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The Deadly Power Punch Technique From Korean Karate!

This Korean Karate technique is one of the simplest and most deadly techniques in the classical martial arts. As simple as it is, it requires perfect and exact timing, and a number of little elements I’m about to tell you about. Understanding these little points, and practicing a bit, and you are going to have one of the most powerful tools in your martial arts arsenal.
I discovered the technique in the form Pinan Five, it happens right after you execute a crescent kick and low block. You are now standing in a horse stance, and you swing the right arm to cover the left side of the body with a weird, fingers pointed palm block. You then execute a left punch to the left, and that is your power punch.
You can do this move right out of the form, and it will work with plenty of power. But there are ways to tweak it to make even more power, and to make it even more workable. And we want more workable, because we want to understand this technique so well that we can use it on the street.
Have your partner face you, handshake distance away. Have him step forward with his right foot and punch to your face with his right hand. You step back with your left leg into a back stance as you execute a left palm block, this causes your partner’s right hand to pass in front of you, and this presents his body for the counter.
To counter, turn the hips and feet into a horse stance as you execute a right punch to his body. Now, this has got to be snappy, and you have to sink your weight and snap those hips, and you are going to find that this technique, if executed correctly, is going to smash his ribs to splinters. In addition, if you happen to go precise, and this will happen naturally over time, you can stick your fingers into his armpit.
The point that must be remembered is that you must have perfect CBM, Coordinated Body Motion. This means that all parts of the body move at the same time and in harmony. Thus, you strike with a couple of hundred pounds of body weight (assuming you weigh a couple of hundred pounds), and not twenty pounds of arm weight.
In addition, you must set the stance at the exact and correct distance so that your arm is nearly straightened out, only has a couple of inches to extend, when you make contact. If you decide to use the fingers, go slower, and add fingertip push ups to your work outs. If you decide to go deep, you can set your legs so that your punched out arm can sweep him over your horse.
I always found this to be a thrilling technique, quick and easy, and I love the feeling of moving in quick and light and then dropped the deep power into the last snap of the fist. The potential for damage is wonderful, and it is very usable on the street, and can be adjusted or modified as one needs. The official name for this punch, in my system, which is a slight modification of Korean Karate, is The Power Punch, hope you like it.

After 30 Years in the Martial Arts What It Feels Like To Hit Somebody!

What happened when I finally used my fists somebody, after 30 years studying the martial arts, studying Kenpo and Kang Duk Won and Aikido and Wing Chun, and all sorts of other stuff, and what it felt like, was a crack up…and it was a wake up call. I tell you this little tale not to put forth bashing gays, or to encourage you to get in fights. Hitting people, after all, though nothing happened to me on this occasion, could have ended up with me being sued, or at least thrown in the hoosegow.

I was manager of an apartment house in Southern California, and it was on a bad side of town. One day a fellow came by with a dog on a rope, and I told him (in a polite manner) that dogs weren’t allowed in the apartments. He just looked at me and grinned, “Why don’t you tell him,” and he nodded to his canine companion.

I went to the tenant he had visited and told him that he would have to tell dog owner not to visit again, and I was met with a rude attitude. I started taking note of the type of people that were coming to see this tenant, and I realized that the guy was selling dope. This is where the story gets nasty.

I knocked on the door to his apartment and was let in, and I told the fellow that drugs weren’t allowed, and that he would have to move. He just laughed at me and announced, “I’m not even going to pay rent from now on, and you can’t do anything about it!” So I punched him.

Now, I merely dropped my weight into the sanchin stance, and I punched him with both fists on the chest. Man, he flew over the bed and struck the wall. But it was a stunning wake up to me. I hadn’t really damaged him, and I couldn’t believe the feeling of actually hitting somebody.

The shock jarred my arms and shook my shoulders, and my strike was not effective. I had knocked the stuffings out of bags for years, but the feeling of 175 pounds of human flesh was entirely different. I realized than that I had to change my training methods. If this had been a real fight, with somebody willing to stand up to me, I’d have a knock down drag out on my hands.

