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On Creating Your Own Martial Art

You Have to Create Your Own Martial Art…

or you don’t really know the martial arts.

A True Martial Art is an act of creation. A simple statement with far reaching effects.

Art is the break down and synthesis of the old into the new.

The funny thing is that most instructors frown on the act of creating anything new. The most popular method of teaching is to have the student copycat, exactly and without deviation, what the teacher says and does. But a fight is always new and original, and requires creativity to win.

medical thriller with nasty consequences

When are you going to fight back? When have you had enough? Maybe soon, if you read this frightening novel.

creation of martial artThus, if you are going to win a fight, it behooves you to learn how to be creative. Interestingly, nobody has ever written a course or book on how to be creative. Isn’t that interesting, a whole art that has no creativity in it?

To be creative one has to break apart the current method of teaching one is engaged in. Thus, one method for being creative would be to simply take the moves of the forms and interchange them. Take a sequence from classical karate, say the first set of specific movements in pinan three, and then do the second specific set of movements from pinan four, then the third set of specific movements from pinan five…and so on.

The first thing you will learn is that these things don’t fit together. So, how can you make them fit together? How can you adjust the footwork, and the geometry of the arms, so that the movements fit together and even make sense?

Another thing you are going to learn is that things don’t always work. Doing the blocks in this order would never fit a normal attack. So, explore not normal attacks, and, tweak your movements until they do fit a normal attack.

Another thing you will find is the impulse to do different things. Simply, you are going to start to create. Your mind is going to start exploring channels that normally would have been closed to you.

As I said in the first paragraph, art is the fact of creation. Honestly, people should drill you to death, help you make every movement your own, instill art in you. But, even more honestly, if you don’t start taking the movements apart and reconfiguring them, all that drilling is going to be about as good as a death knell, so you’d best seriously consider this concept of Creating your own Martial Art.

You can find the Create Your Own Martial Art Course at MonsterMartialArts.com.

The Five Principles of a True Martial Art

What Makes a ‘True Martial Art?’

true martial art

Analyzing the body lines to find proper alignment…

Oddly, back when I was training in the Kang Duk Won, we bypassed the first few elements of a True Martial Art. As I studied other other martial arts, however, such as Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, and so on, the importance of the items we hadn’t focused on became more important, and I began to see the whole picture. Continue reading

The True Quest of the Martial Arts

The Truth of the Martial Arts

I was watching an old movie, ‘Excaliber,’ by John Boorman, which had to do with truth, honor, and the quest of mankind.

The knights run around in shining armor, truth is forced by the sword, and Lancelot is pure because he stays true to ‘The Quest.’

As I recall, ‘The Quest’ was the seeking of the Holy Grail, which was the cup Christ was said to have drunk from at the last supper.

Of course, the Holy Grail is a mythological sort of thing. It could be the vessel which holds the spirit, or it could be the bloodline of Christ, or any other number of things. It’s a matter of what you believe in.

So what do you believe in?

You have a big choice. You could be a religious fanatic, an atheist, or anything in between. You could believe in sex or the dollar, or the sanctity of books.

And that brings us to the martial arts.

In the martial arts you learn how to defend yourself, but that just opens the door to new realms.

Through the practice of weapons you pierce to the realm of honor and virtue and compassion…and it is this that is the true ‘Quest.’

To subdue your animalistic rages, and find the self that seeks to understand, that helps people, that enables you to raise yourself to a higher level of existence.

Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t claim that one should give up alcohol and sex, subject oneself to daily self excoriations, lock oneself in a cell and pray, or any of the other things commonly associated with fanaticism.

I merely ask that you work out every day, that you never miss a day.

Heck, a beer among friends will not betray you, else Christ would not have drunk wine.

And sex, unless one happens to be at Monkeyland, is necessary, and can even be fun.

But these things are temporary compared to the benefits gained from the daily work out.

A strong body, a clear mind, a spirit that stays young even unto old age. These are the rewards of the true Quest. These are what I would have you have. These are the things that would benefit mankind, and exalt even the entire race to a higher existence.

