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In the Martial Arts Life is the True Art

It’s funny, but people always start with thinking they want to be able to defend themselves. There’s a bully in every person’s life, it appears.
From there, people slowly ween into the act of living, and this is what the martial arts are really all about.
true art of shaolinTo put the body into one particular space, in one particular time, in one particular fashion, it’s an art.
Some guy is painting a masterpiece, he has to put his brush through a perfect geometry, create the absolutely right brush stroke to enliven all other brush strokes, put what is in his mind into reality. A canvas reality, but a reality nevertheless.
The Martial Artist is using his body for the brush, and he is stroking his presence across reality. The reality of things, of rocks and twigs, and masterpieces, and spaceships and whatever, but a reality nevertheless.
The novelist crafts his words carefully, puts them in a precise order, gives his thoughts a reality. A paper reality, but a reality nevertheless.
The martial artist is putting his body in a certain order, finding a story of life, and crafting his body to fit it, to display it, to tell the story.
Sometimes it is a matter of just walking smoothly. Sometimes it is a matter of swirling your energy through a crowd, effecting that crowd, creating a new direction for that crowd. Sometimes it is the crafting of a fist to defend oneself, against weapon and rage, and to even end life for another.
But, no matter what the cause, no matter what the situation, it is an art. Reality is the canvas, the affairs of human beings the tale, the human being’s body is the brush, his movements are the brush stroke, the inserted word, the exclamation mark.
Really, that is the point of it all. Birth and death are the frame, it is our actions in between which create the art.
When you are done, will your life be a masterpiece? Will you have painted your energy across the world and created a beautiful picture of effect?
Drop by Monster Martial Arts and start painting the True Art.

Time to Get Out of Your Head!

Great day and Hallelujah!
I get to work out today.
So do you.

You want to know something interesting?
I had occasion to speak to a medical person the other day.
Just to speak,
nothing going on with me.
And the medico near went into shock
when she found out I didn’t take any pills.
what about high blood pressure?
I take some fish oil. But that’s not medicine.
How about your heart, kidneys, brain, whatever?
Nope, nope, nope and definitely nope.
Over 60 and I take nothing.
the fish oil.
I have to confess,
I do take bee pollen.

Next came the discussion on my eating habits.
They suck.
I eat what I want when I want.
I eat sugar,
I eat before bed.
I even sip an occasional adult beverage.
Well, of course that might be the cure–big grin.

I know there are a couple of nutritionalists out there
shaking their heads and making dire predictions
that my organs are going to explode
at midnight of the third day,
in the year of the…
and I actually don’t intend to be in your face.
let’s face it,
you’re right and I’m wrong.
It’s true.
I should be watching what I eat,
except for the whiskey.
So what is my secret?
What is the one thing I do
that upsets the scientific apple cart
as far as my body goes?

I work out.
We know that.
And I work out at the martial arts,
so I am probably using every muscle in my body,
which probably activates every trigger point in every muscle.
which ‘encourages’ every single organ in my body.
and here’s the big but…
It’s not just that I work out,
it’s that I have CBM when I work out.

I try to talk about CBM in every single book or course that I do.
It means Coordinated Body Motion,
it’s when you use the body as one unit.
But, here’s a couple of things I haven’t told you about CBM.

I first CBMed in Chinese Kenpo.
Not because anybody told me,
not because I read a book,
but just because I had a clever idea.
I just decided that,
for maximum efficiency,
I would start the motion of my hand and foot
(and everything else)
at the same time.
I would stop the motion of my hand and foot
(and everything else)
at the same time.

That’s right.
I thunk it up in my head.
I just did it on my own.

Everybody else was stepping as fast as they could…and snapping the hand out.
Two separate actions.
I was slower,
but I was telling my body to move as one.

I would come across some profound oriental writings
that told me I was doing the right thing.

when you move the body as one unit,
two specific things happen.
Number one,
the tan tien is allowed to cycle energy through the body,
without the individual movements of the body
stopping the flow.
I mean,
the way most people do it,
you step, which starts a flow,
and then you punch,
which is a separate action (and flow of energy)
and can interrupt or screw up
the first flow.

