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Becoming the Center of the Universe with Martial Arts and Yoga

Making the Body the Center of the Universe!

HanaKwanMass is three holidays in one. Every day of your life should be three holidays in one. The way to make it so is to do a work out every day. It’s true.

Here’s the Martial Arts/Yoga exercise!

One of the more interesting exercises I have ever given you is to stare at a finger. This fits well with the basic palm position of such arts as Kung Fu, and specifically Pa Kua Chang. Simply hold the palm, with the index finger extended upward. In Pa Kua, stare at the finger and walk the circle.

yoga picHold the finger, go around it, make it the center of your universe. The more still you hold the finger, in spite of any body motion, the more pure your universe becomes.

Isolate and make special your universe, and you isolate and make special…you. The I am. The awareness that operates your body.

Now, I could do the obligatory ad here, and point you towards Pa Kua, but I shant. Instead, I want to ask you a question: have you ever been injured?

Well, of course. Who among us hasn’t stubbed a toe, broken a wrist, had a debilitating illness that knocked us flat on our back. Eh?

If you are not a martial artist, you get sick or injured, you go through it, and then you go on with your life. Running into more accidents, encountering more illness.

If you are a martial artist, driven, then you come to understand a simple fact: you learn a lot from being injured.

You have a sore ankle, so how do you set up your stance, so you can still work out? And you look at your ankle, and the angles, and the pressures, and the structure of the bones…and you invest your awareness into that body part. And you learn things about your body that you normally wouldn’t have learned.

And (rueful grin), then you can go out and run into another accident, encounter another illness.

Except, you are a little smarter, and maybe you learn how to avoid those unfortunate incidents. Or, at least make them into better and ever better learning experiences.

One of the truths of neutronics is that if it doesn’t kill you, you learn from it. And sometimes…even if it kills you. Grin.

So, that all said, the best thing you can do if you are injured or ill is Yogata. It is better than a pill or a knife.

Take a pill and the body is suppressed so that you don’t feel misery while the body heals itself.

Do Yogata and you invest awareness in the body, and help it heal.

Now, I could tell you all sorts of things about when to do Yogata and what it does, but I don’t feel like going into a commercial. Education is better than a commercial any day. So let me tell you this:

You walk the circle in Pa Kua, and hold your finger steady, and make it the center of a universe.

In Yogata you hold the whole body still, and you don’t create a universe, you ARE the universe.

And, if that leg hurts, by holding it still in a posture, by looking at it, by investing awareness and telling it to relax, to stop trembling, to shush up and listen…you allow it to heal; you encourage it to heal faster and more effectively.

If that headache is bugging you, by sitting in posture and looking at the universe, you come to realize that pain is not real, and that you have been entertaining an illusion.

Let me share a win with you:


I had to share this with you. My friend Tracey has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for several years. After some stresses and tragedies in her life she started to decline a bit losing her balance and leg strength. Well I have been practicing Yogata and experiencing great gains in flexibility and strength. Well I had taught her some qigong and other stuff so I decided what the hell and showed her the first sections prayer and tree in the Kata. Well within a day her gait and movement had improved dramatically. She feels better emotionally and physically and I will continue teaching her the rest of the form. Thank you so much for this wonderful exercise system. Tracey said: “Wherever Al is I hope he is surrounded by things he loves because this is amazing!”

Justin H

Thanks Justin. And thanks Tracey.

A win like this…this is what life is all about…all the people of planet earth healthy and happy!

So the point here is this. If you want a well rounded exercises, good for warm up or cool down, good for rehabbing injury or getting over illness… if you want a kata that taps into the spirit and strength of a spiritual calisthenic that has lasted (grown) for thousands of years…if you want something that will gently massage your whole body, from every angle, through every muscle,

into total heath…if you want to learn how to invest awareness, and grow chi power, and make your body strong enough to last through a hundred years of martial arts…then my obligatory advertisement is for Yogata.


Heck, it’s instant download, and the price is so reasonable…So treat yourself, and all your students, and students to be, to a real HanaKwanMass.