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How To Use Martial Arts Theory To Master Modern Firearms Technology

Martial Arts Weapon

What Can You Really Do with the Martial Arts?

What an odd thing we are dealing with here: ancient martial arts theory and modern firearms technology. Yet, physics are physics, and the two fields come together nicely. Of course, we must put aside mysticism and hold to the facts.

The fact is that what when we are shooting we are trying to do is hold sights steady on the target. To not shake, shiver, flinch, get tired of holding our limb extended, and so on. In other words, to make perfect stillness of the body.

This means not just control of the body, but control of the mind. This is our first application of martial arts principles; this is where we develop mushin no shin, that mind of no mind, wherein reality is perceived as it is, and there are no distractions. If one can ignore mental ‘chatter,’ then one has much better chance to hold the body steady; this is a matter of focused concentration.

The second thing to understand is that when somebody shoots a gun there is going to be a reaction. Doesn’t matter if you have recoilless science in your weapon, Newton’s laws can’t be ignored…at least in the beginning. For there to be an action there is going to be an equal and opposite reaction.

So, assuming you don’t have a weapon that is going to ‘suck the recoil up,’ you need to develop the ability to absorb recoil. This means the arm can’t be stiff, but rather slightly bent and able to accept the sudden shock with the least amount of motion. Of course, there is still going to be that sudden shock, and here is where we reach deep into the martial arts.

There is this thing used in the art of Aikido called an unbendable arm. Stand with the back of your hand on your partner’s shoulder, and have your partner pull down on the inner joint of the arm. If your arm is rigid, it can be pulled down; if your arm is relaxed and flowing energy, it cannot be pulled down.

At first this seems mystical, until one realizes that the body is more than just bone and muscle, it is an energy system. By focusing your attention on a point in the distance, and generating energy in your center (a point two inches below the navel), and by imagining that energy traveling out your arm and to that distant point, you are creating a whole new way of shooting a gun. Actually, you are creating the right way to shoot a gun.

Interestingly, people who practice shooting for a number of years eventually come up with this theory by themselves. But I am describing the nuts and bolts here, and hopefully enabling you to chop a few years off of your training, and to move to the head of the class. To use energy, to ‘intend’ your bullet to hit the target, that is ancient martial arts theory applied to Modern firearms technology.

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Here’s to the Martial Arts Monkey Perched on Your Back

There are several reasons why people start studying the martial arts.

Here’s a snip before we get into it…it’s from my Monkey Boxing course. I need to take out the print, but here it is.

One, your mommy brought you to the dojo so you could get a little discipline.’ ┬áMake you well behaved. ohm you bad boy (grin).

Two, you got together with some friends. Had a good time, and now you’re studying more seriously.

Three, some free, or nearly so, class got you going. YMCA, college, whatever, but you’re on the way now.

Four, you just gravitated to it. Watched movies,found yourself wondering, saw some moves on youtube, and you walked into a school somewhere.

Doesn’t matter how you started, the monkey is now on your back.

It’s a good monkey. Weighs a lot, takes a lot of feeding, but it’s a fun feed.

Carrying a monkey that big (more like a gorilla , heh!) tires you out, but in a good way, makes you sleep at night.

Carrying a monkey that big makes you strong and tough, so you can get the job done.

Calms you down, and you meet some mighty interesting people. It’s fun looking at the monkey on their back. Different kinds of monkeys.

And some of these monkeys carry weapons, some of them can do wild things.

But, that’s okay.

You can to.

Here’s to the Monkey on your back.

Learn about Monkey Boxing and Weapons.