To beat people up? Ha. That is the devil.

To lift oneself up, and thereby to lift others up, that is the Quest, and that is the truth of the daily work out.
monkey gung fu

The True Martial Arts Power of Classical Karate

Classical Karate Makes for True Martial Arts Power!

When I said true martial arts power in Classical Karate, I should have included other classical martial arts like Kung Fu, or Kenpo, or other form based arts.

That said, the more pure the martial arts system you study the more power you will have. If you have trained in a system that is pure, you will know of what I am saying in this article. If you have trained in one that has fallen to fighting and tournaments and that sort of thing, chances are you will not.

martial arts power

You don't have to fight if you know classical karate!

I first experienced true power while at the Kang Duk Won, and it was in the oddest manner. Years of learning classical karate, sweating through the forms, enduring the never ending string of bruises from applying what I had learned in bunkai (form applications) and kumite (freestyle, or free fighting), and one day I was put in a position where I was going to have to use what I had learned.

I was working a night shift and catching a few winks in the afternoon. Suddenly I was awoken by shouting voices and barking. I looked out the window and saw two big guys trying to kick my dog. A little girl was holding her little dog and standing to the side.

“Hey!” I yelled, and the confrontation began, and a few gruff sentences later ended with…”Come down here and we’ll kick your ass, too!”

So I pulled on some pants and went out to meet the foe.

Now, I had figured out that my dog had jumped the fence, and I wasn’t happy about that, but two guys kicking my dog?

So I went out the gate, turned left, and they stood some twenty feet away, tightening their fists, hunching their shoulders, and trying to look tough.

One of the things I had learned at the Kang Duk Won was that looking tough meant nothing. All that mattered was the meat and bone you were willing to put into the action. So I wasn’t cowed, I was determined, but…I began to analyze the situation.

I had been trained to get calmer in combat, not m0re excited, and I now took note of the little girl. My dog had jumped fence, tried to play with her dog, she got scared, two bully boys had come to her rescue. Ha!

I began to walk slower, and I began to look, really look, at the bullies.

They had thought they were going to beat up some guy and save the day, but they hadn’t figured on the Kang Duk Won.

Let me tell you something about true Karate, or kung fu, or whatever pure–note that I said pure–martial art you study.

The martial arts are a community of men that stretch back through time. They are a motor, a generator of awesome energy and power. The more pure your study, the more you are able to tap into that power.

As I walked slower and slower, my eyes focused more and more, things got calmer and calmer, and the power behind me began to build.

Oh, it was me, just me–with about a hundred thousand, placid-faced, eyeball boring orientals behind me.

The two guys began to shake and sweat. By the time I was ten feet away their legs were noticeably giving way, and I knew that I had gone too far, and that bad things were about to happen to them. Down deep, in the psyche.

I stopped, and I…smiled.

Oh, the relief that came off them.

“Did my dog get loose?”

They tried to hold on to their tough guy persona then, babbling about how my dog was picking on the little dog, and all that, but it was over.

I turned to my dog, a big German Shepherd, and scolded him, “What a knucklehead! Get back in the yard!” And, glory to the gods, the mutthead actually obeyed me, slinking like he thought I was mad, and went back along the walk and through the gate.

Then I turned to the fellows and thanked them, said nice things to the little girl and her doggie, and we all parted friends.

But that was the day that I learned that the study of classical karate resulted in true martial arts power, and how that power could be used not to fight, but to end fighting.

classical karate

True Martial Arts Power

You Ain’t a True Martial Artist if You Ain’t Read!

What an odd concept, eh? That one must be able to read, and actually have read something, if one is to be a true Martial Artist. But it is true. Check out the video, and than I’ll tell you about stupid.