I step and punch at the same time,
which sets up one flow for both actions.
No interruption of flow.

in kenpo,
I was slow.
I should say slower.
I was fair at freestyle,
but it never really came together.
When I went to the kang duk won
we freestyled out of a back stance,
and the drills were set up to support this,
and this ‘agreed’ with what I was doing,
and the CBM was able to come fully together,
and suddenly I got good at freestyle.

I said there were two things that CBMing does.
One is it utilizes the body as one unit,
which supports one even flow,
and makes the body function better.
But the second one
is where the top comes off,
As you CBM,
and especially by doing the forms,
your viewpoint slides out of your head.

Most people think,
and think that they think
behind the eyes.
Some mythical place in the brain.
That’s where they live.

But when you CBM,
take active control of the body,
tell it what to do,
you start to slide out of the body.

I tell ya,
sometimes its confusing.
I’ll admit that.
I honestly don’t know where
the ‘I am’ that is the human spirit is.
I don’t know where the viewpoint that thinks it looks out from eyes is.
But it’s not in the body.
And that is what makes the art superhuman.
I’m old,
I don’t take pills,
I can go out on the mat
and clean clocks.

And the fact that I am not exactly in my head,
that I am somewhere in the vicinity of my body,
shall we say,

I can’t leap over tall buildings.
In fact,
my body is getting weaker.
But not as fast as somebody who doesn’t have CBM.
Somebody who has run their body
from inside their head so long
that they have to take pills.

how long will I live?
I don’t know.
And I know I would live longer if I ate better.
but I don’t care.
The body is a vehicle,
I drive it.
When it gets too old to drive,
I’ll trade it in on a new one.
I’ll CBM all over again,
in that new body.
Live a life of activity and full awareness,
right up to the end.

you need to do martial arts.
And you are.
Want to go further?
Then CBM your art.
not just CBM the body of your body,
but CBM the body of your art.
That’s what Matrixing is.
It CBMs your art,
makes your art one functional study.
Makes your art
so that energy flows don’t go the wrong way,
interrupt one another,
so that the CBM of your body
is supported,
and the energy of your body is full and uninhibited.

Okey doke.
You get Matrix Karate
There’s three small forms,
and three two man forms,
and three larger forms,
and a bunch of techniques and drills.
A whole art.
You do that art,
and then you can say you know a whole ‘nother art.
you take the art you are studying,
Pa Kua or Silat or some kind of wudan kung fu,
and you replace the movements of Matrix Karate
with your arts movements.
you have Matrix Pa Kua,
or Matrix Silat,
or Matrix whatever.

Matrix Karate

you’ll have to do some figuring,
maybe rearrange some basics,
maybe mess around with some two man drills,

And you will have such an expanded view of your art
that your viewpoint can start sliding.

You will have a CBMed art,
and that will CBM your old art,
and your body will CBM,
and you won’t take pills,
and maybe you can even get out of your head.
I love saying it that way.

But it’s true.

Now, you guys have a great day,
a more than sufficient work out,
and stay away from that whiskey.
I tell ya,
it’s evil stuff.

Talk to you later.


My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me.–Benjamin Disraeli
My idea of an agreeable person is a person who does themartial arts, whether he agrees with me or not.–Al Case

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.–Anais Nin
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to how much one works out.–Al Case

Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men.–Jane Addams
Martial Arts is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men.–Al Case

Neutronic Reaction Time!

Good Lard!
Tomorrow is September Fool’s Day!
That means you have to hang your stockings
from the chimney
with your feet still in them!

maybe just your left foot.

But listen,
let’s go Neutronic on reaction time.
Reaction time is the gap of time that occurs from
when you see something
to doing something about it.
You see the brake lights on the car in front of you.
It takes 3/8s of a second to hit the brakes,
that’s your reaction time.
When you’re doing freestyle
you need to shorten your reaction time.
The ultimate shortening,
prior to Neutronics,
would be the zen concept of
moving at the same time.
The runner takes off…
‘at the crack of the bat.’
to better explain it,
the fielder takes off at the crack of the bat,
and in the correct direction.
How did he know where the ball was going
that he selected the right direction
‘at the crack of the bat?’
Why didn’t he have reaction time?

