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Four Stages of Mind over Matter

Think and It Shall Happen…Through the Martial Arts!

May the force be with you. Did the Egyptians levitate those pyramidal building blocks with their minds? I wanna have the power of mind over matter!

if you don't have a mind it doesn't matterHey, who doesn’t. The problem is, you don’t see anybody else who has it, either. Even the bible, translated through seventy different special interest groups, is not entirely believable when it comes to matters of the mind over matter.

That said, the first stage in learning how to have powers of mind over matter is to learn that the body is a machine. This can be done through many different methods, but the best one I have found is good old martial arts. You have to translate a lot of stuff into physics, and there is a lot of bushwah out there, but if you stick to the empirical method you can actually isolate True Martial Arts.

The second stage is learning how to use the mind. The first stage, in teaching you that the body is a machine, opens up the mind, but most people misunderstand what has happened. They think they have to build their bodies more, when, at a certain point, they have to use their bodies less, and energy less, and let their mental powers transcend any desire for physicality.

The third stage, interesting enough, deals with an analysis of flow, such as in Aikido, or Pa Kua, or others of the soft arts. Once flow is mastered, the third stage starts to manifest, and this is a stage of imagination. Can you make people back away from you just by looking at them, can you fall somebody down with your intent, as opposed to actually touching them.

The fourth stage is going to be available after you have achieved the abilities I’ve just described. This is going to be where you make stones levitate. Can you take imagination and make the things of the world do what you want them to do?

Can you imagine a stone lifting, and it lifts solely through your imagination? This is not muscle, and is, in fact, in a direction opposite to muscle. Though, remember, it is necessary on the first stage.

The real key is in understanding, not in mysticism, for mysticism is the fact of words and concepts not really being understood and therefore not really usable. The real key is in running imagination through your body on the lower levels, and then being able to manifest that imagination outside your body. Of course, at this point, you should probably find a workable method for isolating the exact physics of The True Martial Arts.

But to start from scratch, go to MonsterMartialArts.com and find a course on good Kung Fu.

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Four Points of Insanity in the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Insanity

1) Most people want to be right and the same.

2) People who are insane want to be wrong and different.

3) Criminals want to be wrong and the same.

4) Geniuses want to be right and different.

Most martial arts classes are more interested in behavior modification, in making everybody the same. This is the same old same old of point one above, and has driven society for a zillion years.

A true martial arts class doesn’t care about behavior modification; they understand that to be right is to be different. This is in accordance with point four above.

The point here is to make the same old same old martial arts classes change into classes of true martial arts.

To change the same old same old martial arts classes one need do one thing: teach what works without judgment.

This means you don’t tell people they must behave, protect society, be good citizens, say the pledge of allegiance, promote one country, and so on; one must teach the art only so that it works, AND TRUST THAT ART TO EFFECT THE STUDENT!

If the art doesn’t effect the student, then it either wasn’t true, or the teacher offered judgement upon his students, or, at the very least promoted opinion over workability.

I have taught insane people. It resulted in a high degree of frustration for the insane, because I teach a true art which resulted in an effect on the student. This effect is described in the following paragraph.

The insane student, under my instruction, did not become sane, but found himself/herself face to face with themselves; they began to understand the difference between right and wrong, and between being the same and being different. And now their struggles began.

They did become less dangerous to others.

While wholly insane they couldn’t see choice, and were willing to do wrong because they were right.

Once they reached the point of seeing the difference between sanity and insanity, which is to say once they found themselves having choice, they were in a constant struggle between right and wrong, and between being the same and different.

A person who teaches behavior modification only teaches how to be right and the same.

the true martial arts teacher, by relying on the art to teach, and not offering opinion nor judgment, let’s the student find his choices, and it is this path that results in the journey to point four above.

If you really want to understand what all this means, and not just from the viewpoint of a martial artist, but as a martial arts instructor, you have to delve into a study of neutronics.

Neutronics is available at ChurchofMartialArts.com. It is suggested one starts out with the simple book ‘Prologue.’ It will answer all your questions, and open your mind for more.

All of this won’t much sense, or have impact, unless you study martial arts, and the martial arts should be matrixed. Matrixing is available at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Breathless Martial Arts…Empty Karate…Silent Kung Fu

The Value of Silence in the Martial Arts

Karate, Gung Fu, Taekwondo…no matter what martial art…they need silence to grow.

My first hint of this was the ‘empty’ in Empty Hands, which is the literal translation of Karate.

Empty hands, and empty mind. A zen thing.

martial arts

Be silent, my friend, and hear yourself think…

Not how many tournaments you can win, not how ‘bad’ you are, but how silent you can be.

