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I Learn Kung Fu to Kill People!

Why I Learn the Martial Arts!

Got a recent email, and in it, some fellow talked about what he should say when asked why he did the martial arts. Now, I find this most interesting, and even bizarre.

I mean, when somebody asks me why I do the martial arts, I say because I like doing them.

And, if pressed, I merely point out that my body gets stronger, lasts longer, and stays happier.

And, my mind tends to focus on tasks at hand, and avoid distractions.

And, I just feel better.

Well, shucks, martial arts, and I don’t care what your style of kung fu, karate, aikido, or whatever is, work the body, and make you solve real time problems at a fast rate, to say the least.

Can anybody mention a more pressing problem than a fist barreling in on your face? Then I go to work, and that flooded bathroom is sort of inconsequential.

Did you know that most people who study martial arts do better in life than non martial artists?

It’s true. Totally true.

I can’t tell you how often I have talked to people and found out that the boss I am talking to studied martial arts. Maybe in college, maybe still doesn’t do it, but he’s still got the kung fu uniform hanging in the closet and ready to go.

And, even if the person isn’t a boss, the guys who do the most work, who seem to treat the customers the friendliest…they have martial arts experience.

Simply, they handle the fierce encounter on the mat, so handling the upset customer behind the counter is nothing. I mean, the guy in the complaint department has a broken part, so you just hand him a new one and tell him you’re sorry…and he’s happy. That’s a lot easieer than trying to flip that guy who outweighs you by forty pounds and has a grip on your neck!

Heck, if bosses knew this, they would probably start demanding that martial artists be the first to be hired.

Ah, well.

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A Great Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Training Tool

The Wing Chun wooden dummy is a fantastic training device. It toughens the arms for blocking, it toughens the palms for striking, and it is an opponent that never quits, but always loses. Unfortunately, it costs a bit much, so here are a couple of alternatives to help the Wing Chun aficionado.

wing chun wooden dummy

Wake up!

The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is popular in many martial arts, but Wing Chun Ving Tsun) Gung Fu is the best known. This art has practiced with the wooden fellow for the longest amount of time, and even has a complete form for dominating it. Other Martial arts, however, utilize the dummy, also.

This writer recalls watching the Kung Fu wooden dummy in Jackie Chan’s great kung fu flick Rumble in the Bronx. Watching the air become thick with dust when Jackie lays into it is a great moment. Possibly the best flick to show the wooden training Partner is the movie Ip Man, with Donny Yen.

In the beginning the martial artist will become competent at training on kicking bags and speed bags, and perhaps strengthening the mitts on the makiwara. It won’t be long, however, until the karateka or kung fu zealot puts a couple of rug samples on a pine tree and starts tougher hand conditioning exercises. A nice trick, however, is to get the wooden limb to move towards you so you can block it.

This writer made a quick striking pole by taping a towel around a broomstick, and then having people come at him with it. This rapidly turned into an advanced form of free fighting, where the block had to be accomplished, and the distance to the attacker covered. It is a hard task to move three or four feet in a split second to close the distance the to the pole.

From there one might consider mounting a pole on a pivot. Simply bury a two by four in the earth, then place a moveable pole atop it. On can block the pole, and block it again when it swings around, and even get into ducking and blocking.

Eventually, one will want to get a large piece of wood-a log-drill holes through it, and set up some arms and even legs. One can then dance back and forth, palm the wooden limbs, and pretend that one is fighting a real opponent. What is really nifty is to put some large springs on the limbs so that there is a certain amount of give and take.

The cost of wood being considerable, or perhaps the difficulty of procuring a log when you live in in a city, one might think about different materials. A length of PVC might suffice, if one can find thick enough material that won’t break, or perhaps even some sort of light metal. This type of dummy and limbs would require some sort of wrapping to protect the hands and feet.

In closing, there are many ways to set up a false attacker, and the martial student is limited only by his imagination. Watch movies, read instruction manuals, and start inspecting the materials that you might use. Guaranteed, a Wing Chun wooden dummy will provide you with many hours of happy martial arts training.

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Wing Chun Gung Fu, The Girly Martial Art That Will Kick Your Butt!

Good Trapping Hands Technique!

Every once in a while somebody will remark that ‘Isn’t Wing Chun Kung Fu that stuff invented by a girl?’ Inside that statement is a bias against ladies who can be pretty darned tough. The statement also reveals some fundamental ignorance.

Many years ago, the myth goes, a warlord was forcing his affections on a peasant girl. The girl escaped into the forest, where she was befriended by a Shaolin nun named Ng Mui. The nun taught the girl enough Gung Fu to take on, and beat, the warlord, and then the young girl was able to marry the man who really had her heart.

The man of her dreams, a fellow named Leung Bac-Chou, also knew some Gung Fu. During a little marital spat he decided to teach his bride a lesson, and wound up being taught a lesson of his own. Fortunately, wifey decided to share her style with hubbie, and the style was named after the wife: Wing Chun (beautiful springtime).

While one could find many plot inconsistencies with this myth, the fact remains that it is one of the more workable systems of the Chinese Martial Arts. This is because the martial system is concept based, but backed up by good, hard work. In other words, students of Wing Chun don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.

The system is basically short range oriented. The central drill of the system is Chi Sau, or ‘Sticky Hands,’ a method by which practitioners twine the arms and learn to read and be sensitive to an opponent. People practicing Chi Sau for any length of time become able to virtually ‘read the mind’ of an opponent.

The system also has the famous wooden dummy training tool. This is a thick stand of hard wood outfitted with arms and legs. The student learns how to bash, guide and manipulate an opponent by fighting for endless hours with this wood dummy.

Close range combat is not the only feature of Ving Tsun, however. For middle range work one learns to wield the Butterfly swords. For long range work there is the long spear.

Wing Chun has proven itself over the centuries, and the most famous student was Bruce Lee. Currently, Wing Chun Kung Fu is being practiced around the globe, and is renowned for its combat effectiveness. Not too shabby for a ‘Girls Martial Art.’

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Most Fun Cheapest Freestyle Training Device!

I wanted to freestyle, try out moves, work on techniques, but I had no one to play with. Wah!
So I asked my wife to beat me up. She said she’d love to, but she didn’t know Karate.
That’s cool. I had a great and cheap freestyle training device. I’ll tell you about it right below this video.

I took a towel and wrapped it around the end of a pole used for push brooms. I duc taped it tight. I then had her whap me.

Man, did I have fun. I blocked to my hearts content, tried to close with the evil B**** having such a good time. Snapped kicks and punches, and pulled them with a few inches to spare.
She finally got tired of hitting me, she wasn’t getting through.

What? I was supposed to let her hit me? Ha!

Anyway, I got a great work out, and all the freestyle my heart could handle, all with the cheapest and greatest freestyle training device you can make in two minutes.

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