Anyway, the tenant jumps up, and he’s sobbing, an adult and he’s actually crying, and he says, “You can’t hit me!” Well, I wasn’t going to punch him again, I had suddenly realized how incredibly idiotic I was to lose it like that, but there was a ring of truth to his words. So I growled, “Why not?”

“Because my friend is in the closet!” I was frozen for a moment, then I crossed the room and opened the door to his closet, and his naked, gay lover was standing there, trembling in fear and with a really sickly grin on his face. Well, I learned something, I was going to stick to regular training in classical martial arts like Aikido and Tai Chi, and figure out a way to make my strikes really real, and I was going to avoid fighting.

Monster Newsletter #303–The Fence of My Skin and the True Spiritual You!

Hey! Hey! Good morning!
It’s drizzly and misty here in LA,
and that leads to the obvious conclusion…
the sun won’t come out
until I work out.

It’s true.
I control the sun,
and the moon and the stars
merely by the strength of my work out.

Don’t believe it?
Take my attitude
and clean up your own weather.
You’ll find out.

Let me tell you something loopy about this,
and then offer an example of proof
about this work out thing.

Consider your body,
your skin is the fence.
Your awareness sits inside the fence,
And your eyes and ears are like searchlights
watching beyond the fence.

the real key is awareness.

You watch outside the fence of your skin
to feed your awareness.
Do you know how little awareness you are using?

one day you take up martial arts
and you realize that there is more to this awareness thing.
So you work out,
run some energy around the area
inside the fence,
through the arms and legs,
around the organs, and so on.
You punch and kick and throw,
and energy moves around inside your fence
more efficiently
the odd thing,
you become more aware.
Pushing that energy,
you watch the energy,
and you become more aware.
Anybody who has done martial arts
knows this is true.

And you reach the point where
you start to realize
that there is more than
eyes and ears and blood and bone.

There is this awareness coursing through your body,
and you start to ‘sense’ things,
which means you are aware of things
without using the eyes and ears.

you work out long enough
you suddenly are aware of something outside the fence,
beyond your skin,
without using the ears and eyes.
you are breaking the fence of your skin,
opening the doors of perception
realizing that there is more to life
than just a body.
There is you.
And you are awareness.
The big ’I am.’

one day I was working,
I haven’t spoken of this for probably a hundred or so newsletters,
so most of you haven’t heard it,
but I was working,
big door factory,
and during the lunch hour
one of the guys asked me about the martial arts.
So we went into the back room.
The light was very dim,
there was a lot of noise,
and we had to really concentrate on each other
to hear and be heard.

I was showing him suburito,
which is a basic sword strike exercise
from Aikido.
And I was showing him how to hold the sword upright,
preparatory to the strike,
and suddenly,
this huge force,
like the hand of a 100 foot giant
grabbed my body
and made the sword slash downwards behind me.
I was virtually helpless,
couldn’t stop the force,
but I had just enough awareness
to know that I had to do something,
and I pushed,
with every single ounce of my fiber,
to make the sword leave its path.
I pushed,
and it felt like I was lifting a thousand pounds.
My very bones made cracking noises.
The ‘sword’ did leaves its path
made a slight little blip
in an otherwise perfect
downward arc.

There was a guy behind me,
name of Eddie,
who had seen us working out
and decided to jump me.
He was only going to grab me,
but he was one of these fellows
with a little extra bit of nasty in his soul.

The sword
it was a actually a piece of track
used for closet doors,
cut down and slashed open his chest.
It was a mean,
nasty cut,
blood all over the place.
He staggers back
against a stack of pallets,
and he’s messed up.

So we got the first aid going,
he was going to have to go to the hospital
and get his chest sewed back together,
here’s the odd thing,
he wasn’t mad at me.
He was too messed up to be mad,
he was looking at his own mortal blood,
he was beyond anger and into surviving.
And I took advantage of the moment
and asked him what he had been doing.