A light bulb depends on space to create the spark that lightens society. Is not space emptiness? Silence?

The human being is a light bulb, a machine through which sparks energy. But he blathers so much that there is no silence, thus, he never turns on those extra sensory perception tools like telepathy.

He is left with the sound of his body, a noisy thing that obscures his real thoughts.

A human being must create silence, and then the light bulb can go on.

When there is no sound he can create silence.

When there is no sound he can listen…and hear.

Hear what?

Hear his own thoughts.

Hear the thoughts of others.

When I was in the city I found it difficult to work out. I had done martial arts in such a way, and for so long, that I wasn’t interested in speaking, and the speaking of others disturbed the silence.

Humans are a loud variety.

Their heads actually make enormous noises, but the noises are beneath the human band of hearing. Thus, he is guilty of noise pollution, a machine trundling through life making squeaking gurgling sounds that are deafening to animals, but nothing to himself. He has made sure he can’t hear his own noise.

A polluter.

When you create enough silence the world speaks to you.

You can hear the animals look at you.

Animals are silent. They know how to listen. They never bothered to learn how to speak. Their ‘speech’ is more in action, pose, posture, grin.

Humans are so miserable.

They talk and they talk and they talk, and the world never listens.

Try the martial arts.

Try them blindfolded in a room without lights late at night.

Move by using your imagination.

Do your karate or kenpo or aikido in silence, lessening even the slither of bare foot over carpet, doing without noise.

Until not even your breath can be heard.

Breathless Martial Arts.

When you finally succeed in making perfect silence, then will you hear the true martial arts.

Then will you hear the world.

Then will you hear yourself.

Al Case has been studying the Martial Arts since 1967. Tai Chi Chuan is perfect for creating silence in the Martial Arts.

The Problem with Martial Arts Instructors

Martial Arts Instructors Problems…

martial arts instructor

Does your karate form look like this?

This article, the problem with Martial Arts Instructors, is not meant to be an attack, rather an enlightenment. Consider the points I make, then consider yourself as an instructor, see if you are a True Martial Arts Instructor, or…something else. Continue reading

Spreading the True Martial Arts

How to Teach the True Martial Arts!

This newsletter I want to talk about something,
not everybody might like it,
but it has to do with growing the martial arts,
and growing your income.

here is the straight skinny,
the country is having probs,
incomes are down,
and wouldn’t you like to have a few extra bucks?
wouldn’t it be nice if those few extra bucks
came from teaching martial arts?

teach martial arts

How to teach martial arts to anybody!

It’s one of my pet projects,
encouraging people to teach.
The thing is
there are a lot of teachers out there,
many aren’t really qualified.
They might have credentials
from big name organizations,
but that doesn’t mean they have the knowledge.
It takes a precise knowledge
of how to teach martial arts.
I discovered this with one of my first black belts.
He went out and started teaching,
and when I got over to look at his class,
he was teaching calisthenics.
There were a few martial arts thrown in,
and he was good,
but he opted for teaching…calisthenics.
Push ups, sit ups,
a few kicks,
running around the room.
as an after thought,
he might teach a self defense move.

why he did this,
I don’t know.
But I do know that I checked on his school a couple of decades later,
when it was under one of his students,
and it had gone to full contact karate.
fighting and…calisthenics.

I understand that martial arts change,
especially when people don’t understand the underlying reasons.
I can only conclude
that the degradation of his school
was my fault.
I taught him,
I was young,
I hadn’t figured it out,
I taught him well,
he was good,
but…he didn’t understand the underlying reasons,
so his school degraded,
didn’t die,
just degraded to the point
where it was teaching people how to fight.

I offer underlying reasons,
and I try to fix schools that have degraded.
I encourage people to teach martial arts.
I know that the people who have done my courses
are going to understand why a technique is,
how it works,
more important,
how to get the student to understand.

Want to know something interesting?
I’ve got a book
‘How to Start Your Own School,’
and when somebody write me and asks me about teaching,
I usually give them that book for free.
It’s part of the Master books,
I could sell it Kindle for a few books
(and I probably will)
but I give it away to people who say they want to teach.

the difference between man and beast is the fact that man understands.
Animals don’t.
They just fight,
and make up a reason for fighting.
Silly animals.

the point of this rant is that if you are hurting economically,
a victim of the money crunch happening in this country,
you can do something about it.
You could order the Master Instructor Course,
do it,
know that you know more than ANY martial arts instructor on the planet,
and then you could head down to the YMCA,
see if they need an instructor.
You can put up cards at a local gym.
You could gather a bunch of neighborhood kids.

You can start out low,
$10 a month for kids,
you can go high,
charge good bucks at the gym.