My favorite, when it comes to martial philosophy, is The Tao. You’ll find essence of that in some video games these days. It’ll be the fighting priest who knows how to cheat.
One would think my favorite would be Art of War, or maybe even the Book of Five Rings, but those are about how to beat people up, and not always concerned with the evolution of the human spirit. And the human spirit does have to evolve, else it ain’t a True Martial Art. You’ll find those books emblified on the discovery channel, or the history channel. They are notable for the oddly symmetrical hordes of computer generated warriors.
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones is a particular favorite of mine. That creates the silence in the mind, which silence, though spoken of in zen, is the result of decades of martial arts. You only think one thing at a time, and the mind becomes a peculiarly static free ‘radio,’ and higher abilities are there…if you can recognize them.
That all said, let me return to The Tao: my distinct favorite section of that subtle tome deals with dichotomy. There can be no front without back, high without low, and so on.
Dichotomy, a word that most martial artists, in their zeal to make beaten veal through the application of the weal, and yet it is at the heart of it all.
I knew, when I began writing all those years ago, that such art was merely to temper and make understandable all the punching and kicking I was doing.
I had to dichotomize violence–that was the only way to endure and evolve.
Mindless violence is not mine; I want to know exactly what I do.
Saunter over to Monster Martial Arts, it’s good for the violence within. You can also pick up ten books for ten dollars. Just think, you can be cheap and well read. Whoa!

How to Tell if You’re Studying a Real Martial Art

I had the most interesting conversation with a student today, and the result was the definitive way to know if you are studying a real martial art.

I’ve said before, that if you are contesting with another person, you are simply fighting. The true martial art has to do with knowing yourself, yourself as an opponent, and so on. Check out the video, then I’ll explain what I’m, talking about.

Think of it this way…if you find yourself making a plan during freestyle, you haven’t been studying a real martial art.

See, a lot of martial arts teach an art, and they teach freestyle. in other words, they are teaching you something about the body and motion, and then there is the real world of fighting. But that means the two things you are studying don’t have anything to do with each other.

A true martial art is a plan, so you don’t have to make a plan during freestyle; the art you’ve been training in is a plan for freestyle, and if it doesn’t work, then it wasn’t a good plan, and it wasn’t a real martial art.

Do you see it?

Don’t study an art and freestyle, study an art that is a plan for freestyle.

But, remember this kicker…this is crucial…if your art is just fighting, then it isn’t an art.

I advocate learning Matrix Karate. That will make your art real. Even if your art is an esoteric version of Lam Duck Kung Fu from Wudan Monastery atop Mount Whatever…Matrix Karate gives you a logic, and it will start you on the path to making your art real.

Anyway, check it out, click on Monster Martial Arts, and pick up a free book while you’re there.


Computer Terminology and Wired In to the Martial Arts!

Wired in is pretty much a computer term these days, and it refers to tapping into the program. To being able to access massive amounts of information. And this brings us to the martial arts.

Wired in, in general, means to be so fixed on something that you don’t notice the rest of the world. To read a book and notice that time has passed. To having so much fun you…’don’t know where the time went.’

Actually, to be utterly accurate, ‘wired in’ refers to creating your own universe, and not bothering with the rest of the universe.

Thus, you can be wired in to a program, a book, a friend or group of friends, a movie, or anything that suspends time and reality.

When I wrote The Master Instructor Course I didn’t actually realize what was going to happen. I was just writing down the things that a martial arts instructor needs to know to be an effective martial arts teacher. And, hoot of all hoots, I didn’t know that everybody didn’t know the stuff I was writing down. I thought everybody knew this stuff, and I was just trying to put it down for easy reference, to help the young guys out, and that sort of thing.

Thus, when the wins started pouring in, I was somewhat taken aback.

I shouldn’t have been. My other courses were causing great effect. Matrix Karate, in particular, was knocking socks off.

Of course, Matrix Karate had the fundamental matrix graph. It was different.

But the Master Instructor Course…why was that causing so much effect? And that bent my head down to analyzing wins and really looking at what was happening.

What was happening was that people were getting wired in to the martial arts. Simply, knowing the truth was enabling them to  tap in to the great artistic realm that is martial arts. They were suspending reality, and jumping up into a different and more aesthetic universe. They were not being distracted by slants and bias and impure notions, and so could see the truth of the motion, and art, and the generator of that motion and art…the self.

