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Urban Weapons Needed for When Economy Crashes

Urban Weapons When The Mobs Rule!

Urban weapons are going to be a necessity for survival.
With the economy going south,
with idiots rampaging in ‘mob robs,’
urban weapons, bolstered a good hard course in martial arts
make may the difference
between life and death.
a lot of people think
that an urban weapon is an assault rifle.
But try walking down the street with that.
some people think baseball bat,
a garbage can lid for a shield,
holy middle ages!
When I think of an urban weapon,
I think of something sneaky,
that I can carry easily
use quickly,
and nobody suspects a thing.
Middle class ninja weapons,
you know?
I have a kubotan.
It is a keyring,
they mass produce them.
when times are tough,
I make sure the kubotan is
slightly bigger and thicker.
The keys can be used to slash and rake,
the butt can be used to pound,
and if you know your weapons,
there are all sorts of quick grab arts.
Not that I would want to use a grab art
in a mob situation.
But it is an extra
for the pure martial artist in me.
I tried making a few of these ‘fistloaders’
with spikes coming out the sides
so they would project between my fingers.
Simple nails or screws,
through a hunk of dowel.
You slash,
they bleed.
They grab,
you twist and stab
and their wrists are sliced.
Get it?
I want to disclaim right here.
Some of this stuff might not be legal,
or is on the edge of illegal,
and I don’t carry them on the street.
if the times get tough,
and I have to fight for food,
I carry
and I use.
A little longer range
is a cane
or cane sized stick
with a nail in the bottom.
You drill a hole in the bottom of the cane,
insert the nail pointy end out
and fasten a hose clamp around the tip.
put a cork on it,
and walk like you’re helpless.
If a mugger wants you,
don’t slash and flail,
and don’t try to stick him.
You risk it getting grabbed,
then it is no longer secret.
toe the cork off
and stab at the feet
or the shin if he is kicking.
Keep it low so he can’t grab.
Takes a little practice,
but you will leave an owie
and hopefully somebody sitting on the ground
holding his foot
and wondering about why his foot is bleeding
and where will he get a tetanus shot.
I have a few doubts about this one.
How big a nail will it take,
will it stop or just irritate,
but it is something to think about.
The third weapon would be the belt,
with a sharpened buckle.
Wear tight pants,
whip it off,
flail madly,
snap effectively,
and a heavy buckle with sharp points
can do some excruciating damage.
Of course,
my best defense for something like this
is to learn weapons.
So let me segue shamelessly
into a Blinding Steel advertisement.
I ransacked a lot of arts to come up with this.
I took heavy looks at several systems of Arnis,
a couple of systems of Silat,
and I took some important glances at JKD.
Bruce didn’t do much on weapons,
though I love his switch,
I think it was Game of Death?
his students got heavily involved in weapons.
Danny inosanto,
 and Paul Vunak
come to mind.
Then there are the Dog Brothers.
Some of the early tapes
of their full contact matches
were real eye openers.
Mind you,
I didn’t take much from these guys,
rather sorted through them.
I was interested in a system,
and while what they did worked for them,
I needed to matrix the thing.
And I wanted to matrix it outside of regular systems,
because I wanted to get rid of the extra bushwah,
I wanted it to be fast and easy to learn.
So Blinding Steel is a quick section on hands,
including the Speed Drill.
Then you get into weapons.
There are eight specific drills
which can be used for
absolutely ANY weapon.
samurai sword,
buggy whip,
The eight drills are so logical and easy to learn,
can be done with anything,
that I know
for a fact
that just about anybody can learn this entire weapons system
within ten or twenty hours.
And I mean be a total expert.
And I know,
because I have taught it to people this quickly.
Mind you,
I usually take a little more time,
I like to put grab arts in there,
specifically from Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing)
make sure that the students get fully rounded,
and it usually takes me about three months
for the Blinding Steel.
Which at two hours a week
is 24 hours.
But if you were to just get the videos
do them exactly as I say,
I’m pretty sure you could do the thing in as little as ten hours.
I’m serious.
when it comes to life and death
teaching people how to survive
I don’t mess around.
I don’t want them standing
with their thumb up their nose
when some elephant sized bully
is swinging down on them.
I want the keyring across the eyes,
 the kick in the nuts,
the butt of the keyring
at the base of the skull,
and my student walking quickly away.
I shouldn’t have made the ad that long,
but I get excited.
I really love weapons,
and they are fun,
and if you run a school,
you know that a lot of people
will walk in the door
if you advertise weapons training.
that all said,
I want you guys to have
a great and phenomenal week,
enjoy the Hunger Games
(next week,I think)
and I’ll talk to you later.
Help support the Great Matrixing Tour!
Order a course now!
your help is appreciated.
I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)
 urban martial arts

I’m sorry to have to relate this one, but several army fellows were standing in a group, discussing the state of the world. The US is about to go broke, people are starting to hoard food, and what ya gonna do about it?

One fellow’s solution was stated simply…’I’m not going to store food. I’m just going to store an extra box of shells. Smaller, easier to carry, and I can take anything I want, including the food that people store.

Well, isn’t that interesting. What is more interesting is that the other soldiers said nothing. They just nodded their heads, grunted, or thought about it.

Well, the world ain’t going belly up. If the government goes broke, life goes on. It always has, and always will. After all, if the politicians can’t pay themselves, why should that mean the farmers can’t sell beef and veggies, and the clothes makers can’t make clothes, and so on.

Heck, the government going out of business would be good for business, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, the point of this is that when times get tough, you need to get tougher. You should be cutting your bills, making your purchasing count, having a little extra food, or even a box of shells on the back shelf, and…get yourself physically fit and able to defend yourself.

The best thing I ever did, when it comes to learning fast self-defense, is probably the Monkey Boxing program. I used to call it Blinding Steel, and it is all about knife fighting (the weapon of choice when it comes to fit hit the shan situations), taking away knives, and learning how in the fastest possible time.

This program is so quick and efficient that a person can near double his speed in a week, beat anybody in a knife fight in two weeks, and take anybodys knife away in three weeks.
Of course you’d have to study like a maniac. But isn’t the martial arts really about being a maniac? Grin.

Anyway, check out the Blinding Steel program.

Got to go now. Love ya. See ya.