He told me he was going to get me,
grab me for a joke,
have some fun with me.
Picking up on his words,
and some of the underlying meanings,
I asked him what he had been thinking
right before I cut him open.
I remember his exact words.
He looked up at me,
one hand clamped over the wound,
blood seeping through the fingers,
and he said,
“It’s funny,
I was right behind you,
just starting to jump,
and I thought,
‘Aha, got him!’
Then you cut me!”

the skin is a fence,
and there is a world outside the fence
that the martial arts illuminate,
and it doesn’t always use the eyes and the ears,
and it builds up the senses
of more than the eyes and ears.
it can take a lifetime,
if you matrix your martial art
then it becomes efficient
and you get those abilities a lot faster.
Get me,
it’s not matrixing that gives you the abilities,
it is your art that gives you those abilities,
matrixing just makes the process faster,
more efficient,
gets you there faster.
Without matrixing you go slow,
maybe don’t even get there.
With matrixing,
zingo bingo,
you’re there.

one last thing,
you remember how I said
I felt a huge force controlling my body?
Pulling my sword?
That was the real me,
and there is a similar force controlling you,
the real you.
Your body is a mere sliver of the real you.
Martial arts,
good martial arts,
especially if matrixed,
makes you aware of the real you.
The monstrous, huge, gigantic essence
that is the spiritual you
that controls that little thing
you call a body.

And when I pushed against my true spiritual force,
made the sword change its arc ever so slightly,
I saved Eddie’s face.
The cut would have gone right through his right temple,
taken out the eye,
and laid his skin to the bone.
Would have cut through the actual bone.

I had enough martial arts
that the true me could act,
because of the martial arts
I had enough presence of mind
to effect the true me,
and save somebody’s life.

I don’t know how good a guy I am,
I make a lot of mistakes,
I don’t always say or do the right thing,
no matter how hard I try.
But I’ve got a method that makes sense,
and it works,
and it works for everybody
and is even logical.
But it is going to take some sweat,
it’s going to take some work,
and it’s going to take a dedication of work outs,
even fully matrixed work outs,
but it is there,
and the proof is in you.
Can you work out hard enough,
efficiently enough
to bring out the truth of you?

I think so.
Here’s the link to help.

Monster Martial Arts

If you don’t feel like Karate,
look around for the art
that is closest to what you really want,
what will really help you find
the true spiritual giant
that you are.

Have a great work out.



Here’s something about the beginnings of my base art, the Kang Duk Won.
How A One Armed Student Studies Martial Arts
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It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.
Mary Daly

The One Thing You Need To Know To Have The Most Powerful Punch In The World!

Power, in the Martial Arts, especially martial arts like Karate or Kung Fu is often measured by how hard you can hit. Thus, people hit the bag and the Makiwara, and they do push ups to strengthen their arms, and…and they are doing it all wrong. You see, there is one critical factor that they are missing, and so all their push ups and punches and other exercises are for nothing.

I want to make a point here…and I can only do that by asking you one specific question? Where, during your punch, do your arms bear the most weight? The answer is obvious, they bear it at the end of the punch, when the arm is nearly extended.

So why do you need to push up your arm through the whole range of motion from the floor? Being strong at the beginning or middle of the punch is not important. Concentrating your work out through the whole range of motion is nothing but a waste.

So, do a work out, make it gentle and general, and build up your arms as a whole unit, then focus your work out on the end of the punch. This is easy to do, you can do it for virtually any exercise. All you have to do it isolate the part of the exercise where the arm is nearly extended, and put weight on that part of the exercise.

Let’s say you’re doing a push up. Do the push up until your arms are nearly extended, then do go to town. Do as many six inch push ups with the arms nearly extended, as you can, fast, concentrating on keeping your belly tight.

Here’s the trick, you need to feel the strength in your shoulders. The impact of the punch, you see, is going to go up your arms and into the shoulders. Thus, it is the shoulders that must become dense and strong.

