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Meeting the Ultimate Martial Arts Warrior

This is How I Met The Ultimate Martial Arts Warrior!

I am currently living atop a mountain, caretaking a ranch, and putting together a ‘dojo in the sky.’

If you have lived on a ranch you know how rough it can be. The wildlife is hard at work surviving, and even the tame livestock can be pretty fierce.

The mice, for instance, will crawl atop your warm motor and chew on the wires. Thus, we need cats, fierce cats, to control them.

But the cats are risk from coyotes, so we need fierce dogs to protect them.

My dog happens to be ‘city stupid.’ He wants to hide in the cabin all night and snooze. And even if he did go out and patrol the property, Mrs. Coyote is liable to give a yodel and lure him out…a fresh plate of coyote food.

So I talked to my partner about the situation, and he said, “Al, I’ve got just the dog for you,” and a couple of weeks later he brought out a pregnant Malenois.

A malenois is a small version of a German Shepherd, it has smaller jaws so it won’t break bones and cause lawsuits.

This particular Malenois earned a quick reputation as ‘The Hell Bitch.’

First, it rolled my Labrador over, introduced the poor, loving smurf to the matriarchy.

Then it went after the cats.

Cats! But it was supposed to protect the cats.

My partner said, “I‘ll bring you a couple of feral cats.”

But we had feral cats! And The Hell Bitch had made short work of them!

My partner didn’t think about that; didn’t consider that he was just bringing up more ’dog food,’ and a couple of weeks later he brought a couple of feral cats to the ranch.

“These guys are extra vicious,” he promised, and he let the first one go.

ZING! The Hell Bitch was on that cat like a rocket, and the cat disappeared into the wilderness.

My partner just smiled. “She’ll show up later.” then he released the second feral cat, and that was when I met the ultimate martial arts warrior.

Before I tell you about this warrior, however, let me tell you an old story.

Two samurai decided to see which one was better. So they exchanged invitations and arranged a meeting.

One morning they both arrived at a clearing.

They circled, and then stepped towards each other.

They drew  their swords, and they edged closer and closer. They arrived at striking distance, and became motionless.

Hour after hour they stood there, each waiting for the other to make a mistake, to leave an opening.

Finally, just before dusk, they backed away from each other, sheathed their swords, and bowed.

One of them had made a mistake, an internal flinch, a moment of lost concentration, and the other had seen it. They never acknowledged who was the better, but they both knew who had won and who had lost.

So my partner released the second feral cat.


He was white and orange, and he crossed the yard, coming straight for The Hell Bitch.

The Hell Bitch. whose name was Bel, gathered her legs, prepared to leap upon the cat.


The cat walked right past her.

Bel growled and barked.

The cat ignored her, came to my wife and rubbed up against her leg.

Bel circled, snarling and snapping, waiting for the moment of weakness so she could charge in and tear the tabby apart.

“Mew.” The cat walked past me, up the steps to the house, and went in.

Bel followed her, looming over her, drooling and moaning with the desire to fight.

The cat jumped up on a chair and curled up.

Arrrooo! Grrrr! Bark!

Drool and slobber foaming out of her mouth, Bell snapped her jaws over the hair of the cat.

The cat rolled over and went to sleep.

Two days later, totally defeated, her whole DNA betrayed, her pregnant bitchery stymied, Bel took sick. She nearly died before my partner could come get her, hook her to an IV and drive her to an animal hospital.

The cat, you see, never showed a weakness. Did not hesitate or falter, and entertaiend no thought of resisting, of cringing, of shrinking, of reacting to the mad, foaming, insanely rabid hound.

The cat manifested, exactly, the attitude of Daniel in the lion’s den.

My question is this: how many of you have this concept in your martial art? How many of you can claim to have ever demonstrated even a fraction of this kind of behavior?

And, can you see this type of attitude emanating as a result of your training?

You are advised to examine Matrix Martial Arts if you want to develop yourself into the ultimate martial arts warrior. Make sure you pick up a free martial arts book.

The Ultimate Martial Arts Contest That is New and Even Better!

The winner of the first Ultimate Martial Arts Contest is announced in the Monster Martial Arts Journal. He won ten  Martial Arts Books! You could win ten martial arts books in the next contest!

It’s on page five of the Monster Martial Arts Journal.

Also on page five is the new and improved contest. It is new and improved because the picture to be named is…weird. I mean, it’s religious, but…I don’t know how to describe it. Seriously. this isn’t a teaser, I just don’t know how to tell you what is weird about the pic. It just is.

The Monster Journal is available at Monster Martial Arts. It’s free, absolutely and utterly free, and you can read it online, or download it if you wish. Here’s the link…

The Monster Martial Arts Journal!

It’s got an article about the chi building properties of a classical Karate Technique, an assortment of articles on other things, and the Chi graphic at the end of the journal, by Master Instructor Angelo Pabon, is a true work of art.

Check it out, it is the Ultimate Martial Arts Contest, and it is new and improved.

Extreme Martial Arts are Another Form of Mysticism

I know, I’m (choke) old. But the trick is real, and I’ll tell you about extreme martial arts and mysticism and all that stuff right after the video.

Extreme martial arts covers a lot of territory: the best martial art, the secret martial art, and so on. And it is bogus.

Think of it this way. A fifth grader sits in a 2nd grader’s class. He knows how to multiply, so he has this big inner chuckle when he sees all these second graders adding 2 + 2 and getting 5.

Would you call the fifth grader a mystic? A sage? An extreme mathematician?

Well, to the second graders he is.

To the 9th graders, however, he is a knothead.

The martial arts are like that.

Some guy knows karate,or taekwondo, or kenpo, and the fellows who know Tai Chi or Pa Kua or Aikido…they have a big inner chuckle.

But, to a guy who knows Matrixing…we won’t use the word knothead, but you get the idea.

The Kenpoka or karateka or taekwondoka is blcoking and kicking and punching.

The taichoka or Pakuakoka or aikidoka puts his arms in the same positions, but he does different things with the energy inside.

The Matrixer, however, knows why.

It’s all about science, you see. The hard style martial artist is watching water boil on the stove. The soft stylist is turning on the stove. The matrixer knows why.

And, because he follows a science, instead of a bunch of random moves with some loose theory, the matrixer learns faster.

Not twenty years to mastery, or even ten. No, no. A matrixer learns at a glance, intuitively, so once he has understood matrixing principles, his rate of learning is usually three times faster, but can be as much as ten times faster.

Science, man. Not mysticism. That’s the secret of Extreme Martial Arts. Drop by my website and pick up a free book on the Science of Matrixing.