Remember, the martial arts being taught were being taught so people could win tournaments, beat people up, smash and trash, bully and badmouth. Even the best of the arts had an inbred snobbery wherein they looked down on their fellow man.

Insert truth, and the wired in effect happened.

Insert truth, and people began to look at what they were doing. To analyze, to consider implications and consequences. And a new day was born.

What happens, you see, is that when one considers the martial arts without slant or bias, the art opens up.

If you think the martial arts are to beat people up, the art closes down for you. That is just the nature of the True Art. If you look at the martial arts with slant or bias…you won’t see them. Period. And that has been true ever since the martial arts were invented, or perhaps I should say, since the universe of the martial arts was created.

Anyway, I’d like to go on, but I can feel the art telling me that I’ve said enough, and that I should wind this up.

Look, these words are different than any you’ve ever read. I don’t promise you that you’ll get to beat up a dozen skinhead bikers wielding chains and knives. I only offer to open up a world that you haven’t seen. A world of perfection and satisfaction, a world where you are wired in to a higher and more aesthetic reality.

And there is the caution: you must be intelligent, willing to learn, and able to open your eyes.

There is a Way, but you must be willing to set foot upon it. You must be willing to travel to the end and look at a very spiritual mirror.

And, if these words don’t strike you, that is okay. Time will pass, and we will meet again. That, too, is the essence of The Way of the Martial Arts.


The Hands On Transmission of Martial Arts!

What a great day!
Think about it,
there is no alternative.
There is only a great day…or the art has failed.
if it looks a little gloomy,
you do a work out,
then you can unfail the art,
do it–work out.
The cure for absolutely everything.

I know that sound a little quirky,
but I was thinking about something.
I was thinking about wearing my first gi.
A shabby, short,
thin, yellowish thing.
Shortly was sweat stained and ugly.
when I got my first real gi,
I think it was a tokkaido,
I was pretty proud.
I wore it out.
took this canvas thick uniform,
and worked it till it unraveled.
I actually wore out my first black belt that way.
It was too short, so I pulled it harder to get the ends out,
and after a while it just came apart.
Isn’t it funny how things come apart,
and bodies grow stronger?

But what I really want to talk about is
‘hands on transmission.’
When you get the real art
it has to be by a direct
person to person
transmission of data.
Because you need to get up sweaty and personal,
you need to feel the techniques
until your uniform falls apart
and your belt frays into threads.

I’m not saying it’s impossible,
because somebody had to discover the art,
anybody can discover the art.
But I doubt it will happen,
unless you wear out a few uniforms,
and make strong a few bodies.

But here’s the deal.
When I was teaching kenpo,
some forty years ago,
I was not giving a hands on transmission of art.
I was showing moves,
but I didn’t have the art.
It had not been forced upon me
and collected in my soul.
I had not sweated
until the elixer had ignited my ki.

the guy in charge of the kenpo school,
could he give a hands on transmission.
He was phenomenal,
but he hadn’t studied enough arts.
He even held other arts in disrepute,
laughed at the militaristic shotokan boys.
I had a friend who studied shotokan,
surely he could get the hands on transmission…
the shotokan instructors used to laugh at kenpo,
called them ‘magic finger boys.’
Of course this was long ago,
and one would hope that all have matured.
where do you get the hands on transmisson?
From somebody who has the true art.
Who has sweated until he no longer makes fun of his fellow man.
I got it from a runty, little fellow who…
never spoke ill of anybody.
Who was the most polite person I had ever met,
who had sweated the forms until his black gi had turned grey,
and then come apart.

I’ll tell you something tragic.
Almost nobody has the true art.
The true art was corrupted
by people who made fun of others,
who weren’t polite,
who held other schools in disrepute.
It was corrupted by people who wanted to fight
instead of learn.
It was corrupted by people
who wanted trophies and glory,
domination and money.
Some of these corrupters were even well meaning,
especially if they never had the art,
but were trying as hard as they could,
teaching people even while thinking that they had it…

there are artists out there,
and they can be true artists.
Another ounce of sweat,
the data I offer in the courses,
on the site,
in this newsletter,
and they’ll make it.
This is a hands on transmission,
you see.
A few hints,
a direction to go in,
most important,
what this newsletter is about…
work out.

