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You Ain’t a True Martial Artist if You Ain’t Read!

What an odd concept, eh? That one must be able to read, and actually have read something, if one is to be a true Martial Artist. But it is true. Check out the video, and than I’ll tell you about stupid.

My favorite, when it comes to martial philosophy, is The Tao. You’ll find essence of that in some video games these days. It’ll be the fighting priest who knows how to cheat.
One would think my favorite would be Art of War, or maybe even the Book of Five Rings, but those are about how to beat people up, and not always concerned with the evolution of the human spirit. And the human spirit does have to evolve, else it ain’t a True Martial Art. You’ll find those books emblified on the discovery channel, or the history channel. They are notable for the oddly symmetrical hordes of computer generated warriors.
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones is a particular favorite of mine. That creates the silence in the mind, which silence, though spoken of in zen, is the result of decades of martial arts. You only think one thing at a time, and the mind becomes a peculiarly static free ‘radio,’ and higher abilities are there…if you can recognize them.
That all said, let me return to The Tao: my distinct favorite section of that subtle tome deals with dichotomy. There can be no front without back, high without low, and so on.
Dichotomy, a word that most martial artists, in their zeal to make beaten veal through the application of the weal, and yet it is at the heart of it all.
I knew, when I began writing all those years ago, that such art was merely to temper and make understandable all the punching and kicking I was doing.
I had to dichotomize violence–that was the only way to endure and evolve.
Mindless violence is not mine; I want to know exactly what I do.
Saunter over to Monster Martial Arts, it’s good for the violence within. You can also pick up ten books for ten dollars. Just think, you can be cheap and well read. Whoa!

In a normal martial arts school, the first few months you learn to defend yourself. Once you can defend yourself, however, something interesting happens. You begin the struggle to collapse reaction time.

If you could respond faster, you could win.

Over time, you learn how to move at the same time. Takes decades, but you learn it. And, maybe you are one of the blessed few who learn to act before.

Not react, because that is to act after. But to act.

No reaction time is an interesting place, and you realize that nearly all fights are a reaction. They happen after an insult, a slight, a shoulder shove, which happen after a bad day, a lousy personality, whatever.

And the true martial artist learns to avoid the reaction, to see it coming.

He’s the guy in charge, he’s the guy who teaches,he’s the guy who stays calm in the middle of the fray.

Now the real tragedy is that so many people start, then stop.

It seems they like to be stuck in reaction time, victim to the circumstance. And, it is too bad that so many advertisements play to this mentality. But then a victim can be manipulated to buy.

That’s where I realized that I was up against it with Monster Martial Arts. I was teaching the original stuff, and I was teaching accelerated methods for getting that calmness of mind, of getting a fellow out of reaction and into action.

But it’s hard to sell that to a victim personality. He wants a wham bam punch in the eyeball approach, and I was selling the real thing, where you outgrow childish behavior and learn the real art.

Fortunately, there’s enough smart people in the world, and more people are getting smarter every day. Some day, if I and people like me can push enough true martial arts, we’ll have nothing but real martial arts schools.

Check out Monster Martial Arts. Matrixing if you want the accelerated approach, or Evolution of an Art if you want the old tried and true approach. Which ever method you choose, it’s done the right way.