Because he analyzed all the factors
and became intuitive.

can you move at the same time as your opponent
when you are doing freestyle?
but you make mistakes,
you don’t always selected the right direction (block)
how come?
you need all the data,
and that would be matrixing.
Matrixing shows you how to observe
so that you can figure out all the potentials of motion,
and then you have all the data.

there is still problem.
The problem is that
no matter how fast you make your hands move in practice,
and no matter how fast your mind absorbs data,
you don’t move that fast in real life.

Maybe in a real fight.
But why can’t you be that aware all the time?
Some people would hold that being that aware is a peak,
and that you can’t sustain that type of peak.
I say nonsense.
I say that most of the time
people are unconscious,
bound in a condition represented by this concept we call
reaction time.
And here we’re going to go Neutronic.
Here we’re going to give you the viewpoint
that erases reaction time,
and all you have to do is understand what I’m saying,
and hold onto it
when the state of reaction time
starts to come in on you again.

just to warn you,
to explain this Neutronically,
I’m going to go real weird on you.
if you’ve been with this newsletter for any length of time,
you know that Neutronics is so ultimately logical
that it is nothing but weird.
that would be to say,
that it is outside the boundaries of
reaction time.

when my mother died,
everybody was standing around,
looking in the coffin,
tears and sadness.

I didn’t cry.
I just looked at the body.
It was empty.
Ma was gone.
She wasn’t there.
So why should I cry?
It just didn’t make any sense.

as the years passed,
I wondered about my strange reaction.
it was strange.
But only because it wasn’t normal.

years later
my son broke both his legs on a motorcycle.
a neighbor caught me at work
and told me what happened.
here was the moment I should have experienced
tears and great sadness.
It’s that call in the night,
you see,
the one that every parent dreads.
why did I just thank my neighbor for letting me know,
and calmly go on about my work?
for one,
I had done martial arts
and I knew that everybody in the universe was connected.
We all know what is happening.
There is a group think,
beyond reaction time,
a psychic pool if you will,
and because of the martial arts I was tapped into it,
and I simply knew that my son was okay.

Broken legs?
definitely an inconvenience,
but I knew that my son was still there.
If he had died,
if he had gone,
I would have felt him leave.
I knew that.
And here we get down to the crux of it all.

Whatever had happened to my son
had already happened.
It was done.
It was over.
The decision had been made,
and the rest of life was to deal with it.

why get sad over something that has already happened?

reaction time
is to react,
and react is to act
the thing has happened.

if something has already happened,
then there’s nothing more to do about it.
Pick up a few pieces,
but there is nothing to do about it.

emotion is just a bit of mental discharge.

If you aren’t neutronic,
you can discharge a lot of emotion.
If you are neutronic,
hooked into the ‘psychic mind’
if you will,
at least not the victim
of something that has already happened
and nothing can be done about it,
then you don’t have much mental discharge,
or emotion.

You might feel a blip of sadness,
but you cancel even that
as you observe it.

You don’t become the victim of the mental discharge,
or the emotion,
of something that has already happened.

What do you do?
depending on the circumstances,
you help other people,
people who are suffering from emotional discharge.

Pat a back,
say something stupid and trite,
‘Things’ll get better,’
‘life will go on,’
stuff like that.
stupid and trite,
I know,
but they help,
so why not?

People who are suffering from reaction time,
from emotion discharge,
and all that sort of thing,
need a pat on the back.
They need to know they aren’t alone.

A Neutronic Being
knows he is alone,
and it is okay,
because he is hooked into everybody.
He gave up crying and wailing,
so that he could be part of everything,
and this by being more himself.