If you work out
it’ll happen.
If you ‘shabby-ize’ your gi,
if you tie that belt until the threads quit,
then you’ll make it.
Some of you already have.
Some of you have to work out a bit longer,
pay attention to the first thing I say in this newsletter,
work out.
Pay attention to the last thing I say,
work out,
and you’ll have it.

I might plug a course here and there,
might even sell one,
but that’s not the point of it all.
The point is just to keep you jacked up,
and tell you one thing…
that work out you’re about to do…
it is the most important thing in the world.
do it.
Work out,
and give yourself a ‘hands on transmission.’
You are your own teacher,
you know,
all you have to do is open your eyes,
and that will happen if you just keep working out.

Guess I’m ranting.
That’s okay.
It’s a good cause.
you guys have the most special week in the history of the world.
and the most fantastic work out ever.

If you want the accurate data
as to what the true art is,
check out this link…

Master Instructor Course

work out.



The article on me in Inside Kung Fu should be out any day. Supposed to be the 24th, but there’s always some leeway.
Feel free to buy five copies, and write to the editor and tell him you want more.
If they get a sell out, and letters from across the country from a wide variety of people, they are going to do more.

To hold another art in disrespect, even though its tenets be improper and its practice be a sham, is worse than foolishness, it is like holding your hand upon the head of a child and saying, “You will never grow to be a man.

Send me your wins!

Monster Newsletter #320–Introducing Flux Theory!

Arise ye slothful dragons!
There’s a world just waiting to burn!
And it starts with…a workout!

I worked out late last night,
slept five hours,
and woke so wired
I could feel that old
snapping, crackling, popping,
that electrical wire snapping around in my chest
just making me alive!

It’s the work out, bro,
there ain’t no secret,
it’s just the work out!

having properly enthused you,
let’s get down to the brass tacks.
Have you ever wondered why I never speak about the third level of the martial arts?
Go on,
look through the articles on the site,
look through some of the courses,
you’ll find a couple of references,
but I never really speak about the third level.

Funny thing is,
most people think Neutronics is the third level.
Neutronics is the second level.

Let me back off a bit here,
and explain the levels so you’ll understand.

There is body, mind and spirit.
Those are the three specific levels.
When you look at the martial arts
these translate as
physical, mental spiritual.
to translate them in a more workable manner,
and the third level.

Matrixing fixes up your form,
both the form of your art
and the form of your body.

When your form is functioning properly,
when your feet are turned the right way
and you have the proper angles in your blocking arm,
then neutronics isneeded.
Enough neutronics,
and the third level can start to happen.

there is a bit of a mix up here,
and it had to happen,
that is just the nature of the martial arts.
The mix up goes like this:
Matrixing arranges your art
Neutronics doesn’t do anything.
The third level does something.

Isn’t that weird?
Neutronics doesn’t do anything?
Well, it doesn’t.
Neutronics is just a bunch of data.
Just sits there.

You could write all neutronics in a book or two,
leave it on a rock in the desert,
degradation by sandstorm aside,
100 years later those books will still just be…
sitting there.
They don’t do anything.

you write that neutronics in somebody’s mind,
and things start to happen.
But it’s not the neutronics,
it’s the person.
Neutronics just…opened the circuits,
spread out the road map,
gave the vital data.

everybody has got the martial arts,
but they’re all screwed up.
The proof is that if they weren’t screwed up,
then everybody could do them for a short while
and suddenly be able to do things.
Have intuitive abilities,
punches that could rocket through walls,
maybe even put out candles from a foot or two away.

people get matrixing,
and their arts start making sense.
things get smoother
and they start to feel…
I don’t know…

When a mystery is resolved
people are going to feel good.
That’s a simple truth,

how do you get them to do more than feel good?
I mean,
they will have slight ability increase
through matrixing,
but how do you get them to have massive ability increase?