Make the shoulders thick and dense, and do the exercise at various times of the day, until the muscles of the shoulders become as matter of fact as the leg muscles of a marathon runner. It’s funny that people have never thought of this, and I wonder at it, but it is common sense. I suppose the problem is that people get a general idea of exercise and never actually look at the exact goal they are trying to accomplish.

So do those ‘end of the arm six inch push ups like a maniac. Do them and breath and put your awareness in your shoulders, letting your shoulders grow and grow. This is the way you develop a punch that is stronger than anybody else’s, this is how you have the most powerful punch in the world.

The Truth About Power Kick Strategies In Karate

Kicking is one of the most misunderstood tools of the martial arts. You are potentially off balance, fighting at distance, and yet must adhere to certain basic strategies of combat. This article, however, should enable you to offset the disadvantages and develop an excellent fighting strategy, and even develop some pretty potent and powerful kicking.

Interestingly, kicks were not always a big thing, they didn’t even impact on the American martial arts until the sixties. Watch the kicks in movies earlier than that and you don’t see much, not even in the old kung fu chop sockies. The reason for this lack of adequate kicking had to do with clothing and basic strategy.

Soldiers in older times often wore armor in combat. This meant that they were carrying more weight, and their balances were often at risk if they wanted to deliver some sort of leg attack. Ask a modern day solder to kick while wearing body armor, a back pack, a rifle, while wearing combat boots, and you will easily see my point.

Another reason was that soldiers carried weapons. Why on earth would you deliver a kick, which is slower than punching, and larger and easier to see, to a fellow who was holding a sword? Or, with today’s modern warfare, a rifle?

Thus, before the advent of such arts as Tae Kwon Do, with that art’s spinning kicks and head hunters and ax kicks, martial arts foot techniques were quite a bit different. Instead of lifting the foot high and poking it straight in, which could often be easily defended against, the leg was chambered with the foot cupping the standing knee, and then flicked out. Thus, the kick was actually more of a slap with the outside of the foot.

A lot of power could be delivered with this kick, and one didn’t have to risk being off balance, and it wasn’t out long enough to be chopped with a sword. Actually, it was designed for close in work, not the long ranges appropriate to today’s kicks. And, speaking of long range kicks, we now come face to face with the reasons for today’s modern kicks.

Long, spinning, jumping kicks came into vogue with the Tae Kwon Do influence of the 60s. Long kicks took more energy, were great for conditioning, and were so different that they worked, at least in the beginning. Now, however, while they are good for a change up, most people understand and see the long kicks, and so they treat them as a part of strategy, and not the end all to strategy.

It is doubtful that we will ever go back to short range, slapping kicks at knee level. And, there is good reason for practicing the long, high kicks, for they give range, a type of strength, and are pretty darn good for shifting strategies in combat. And, the good news, one can, through proper dedication and diligence and heaps of sweat, develop powerful kicks in any art, be it Karate, Kung Fu, or whatever.

The Third Evolutionary Step Of The Martial Arts

There are actually three steps when it comes to the evolution of man. These steps are cut and dried, but are unrecognizable in todays martial arts. When you Matrix the martial arts, however, even specific arts, like karate or kung fu, then your evolutionary path opens up before you.

The first step is nothing more than the struggle for survival. We are born, and our parents try to protect us and educate us, but at some point we all must enter into the struggle for survival. Making a living, finding out what we really want to do, day to day survival.

Interestingly, many of these early struggles have to do with our fellow man. It is not just the struggle for body survival, but how to get along with society which, lets face it, is not always sane. If we survive this early struggle, if we do not jump off a cliff or hang ourselves, then we become sane, though this is a relative state.

Sanity is the second step, and it is marked by the fact that we realize that we are not alone. Mankind is not necessarily something to struggle against, but a force that can enhance ourselves and the fact of survival. But, as I said, there is relative sanity.