Be it Karate or kung fu,
aikido or pa kua,
or whatever,
and using the data that is inside
The Master Instructor Course,
you could teach that art better than it has been taught
since whoever founded it was teaching.

Spare time.
Saturday afternoon.

You could build it into something large!

Do you understand?
The martial arts are a blessing.
They make people better.
They make strong bodies,
increase awareness,
and they are a fist in the face of the bad guys.
But we need people who understand what they really are.

Oinky Donkey.
I hope my rant has helped.
I don’t want you poor,
and I want everybody healthy and happy,
So…think about it.

Let make a couple of other announcements
before I close off.

I’ve got a new site up.
It’s about Bruce Lee.
Can you find it through google?
It’ll be tough,
but it’s out there.
Next week or two
it’ll be easy to find,
but right now…
can you find it?

we’re waiting on word of escrow
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120 acres on a hilltop,
and start building a temple.
And I will let you know as soon as this thing comes true.
Pics and everything.
you’ll be blown away.
incredible site.

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now that is it.
You guys and gals
enjoy the heck out of this week.
Have lots of work outs,
do what you want to do,
and live life like you were meant to!


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The Truth of the Martial Arts

The truth of the martial arts is rather obscured.

horse stance method

Knowledge is Martial Arts Power

For instance, people are gaga over Mixed Martial Arts. Everybody wants to ground and pound; everybody wants to be the tough guy.

But, the truth of the matter is that people who study such things as wrestling, boxing, MMA, and that sort of thing, usually turn fat when their training ends.

Thus, a few people become trainers, and they leave behind them out of condition fellows with no discipline.

One would think that the classical arts would provide the answer here, and uncover the truth of the martial arts, but it doesn’t.

For instance, nobody knows why they are doing the things they are doing. They practice arcane ritual and assume an attitude of superiority, but their practices are specious, to say the least.

For instance, why do certain horse stances turn their feet outward? This is physically incorrect, and actually works against the body, yet people with decades of experience teach this as holy grail, and make up all sorts of reasons for it…and it doesn’t work.

And different styles of martial arts are filled with this sort of tripe.

Interestingly, if you find a good system, and this is rare, and you study it for 30 or 40 years, some interesting things happen. Old men in their 50s and 60s become cognizant of a different kind of energy. Good health accompanies these men to their long years, and they are still capable of moving as quickly as a young man, and yet so much more efficiently.

Mental powers, chi energy, reading minds…these are the truth of the martial arts, should one avoid the bushwah and study a real martial art.

But there are so few real martial arts.

Whatever art you study, you must change it, align it with scientific principles.

The body is a machine, meridians are the ‘energy blood vessels,’ and the way to use this body is to get a little outside of it.

Heck, a lot outside of it.

But you won’t learn these things at your corner dojo.

You won’t find cohesive theory written of in training manuals.

All you will find in those places are gimmicks to keep children entertained, and methods to abuse the body.

Thus, to truly study the martial arts one must become a seeker…a seeker of wisdom. A scientist of the physics of the body, of the electrics of the spiritual body, of the whims of the mind and soul.

Not many are willing to put aside training for the next tournament and do that, but that is the way.

Education, not the desire to beat people up, that is the truth of the martial arts.

martial truth

The Secret of the True Martial Arts

The Secret of the Martial Arts is Awareness. The Secret of All Life is Awareness. Thus, the Secret of Life is within you, and all you have to do is figure out how to unleash your awareness.

This is such a funny thing, so simple, and so overlooked. People think that they will be better martial artists is they just work out harder, have bigger muscles, can beat up somebody else. Nothing could be further from the truth; this is actually the opposite direction in which one should be going to become the perfect martial artist.

Yes, muscles are important, but only to a small degree. They are important only to the degree that they breed awareness. One should not abuse the muscle to make them bigger, but use them to achieve awareness of what the muscle is and is doing.

Yes, forms are important, but only to the degree they enhance awareness. As one does forms one becomes aware of how to move the body. Eventually, with correct practice, one will transcend the normal ways of moving the body and discover whole new concepts of motion.

Yes, techniques are important, but only to the degree that they bring awareness of how to deal with the problems an attacking body will bring. One discovers, through martial arts techniques, that the real problem has to do with analyzing and handling incoming flow and potential force. This has a direct effect on making one more aware.

Yes, freestyle is important; the martial arts wouldn’t be real if they weren’t combat ready. However, the big problem is that people start to love combat for the sake of combat, and not as a method for becoming more aware of how to use the body…even under stress. This is called the Joy of Combat, and is contrary to the real path of the true martial art.