My mother in law died,
I went to the funeral
and started telling jokes.
Stupid, sick jokes.
But everybody knew I wasn’t being disrespectful,
They started laughing,
and didn’t hurt so much,
and things got better.
That’s neutronics.

where are you
when you have reaction time?
You aren’t part of the action,
you are after the action,
you are a second or two
after the universe.

Doing things because of the universe.
When you go Neutronic
you lose reaction time,
and you don’t move because the universe moved,
the universe moves
because you moved.
That’s neutronic.

I know this has been a weird trip,
and the things I have just said,
would get me hanged in a court of law,
or confined in a looney bin.
But that’s because courts of law
and looney bins
are designed to hold people
after the universe has beaten them up.
A trap within traps,
if you get my drift.

that is where the true art takes you.
When you fix your art
make it into a true art
and study it with dedication
the universe starts changing.
It stops knocking you around,
and you start knocking it around.
It can happen fast or slow.
You can study the arts for years
and make it happen slowly,
and there is nothing wrong with that.
But you can also matrix it,
speed up the process,
and go Neutronic faster.

I don’t care which you do.
I’d like to make money,
but I know that what I am proposing
is pretty drastic.

Matrixing is like a fuse,
you see,
and when everybody gets it
and everybody starts going Neutronic,
there is going to be some drastic effect.

A universe where there is no reaction time.
Think about it.

A guy in the left lane blows his tire at 80,
everybody swerves with him
and it is like traffic is a current
nudging him safely to the side,
being part of the action.

And the big joke is that everybody laughs at the guy
for deciding to blow out his tire!

There are no accidents,
only trajectories that collide.

Here’s a good one:
no karate tournaments.
Oh! Ouch!
That one hurt!
But how can you contest against somebody
when you are hooked into the universal and psychic mind?

Uh oh,
here comes the government!
Doesn’t matter.
You’re hooked in,
part of the action,
you’ve already figured out
how to go cash only,
how to hide your income,
how to protect your job.
let’s face it,
the government is the last dinosaur of reaction time,
government is definitely happening after,
they are the ultimate trap of reaction time.

Who do you think set up the courts of law
and the looney bins
and fills them as fast as they can?

I could go on forever,
and I know that there are a few guys out there
ducking at what I have said here.
But I can’t not say it.
Society is evolving.
Does it evolve fast enough to catch the universe
and end reaction time?
if enough people study martial arts,
if enough people matrix,
if enough people go Neutronic.

But I’ve got to do it,
and for a very selfish reason,
one far beyond money
and such mundane things.

I do it because I’m hooked in,
and because my hook in
will grow proportionate
to that which I am hooked in
becomes hooked in.

The more Neutronic Beings there are,
the less reaction time,
the better everything gets.
The further I see and be,
the more I perceive,
the more awareness I can have.

You, too.

it’s a win win win,
but you have to start to make it happen.
You have to stop moving
because the universe moved,
and start moving
to make the universe move.
That’s neutronics.
Fastest way there is through Matrixing.

Okay guys and gals,
thanks for being,
and thanks for being my friends.
You have a great work out,
and I’ll talk to you later.



Here’s the URL.

Monster Martial Arts

Three disks for twenty bucks,
a fat book and clean cut video,
an entire art,
and it’s not just karate,
but a template that can be applied to any art.
You can start fixing all the martial arts
right here.

Quote time…
take a bit of wisdom
and change it into a bit of martial arts wisdom.
a fun exercise for the mind
and good for the soul.

A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.
Alfred Hitchcock
A good kata is worth the price of the work out.

A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad.
Samuel Goldwyn
Poor control just makes an art bad.

Every great film should seem new every time you see it.
Roger Ebert
Every great kata should seem new every time you do it.

Listen, real poetry doesn’t say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all doors. You can walk through anyone that suits you.
Jim Morrison
Listen, Matrixing doesn’t say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all doors. You can walk through anyone that suits you.

More next time.

Come on by Monster Martial Arts and get the real skinny on Matrixing and Neutronics.

The Hands On Transmission of Martial Arts!

What a great day!
Think about it,
there is no alternative.
There is only a great day…or the art has failed.
if it looks a little gloomy,
you do a work out,
then you can unfail the art,
do it–work out.
The cure for absolutely everything.