Some people, upon learning that they are not alone, resist this state and try to destroy it. People build machines of war, corporations dedicated to slavery, governments of intolerance and…insanity. This is the stage where martial arts is most crucial, for it not only aids survival, it offers opportunities to step out of the increased insanity sometimes offered by humanity, and to find and develop the unique abilities that make individuals what they are.

This third step, finding our true worth, is what the martial arts are all about; this is where the human being rises to his full magnitude, or dwindles into a cinder. And, at this point, let me tell you the exact method one needs to pursue to discover the truth of self that is our true birthright. Here is where Matrixing and Neutronics establish themselves.

Matrixing provides the discipline, and Neutronics offers the actual how and why for discipline and survival. The secret is to do your martial art form, and rid yourself of surface thought. Do this by aligning your form with matrixing, and understanding why you need to align it with Neutronics.

Surface thoughts are nothing more than bland sentences, and have little to do with what is under the surface of our beingness. By dedicating oneself to a form until one is only doing the form, and not thinking about anything else at all, one finds and develops a Great Space of Awareness. It is this Great Space of Awareness that is the point of it all, and it can be developed through any art, be it kung fu, karate or whatever, if a person merely applies Matrixing, and understands what they are doing through Neutronics.

Monster Newsletter #298–A New Master Instructor!

When it rains it pours!
Another new Master Instructor,
talk about making my day!
So here are the words of the latest…

Dear Al,
I have purchased your courses on Matrix Karate, Butterfly Pa Kua Chang, Matrix Tai Chi Chuan, The Master Books, The Punch and the Master Instructor Course. I do not know why I waited so long to purchase the Master instructor course because it should have been the second course I purchased. Either way I have learned from each course. I am surprised at how much information and detail I have been able to absorb. I now can look at Pa kua forms for example and without being shown any application can already see the applications. My brain starts to process applications faster than I can say them.
Studying your Master Instructor coarse has taught me so much that I almost do not know where to begin. It has helped me to realize any shortcomings in my teaching methods. The coarse has given me a greater appreciation for my instructors and Masters. There were things in the Master Instructor course that I remember having been taught. As a result there are specific instructors I feel compelled to go back to and just say thank you!
Being taught by many different instructors has allowed me to first hand learn the importance of showing proper application of technique to a student. There were times I would learn a form but not know how to apply it. Another instructor would show application and I would look at the movements in the form with a newfound understanding and appreciation. They now had purpose. I like that your forms have application upon application. There is nothing mystical, just pure science.
The four powers were enlightening to me. After I purchased your book on The Punch I began to explore the powers. Seeing it in the Master Instructor coarse made me examine how the four powers work in all my techniques.
Looking at my Tan Tui forms I now understand and recognize them clearly.  I can now honestly say that I can take any move from my forms and apply it directly to my sparring. I’ve used techniques as simple as springing Leg form 2 to move guys across the floor. I was the guy you spoke about who would CBM by accident. I had a lot of lucky accidents. Now there is no accident. I have been able to move guys twice my size with ease.
The six (secrets) are amazing concepts and ways to analyze my techniques. Chin Na Fa techniques and any joint locking techniques are now easier to breakdown. There is so much technique to analyze that I can give myself a headache. Yet I cannot think of anything else worth getting a headache over. Thank You Al for your knowledge and experience!
Luis Bonnet

You’re welcome, Luis,
and I thank you.

there are a couple of points here
that we should take note of.

One, applications as the key to understanding the art.
We can understand this from several viewpoints,
and Luis has summed them up beautifully.

After the Master Instructor Course
you should be able to make a technique out of anything.

the speed of absorbing the information.
Matrixing is not a system,
it is a method for absorbing systems.
Done properly,
and it is hard not to do properly,
you don’t learn with it,
it enables you to absorb,
which is not just an advanced method of learning,
but the way human beings are supposed to input knowledge.

children are taught to read
a time.
And hardly anybody
actually considers
how a grown up should learn.
that’s where matrixing comes in.

and I think this is incredibly important,
Luis has increased respect
for his instructors.