The real key is that one should be studying the martial arts as a discipline to explore oneself. When one loves fighting more than learning they are abusing the art. When one engages in combat to be better than the other person, they will never find the true spirit of themselves.

The martial arts are a key, and the whole body is the lock. Do the martial arts and unlock the bodies true potential. Still the mind and discover the spirit that is the truth of you.

Drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free book if you want to learn more about the true martial arts.

The Secret Martial Arts is the True Martial Arts

The Secret of the Martial Arts comes down to one question, or imperative, if you will. Check out the video, and I’ll tell you the secret.

We were sitting around the table, a whole flock of students and instructors, and talking martial arts. War stories, training methods, odd things, we shoved them all across the table. And one fellow suddenly asked, ‘What’s the point of it all? Why are the martial arts? What are we trying to do?’
Answers flew through the air, strong bodies, powerful minds, self-defense. And, when all was done and we had all had our say, my instructor topped us all, showed us the way, with one word: ‘Survive.’ The Martial Arts are about survival.’
Silence showed our awe of his brilliance.
I thought he was brilliant, too. But…
I had sat silent through the discussion, just listening, and oddly at peace with myself. The question was one I had asked, answered in many different ways, and knew all about. It touched upon my purpose for being.
Survival is correct, but there is one more answer. The point of the martial arts is to seek existence as.
To survive is what an animal does.
To seek a higher existence, that is what a human being does.
Thus, for me, I don’t just want a strong body and clear mind…I want to know that my sons are stronger and have sharp, calm minds. I want to know that my neighbors are okay. Heck, I even want those dastardly fellows in charge of it all, the politicians, to wake up and see the light. Or at least stop the bus before it reaches the cliff.
I want to know that the world is better when I leave it, that I have actually contributed a bit to my fellow man.
I know some people don’t show this, but I think that drive is inside every man.
So do that form, enjoy that technique, play with that art. Self defense is great, and that is in there, but that is only survival. The real secret, the real true martial arts, they are to seek existence as. If you agree, pop on over to Monster Martial Arts. Every last one of my courses has been created, produced, manufactured, advertised, and put forth with that one essence in mind.

The Truth About the Martial Arts and Your Life!

Here’s a Martial Arts Truth that nobody knows.

The truth is that the universe is quite a few billion years old, and that your slice of time in that fleshy thing you call a body is short.

The truth is that the time between birth and death is yours.

So, how do you want to spend it?


No. I don’t think I’ll follow directions. If I follow directions then I am just walking somebody else’s path.

I want my own path, and here is where it gets interesting.

If you follow directions, go to school, train for a job, do a job, and so on…life passes fast and worthless. At least not as worth as it could be.

I think one of the reasons I fell in love with the martial arts was because it was a field in which I could break the rules. I learned martial arts, looked around at what was happening, and found that I was unlimited. Nobody had written a rule book. There were no rules. I could write the rules.

Of course, to do so, I got to learn different martial arts as fast as I could, nobody to slow me down and tell me I was doing it all wrong. And, in this unlimited state, I broke all the rules, made all the mistakes, and found out something interesting: if you make enough mistakes you can stumble on the truth.

Well, that was something they never taught me in school!

So go on, follow the rules. Do what somebody else says, and at the end of the life they might pat you on the head and say ‘good boy.’ At the very least, you get to wear a degree and pat somebody else on the head.

But, whatever you do, don’t think you can go off by yourself, break all the rules, and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. People would frown on that.

If you want to know more about the truth and the martial arts, and life in general and specific, pick up a free ebook on Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts.

What the True Martial Art is Not

So many people study, so many people think they are doing the True Martial Art. Probably time to inject a bit of data into this concept. The True Martial Art doesn’t have to do with fighting. People who fight other people are doing a sport, having a contest with others. The True Art has to do with reducing a conflict with one self. The Real Art doesn’t have anything to do with tournaments or seeking glory. It has to do with finding ones self worth. The pure martial art doesn’t have anything to do with gaining power over others. You only want power over yourself. You want harmony for others. Power is only one slice-a very small slice-of a pie filled with a lot of other concepts. The art doesn’t have anything to do with gimmicks. That cyber pseudo science…nerve transitioning through fear impulses…ghetto blasting power punches…that’s nothing more than a few techniques wrapped around a fancy concept. Better to study the real thing. The True Martial Art is more than a style or a system, more than a movie star or a hidden secret. It is a science, and it can be defined exactly. If your art doesn’t define the true art exactly, with no doubt or confusion or conflicting points, then you are not studying the true art, but rather one of the pale imitations. If you want to know more about the True Martial Art, pick up a free ebook at Monster Martial Arts.