The truth isn’t enough,
you have to do something with it.

between matrixing and doing something
there is a gap.
It’s a knowledge gap.
That gap is filled by neutronics.

Neutronics doesn’t do anything,
just provides the information
when push comes to shove,
when matrix comes to ability
it can happen.

Neutronics is how the universe works.
Nobody ever told you how the universe works.
the truth is,
the universe works simply.

what is this third level that I am talking about?
I have a name for it.
Flux Theory.
Flux has to do with flow.
But it is not flow theory.
Flow theory would just be motion,
and not take into account the generation of the motion.
Of the energy.
So it is Flux Theory.

let me back totally off for a second,
let you grok what I’m talking about,
and while you’re grokking
(grok is a term from the book
‘Stranger in a Strange Land’
by Rob Heinlein.
It means to understand something by being it.)
let me offer an analogy.

Wayne Gretsky is often called ‘The Great One.’
Why is he great?
Somebody asked him that once
and he explained it to them like this.
‘Everybody goes to where the puck is,
I go to where it’s going to be.’

He wasn’t in reaction time,
he was in prediction time.
He was ‘now,’
He was matrixing his sport
and actually using neutronics.

He didn’t know he was doing this,
and while he could explain the phenomena,
he couldn’t tell anybody else
how to do what he was doing.

I can explain.
I explain with matrixing,
with neutronics,
and if you do these things,
then you will come to this thing I call
Flux Theory.

actual courses in Flux theory are still a few months off.
Got books written,
got to film stuff now.

here is something interesting,
do you know what happened when I showed myself
putting out the candle from over a foot away?

probably the most illustrative example of what happened was told to me by Wiley G
one of the first Master Instructors.
He said he put the vid snippet on the screen for two friends.
One of them said,
‘Wait! What? How’d he do that?’
The other one didn’t say anything.
He just stood up and walked away.

Curiosity and…
outright rejection?

but not just rejection…
rejection of living proof.

I see the water,
I drink the water
and I can testify…
it is not wet.

Do you understand the problem I am running into?
A world that is conflicted equally
by wanting
and terror.

my solution.
As you know I’ve been working on Monkeyland.
Gonna keep the matrix courses on monster,
keep the neutronics on Monkeyland,
and put the flux theory on Monkeyland,
and probably open a splash page.
A splash page is one of those internet marketer things,
you pull somebody in,
do a quick sell,
get their email address,
that sort of thing.
They really are scurrilous things.

But I will use this scurrilous thing
because I need to trawl the net,
find people who are ready
but can’t come to grips with Matrixing
or Neutronics.

People are so different,
and they come at the martial arts
from such a wild jumble of ability
and from various stages of evolution.
I need to reach everybody.

monster appeals to the body
Neutronics appeals to the mind
and Flux Theory appeals to the spirit.

there is going to be some overlap here.
There are transitions happening,
so body slops into mind,
mind slops into spirit,
body can’t avoid spirit,
spirit must make mention of mind,
and so on.

Body, mind, spirit
makes for a wonderful matrix,
those of you with the matrix karate course,
who know how to make a matrix,
go on…do it,
make a matrix of body/mind/spirit.
It’s really quite intriguing,
especially in conjunction with the martial arts.
And if you don’t know how to make a matrix,
go to


now you know where I’m going
and what I’m doing.

Gonna be interesting,

we’ve covered some ground here today,
thanks for sticking with me,
and I’ll explain more over the next few months.
if you have any questions,
shoot them along.
They not only make me think,
but they inspire.
for which I thank you.

if you haven’t started the matrixing path,
here’s that link again,
so you can start.


You guys and gals have a great work out
and I’ll talk to you next time.




Inside Kung Fu is going to have an article on me. November issue, which is on the stand on AUGUST 24TH!
Feel free to buy five copies, and write to the ed and tell him you want more.
If they get a sell out, and letters from across the country from a wide variety of people,
they are going to do more.

Send me your wins!


You can find out more about matrixing and the true martial arts at monster martial arts. Pick up a free ebook on matrixing while you’re there.