You know,
I get hate mail every once in a while.
It’s always from people
who have never taken a course,
and have judged me without knowing what I am doing,
and they miss the point…
I love and am in awe
of the instructors,
the masters,
the guys who started systems
who went before…
they were giants.
They ignored the gaps of knowledge in their own minds,
created their masterpieces,
and passed on the data.
Do you know how much strength of character it takes
to do something like this?

So they should be respected.

people often overlook one other thing,
I am not out to destroy the art,
I merely want to enhance the arts.
Make them not a mystery,
make them so anybody can achieve
the incredible abilities
the martial arts have to offer.

compared to Joe Normal,
you are stronger and longer lasting,
you have patience and an ability to see
to the heart of things.
When bullies arise,
so do you.

Wouldn’t you want
everybody in the world
to be like you?

You should.

get the rest of the world to do the martial arts.
Confidence and competence
leads away from fighting.
Being calm and patient
makes human beings.

The concepts of the martial arts
leads one to solutions in real life.
Wouldn’t you like people to solve problems
and stop the whining and fighting?

I could go for hours on this,
I need do only one thing,
get somebody out there
to do the Master Instructor Course.
One person.
One more idea in the world
that people are good
and we deserve better
and we CAN get along.

One person.
Which one of you is going to step up to the plate?
Which one of you has read the Master Instructor Wins
and wants some of those wins for yourself?
Which one of you wants the abilities,
like being able to make an application out of anything,
the ability to absorb whole fields of knowledge,
the gratitude for those who have gone before,
the ability to take students
and even entire arts,
and transform them
into something the planet needs,
that mankind needs?

Which one of you?

The MasterInstructor Course

Master Instructor Luis Bonnet,
and thank you for showing the way.



Google this…
Supercharging For The Most Powerful Punch!
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A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
Thomas Carlyle

Internal Karate, Matrixing, And The Strongest Punch!

Using methods developed through Matrix Karate, it is possible to build Internal energy literally within days. The actual physics of the matter, the exact science, is very easy to describe. Of course, there are a couple of items that the budding student should note.

I’m going to start with the cautions for the simple reason that I don’t wish for my methods to cause injury to anybody. I found that it was very easy for over exuberant students to throw the shoulder out of socket when throwing punches. This destruction of the rotator cuff and associated elements can be avoided through utilization of classical form.

When somebody throws a punch and lets the arm bang against the confines of proper shoulder construction the tendons and ligaments finally give way. If you practice holding the shoulder back, however, as in classical karate, the structure remains intact and is not damaged. I recommend that you search for classical movements which do not hurt the body, but which utilize the whole body (turning the whole body into the motion).

Also, I discovered that as the power builds it is possible to give oneself whiplash. This is the result of throwing energy through the body and the neck not being able to support the sudden increased magnitude and flow of that energy. I advocate that people learn to minimize their effort, and this through the study of energy and relaxation as practiced by some internal styles such as Tai Chi Chuan.

There are other cautions I could give you, specifically to be careful not to grind the knees by pivoting on weighted feet, throwing the hips out when kicking, and that sort of thing. The cautions I have given you here, however, and the previous sentence, should enlighten you as to how to avoid such problems. Thus, let’s move into internal energy.

Take a pipe about 18 inches long, put a golf ball in it, and cap the ends. Tape the pipe to your arm, and perform strikes in such a way that the golf ball strikes the end cap at the same moment you end your strike. I know it sounds awkward, but soon you will learn how to move the golf ball smoothly through the pipe.

This is what internal energy feels like, and you can take this concept and apply it to blocks and kicks, and the entire motion of your whole body. Now get rid of the pipe and ball and practice getting the feeling of moving weight through your arm so that you feel energy wooshing through the arm and collecting, suddenly and with focus, in your fist. Heck, now that you know the ‘energetical’ physics of what is going on, you don’t even need that silly pipe and ball tool.