I know that sound a little quirky,
but I was thinking about something.
I was thinking about wearing my first gi.
A shabby, short,
thin, yellowish thing.
Shortly was sweat stained and ugly.
when I got my first real gi,
I think it was a tokkaido,
I was pretty proud.
I wore it out.
took this canvas thick uniform,
and worked it till it unraveled.
I actually wore out my first black belt that way.
It was too short, so I pulled it harder to get the ends out,
and after a while it just came apart.
Isn’t it funny how things come apart,
and bodies grow stronger?

But what I really want to talk about is
‘hands on transmission.’
When you get the real art
it has to be by a direct
person to person
transmission of data.
Because you need to get up sweaty and personal,
you need to feel the techniques
until your uniform falls apart
and your belt frays into threads.

I’m not saying it’s impossible,
because somebody had to discover the art,
anybody can discover the art.
But I doubt it will happen,
unless you wear out a few uniforms,
and make strong a few bodies.

But here’s the deal.
When I was teaching kenpo,
some forty years ago,
I was not giving a hands on transmission of art.
I was showing moves,
but I didn’t have the art.
It had not been forced upon me
and collected in my soul.
I had not sweated
until the elixer had ignited my ki.

the guy in charge of the kenpo school,
could he give a hands on transmission.
He was phenomenal,
but he hadn’t studied enough arts.
He even held other arts in disrepute,
laughed at the militaristic shotokan boys.
I had a friend who studied shotokan,
surely he could get the hands on transmission…
the shotokan instructors used to laugh at kenpo,
called them ‘magic finger boys.’
Of course this was long ago,
and one would hope that all have matured.
where do you get the hands on transmisson?
From somebody who has the true art.
Who has sweated until he no longer makes fun of his fellow man.
I got it from a runty, little fellow who…
never spoke ill of anybody.
Who was the most polite person I had ever met,
who had sweated the forms until his black gi had turned grey,
and then come apart.

I’ll tell you something tragic.
Almost nobody has the true art.
The true art was corrupted
by people who made fun of others,
who weren’t polite,
who held other schools in disrepute.
It was corrupted by people who wanted to fight
instead of learn.
It was corrupted by people
who wanted trophies and glory,
domination and money.
Some of these corrupters were even well meaning,
especially if they never had the art,
but were trying as hard as they could,
teaching people even while thinking that they had it…

there are artists out there,
and they can be true artists.
Another ounce of sweat,
the data I offer in the courses,
on the site,
in this newsletter,
and they’ll make it.
This is a hands on transmission,
you see.
A few hints,
a direction to go in,
most important,
what this newsletter is about…
work out.

If you work out
it’ll happen.
If you ‘shabby-ize’ your gi,
if you tie that belt until the threads quit,
then you’ll make it.
Some of you already have.
Some of you have to work out a bit longer,
pay attention to the first thing I say in this newsletter,
work out.
Pay attention to the last thing I say,
work out,
and you’ll have it.

I might plug a course here and there,
might even sell one,
but that’s not the point of it all.
The point is just to keep you jacked up,
and tell you one thing…
that work out you’re about to do…
it is the most important thing in the world.
do it.
Work out,
and give yourself a ‘hands on transmission.’
You are your own teacher,
you know,
all you have to do is open your eyes,
and that will happen if you just keep working out.

Guess I’m ranting.
That’s okay.
It’s a good cause.
you guys have the most special week in the history of the world.
and the most fantastic work out ever.

If you want the accurate data
as to what the true art is,
check out this link…

Master Instructor Course

work out.



The article on me in Inside Kung Fu should be out any day. Supposed to be the 24th, but there’s always some leeway.
Feel free to buy five copies, and write to the editor and tell him you want more.
If they get a sell out, and letters from across the country from a wide variety of people, they are going to do more.

To hold another art in disrespect, even though its tenets be improper and its practice be a sham, is worse than foolishness, it is like holding your hand upon the head of a child and saying, “You will never grow to be a man.

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