monster Martial Arts and find the book I’ve written on it.

I like to have a thing suggested rather than told in full. When every detail is given, the mind rests satisfied, and the imagination loses the desire to use its own wings.–Thomas Bailey Aldrich
I like to know the concept. When the concept is given the mind rests satisfied, and the imagination really uses its wings.–Al Case

Autumn’s the mellow time.–William Allingham
DoingMartial Arts creates a mellow time.–Al Case

Say what you have to say in the fewest possible words.–Arthur Bryant
You learn to say what you have to say in the fewest words possible if you study the martial arts.–Al Case

Send me your wins!