Pipe and ball or not, you are going to learn subtle motions that will help you increase your energy, and, if you are smart, you will learn the benefit of classical studies. The classics of karate, Kung Fu, or other arts, have been developed to give this type of power. With the degradation of art in the last few decades, however, it is only through Matrix Martial Arts that the physics are coming to light again.

How To Make Power Kenpo!

You can make your system of Kenpo into Power Kenpo fairly easily. Of course, you’re going to have to go against the old school boys, but this isn’t always bad. In fact, if you do make your system into a Power Kenpo system, you will be following the footsteps of Ed Parker more closely than the old school boys.

The concept of Power Kenpo is something I coined many decades ago, and have never really talked about. It actually grew from an incident in 1968 in which I asked my instructor to take a look at a form I had been working on. My instructor stepped on to the mat and I took a position and began to move.

The form was actually out of a series of books on Japanese Karate, and it is called Heian Five. It is a strong form, with solid stance and large, significant movements. As such, it seems to stand opposed to the fast whirling arms of Parker Kenpo theory.

I finished the form, and my instructor observed, “Yes, definitely a Japanese form.” He didn’t say much more, and I had the feeling that he was displeased. Many decades later, I understand the displeasure, he was trying to teach me one thing, and I was straying in an entirely different direction.

To be honest, Kenpo Karate does not fit well with classical Shotokan Karate. Kenpo, as I have intimated, relies on fast hands and circling motions. Shotokan holds a disdain for subterfuge, and preaches the power of a strong stance, facing your enemy squarely, and attacking in a linear manner.

Each system has its strengths, and its weaknesses, but they don’t fit together. It is difficult even to shift from one art to another in the middle of combat. The funny thing about all this is that original Kenpo was built upon the Heian forms of classical Karate.

Most people blink when I say such a thing, but it is true. If you can find a copy of one of Ed Parker’s first books you will find that it is nothing more than a sequence of the applications of the Heian forms. Indeed, if you link the applications in his book, you are actually doing the Heians.

In conclusion, now you understand what I mean when I remarked about Power Kenpo and being true to the footsteps of Ed Parker. The fact is that true and dedicated martial artists should study as many systems as they can. The truth of the matter is that if you want power in your Kenpo, or accelerated weapons, or better kicks, then study a separate system that has what you want, and let the power of that other art bleed back to your kenpo, and that is how you will have Power Kenpo.

Supercharging For The Most Powerful Punch!

There is a trick that is used to give you the most powerful punch in the world. This is a trick from classical karate, and students frequently struggle with it for years. I think if you understand the physics I give you here, you will be able to do this trick.

This trick is from the third move in the form called Pinan One. It is called Heian One in Japanese. This is the move where you block and kick at the same time, then stomp your foot as you block in the other direction.

To understand the physics you have to understand that bending your leg makes you create more energy. The deeper the stance, the more you bend your legs, the more your legs work, the more energy you have to create. This energy locates from the Tan tien, which is an energy generator located just below the navel.

When you stomp your foot in precisely the right manner, you have a sudden increase in weight. A sudden increase in weight is going to trigger a sudden increase in the energy produced by the tan tien. This energy can be channeled out to you kick, block or punch.

To make this work you must not stomp the foot too hard. Stomping the foot too hard is going to result in damage to the foot. It can also cause long term damage up the leg and into the spine.

To make this work, then, does not require excessive strength, it requires exquisite timing. The arms must come back at the same time the leg comes back. The hips must turn at the correct rate of speed so that the body is moving as one unit.

Moving the hips is crucial, they must turn with the whole body, and support the alignment of the legs and arms. The hips must be able to stop at the right time. Stopping is done by emphasizing, gently, the stomp of the foot.

Not too much strength, perfect timing, using the body as one unit. This is the key to supercharging your punch, kick or block. Guaranteed, if you can do these things, and especially with the move from Pinan One, then you are going to have the most powerful punch in the world.